3 Tips For Being Cocky & Funny With Women


Mr. David DeAngelo,

Your E-book has made my dating life a complete Cinderella story. The reality that I live in now would just be unimaginable to myself in the mind set I held over a year ago.   In high school, I was your typical acne scarred, pasty, out of shape, dungeons and dragons-type shy loser. When I started college, however, I became so determined and focused on doing WHATEVER it takes to completely turn my life around, that things started to change faster than I could imagine.

I started working out, eating right, and I started listening to Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy audio tapes to sort of build a base on which I could set my goals in life and reprogram all the garbage and limiting beliefs in my head. Invariably, I came upon my dating life and decided to do whatever it make myself as attractive as possible. at 19, I had never previously kissed a girl or even had the guts to ask one out..   was always the shy guy. But I was determined to be the biggest ladies man on campus, and with your help I’ve made this happen.

Of all the self-improvement type stuff I have invested in, I must say that your e-book and monthly series was definitely the best and most rewarding investment I have ever made. And coming from my position, this is a huge compliment.   Some people don’t know what they are missing out on by not investing in your program.

Everything in life all comes down to a decision. If you think that you deserve great women, great relationships, and a better quality of life overall, then you owe it to yourself to try out David’s E-book, monthly series, and advanced series. If it doesn’t work after-all, he is giving you the chance to send it back! Hrmm..   maybe I should stop there.. i don’t want my competition to become too fierce.

And now comes a very important question which I don’t think has been addressed at all.. I think I’ve come to the point where I’ve mastered my “inner game”..   My body language is hypnotic and forceful, physically I’m in the best shape I could possibly be in, my presence around other people is very charismatic and domineering.   My ease and complete comfort ability in being myself round women is just…   I guess magnetic. I’m usually the life of the party when in a group situation. Of course, I’m not saying this to brag… All of these things I have worked on, just like any other skill..   on to the question: do you think there is ever such a point where a person has to transcend the cocky and funny approach?   I’m beginning to think that with all I’ve got going for me that if I lay on C&F too heavily I just become unapproachable to many women, and I’ve noticed now more than ever that EXTREMELY beautiful women do get very nervous around me especially with all the other characteristics I’ve come to master.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, drinks are on me Dave.

-D from Atlanta


First of all, I want to congratulate you from taking your life from a place where you were 19 years old and had never kissed a girl… or even asked a girl out… to where you are taking good care of yourself, respecting your body, and doing the things you need to do to get where you want to go in life.

As you know, I get a lot of email from guys who need advice about situations with women, and it really amazes me how many of those guys haven’t taken the time to really get the BASICS handled…

I’m talking about the simple things like keeping yourself healthy, addressing your psychological issues… becoming an honest, authentic person… and all that self-help-ish stuff that most people think is kind of dorky…

This stuff is KEY to success with women.

There is a very interesting transformation that takes place when a guy gets his life together, and begins living the way he WANTS to live.

As your email communicates clearly, your new-found confidence is very closely related to your self-improvement program.

I hope this encourages others to do the same, and to realize that the rewards are so amazing that it’s worth it.

Let’s talk about your question…

You asked if there ever comes a time when you should “transcend” the Cocky & Funny approach…because women sometimes become nervous around you, etc.

Let me answer that with a few random points that come to mind, and then I’ll tie it all together with my general perspective…

1) You have cultivated a strong, confident, dominant body language and communication that has become what you might call “INNER COCKY.”

As a result, you don’t have to mix quite as much “Cocky” in the actual verbal conversations you’re having.

If you project too much of the INNER COCKY, while at the same time using overly-cocky WORDS as well, you might come off as INSECURE or even TOO ARROGANT.

Now I don’t say things like this very often, because most guys are so far from being “too cocky” that there’s almost NOTHING they could do to project even ENOUGH cocky.

(NOTE: If you need more work on your INNER game, then you should go read this before you go on:

Deep Inner Game

2) There is a particular situation that comes up for guys who have a strong physical presence… or guys who are naturally very handsome…

If these guys are too cocky with women, many women get a first impression that is basically “You must be a jerk.”

Be careful. It might backfire on you.

3) If a woman is getting nervous around you, it does NOT mean that you’re doing something wrong.

Just think about how you used to feel when you were in the presence of a super-hot woman.

Most guys become EXTREMELY nervous in these types of situations… so much so that they’re actually IMMOBILIZED… and unable to act.

If a beautiful fashion model wrote in to me and told me that guys get nervous around her all the time… and then she asked if she should somehow “tone down” how she looks so guys wouldn’t become nervous, I’d respond to her and say “Hell no. You WANT guys to become nervous around you because it separates the REAL men from the WUSSIES…”.

In your case, these women are becoming nervous because THEY don’t know how to handle the situation… which is not a problem at all for you or for the ATTRACTION she’s feeling.

Look, you are becoming a POWERFUL MAN.

You are beginning to realize and cultivate some of the natural potential that you’ve always had inside… you just didn’t know how to get at it before.

Success and power often scare people, because with success and power comes responsibility.

You realize that you’re not a victim in your life anymore, and you begin to see how you can take control of almost every aspect of your life… and then you begin to see that people want to FOLLOW your lead because you have this power…

It is magnetic, as you mentioned.

To answer your question directly, and connect all of these things together, I think that you need to realize that Cocky & Funny can be thought of in a lot of ways…

It’s a concept, an idea. It’s a technique, with specific “comebacks” and “lines” for different funny situations. It’s a tool to use for creating Sexual Tension and Chemistry with women.

But, as far as I’m concerned, it’s FUN… it’s something that’s enjoyable for the man AND the woman.

And for most guys, it’s very natural (once you become comfortable with it).

I mean, if you like to think in terms of things being “transcended” in life, we could just say that you’re on the path to transcend everything, and the faster you can transcend your need to be with women, the better off you are…

…but, then again, that might be going a little too far… lol.

As I read your letter, I thought to myself:

“He needs to learn the Advanced material”…

I think that you need to continue on your self-improvement track… and I think that you really should be dealing with a different issue.

Instead of focusing on one technique, I think you need to be learning more about this particular area of your life… and I think you need to be focusing on figuring out how YOU want to do it.

If you’d like to get yourself an AMAZING education and training in this area that I call “Cocky & Funny,” then you need to get your hot hands on my Cocky Comedy DVD/CD program.

Not only will you learn how and why we LAUGH (hint: it’s not why you think), but you’ll also learn literally DOZENS of different ways to use Cocky & Funny to create ATTRACTION with women.

Go watch some of the preview video clips here:

Cocky Comedy

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I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo