Approaching a Woman, Getting Her Email and Number



The other weekend I went out with a couple of guy friends and we met up with some of our other guy friends. Well, one of them has a female roommate (friends for years) who is smoking hot. She mostly hangs with the guys and they are very protective of her.

Anyways, right off the bat after I was introduced to her I shot off with the “nice necklace….what did you get that out of a cracker jack box?” She had a stunned look on her face like she just got rabbit punched.

My friend, her roommate, was all pissed at me, kept telling me to be nice to her, not to be mean, etc. About 2 minutes later I ask her if I am being mean (in hindsight I realize that was a mistake), she says no, and we start talking. I smoke when I drink and I tell her to give me a cigarette. She does.

We talk a little more. I tell her to buy me a drink. She does. We start talking again and she is swinging her head, moving her hair, and she grabs her breasts, you know kind of cups them with both hands. I say, “What the hell are you doing…quit grabbing your boobs“.

She couldn’t believe I had said that. We start talking some more and she tells me that in all but 5 minutes since I have met her I have told her 3 things that no guy has ever said to her:

  1. Give me a cigarette
  2. Buy me a drink
  3. Quit grabbing your boobs.

And then she proceeded to tell me, “But look who I am talking to.” She was into me. I kind of went my own way after, didn’t want to but had to, with some other friends, but I didn’t try to get her number because I knew I would see her again the next time I go over to my buddies apartment.

I had to give her the gift of missing me, ya feel me. And believe me, I will be stopping by soon. I think guys need to be tellers, not doers. As much as women don’t like to admit it, I think that they like being told what to do you agree?

Your thoughts please.

TT Kansas City


My thoughts:

1) You’re a stud. Well done.

2) You should have followed up when she said:

…in all but 5 minutes since I have met her I have told her 3 things that no guy has ever said to her:

  1. Give me a cigarette
  2. Buy me a drink
  3. Quit grabbing your boobs…


Yea, well that’s not all I’m going to tell you. Now that you’re doing everything I tell you, it’s time for you to decide where you’re going to take me to dinner. And make it somewhere nice. I’m picky.

Before you give a woman the gift of missing you, you might want to make her like you more.

Just a thought.



I’m a long-time fan of your stuff…I’ve got all of your products and am just waiting for the lunchbox and the David DeAngelo action figure with kung-fu grip :)

So anyways, I was at work the other day and this cutie of an Asian girl had just started her first day so I had to train her. Well, she walked in with a bitchy attitude if I’ve ever seen one and the minute she started whining and being a total bitch, I just stopped, looked at her and said to her very seriously,

Listen here little girl, I don’t know if other people accept this behavior of yours but I won’t…got it? You’re in my reality, so cut it out now“.

At that moment she FROZE and you could just see her immediately transform herself into sweetest little girl ever!!! For the rest of the day, she was all over me and wanted to know ALL ABOUT ME – yet I never gave her a straight answer ONCE!!!

Where do you live?“, she asks. “I’m not telling you. For all I know, you could be a psycho stalker – as a matter of fact, I think I’ve seen your face on America’s Most Wanted.


And, I just kept this up for the next 3 hours and David, let me tell you, she MELTED. She was grabbing my ass on the job and I told her that if she didn’t stop I was going to call Sexual Harassment on her (see the role reversal here!!). It was phenomenal, man!

I’m quitting my job next week so now I can go ahead and pursue this without “dipping my pen in the company ink”, as you say. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And this is all b/c I could have cared less what she thought of me and was out just to enjoy MYSELF – I learned this well from your Advanced Series CD’s. You must create YOUR REALITY and Live in it, or else you fall victim to someone else’s
whims. It’s powerful stuff, man!

peace! AG Memphis


That’s a fun story.

As you know, one of my favorite comedy themes is reversing gender stereotypes…

The whole “If you don’t stop grabbing my ass I’m going to call Sexual Harassment” line is golden.


One of my favorites is accusing women of just seeing me as a sex object, and not caring about my feelings…

Another is telling a woman that I want her to support me and that if she’s not nice, I’m going to divorce her, take half her money, and leave her with the minivan.

You gotta love the look on a woman’s face when you say that to her…



I’ve been reading your newsletters for a couple of months now. I thought you were full of crap. At first I began to read this because I was interested to know how men went about their sexual desires. Just out of curiosity only because I am not into men. I love women, and I am a woman.

After this weekend you have persuaded me to buy your products. I started in with a group of women claiming I could read palms, and that led to your cocky funny bit. I’m still laughing at how easy it was to have these women eating out of the palm of my hand.

Like I said I thought this was some much bullsh*t that I would embarrass my self if I tried it. Well, I had a few drinks and I got the courage to do so, and it was amazing how the women reacted. That’s all I can say.

Sorry boys, I will be using your techniques against you. You can have the bimbo’s with the fake tits. Keep those on your side, lesbians don’t like them much.

DD South Florida


Wow, I’ll bet all the men are going to be VERY upset with you for competing… AND stealing all the natural-breasted women.

I guess we’ll just have to make due with what you leave us.

And yes, I get a lot of emails from women who use this stuff on both men AND women.

Of course, stories from lesbians are my favorite, just because everyone knows that lesbians are COOL.

Thanks for the email. I always love to hear from “The man on the inside”.



I’m 35 and I gotta hand it to ya. Your emails have helped me stay focused with the girl I’m dating (she’s an 8). Your techniques have also given me new strategies every day with other women I meet. The C&F strategy works wonders and it’s AMAZINGLY EASY to hook a woman whenever I tactfully and playfully poke fun at her.

Anyway, I wanted to agree with your point that age is only a big deal when you make it one. My current girl is only six years younger than me, but my last girl was nine years younger. Let me respectfully spell it out for anyone who wants to listen: YOUNGER WOMEN LOVE OLDER MEN.

But, David, if I might suggest a couple of additional ideas, and feel free to elaborate on them.

Young women love older men who are:

  • Immaculately and tactfully dressed (no shorts or t-shirts!).
  • Not clingy.
  • At least somewhat knowledgeable about business & world events
  • Able to pick a decent wine with dinner.

Anyway, just my two cents. Feel free to use however you want.


Yeah, younger women also love older men who:

  • Rock her world in the bedroom.
  • Mentor her.
  • Don’t tolerate her drama.
  • Treat her like a lady.
  • Aren’t WUSSBAGS.

I have to agree with you.

A LARGE percentage of “younger” women LOVE “older” men.

Thanks for your thoughts.


I have been thinking of buying your ebook and now I am SURE I will. I have been recently discussing CONFIDENCE and how important it is in the dating game… I have been making an effort to willfully increase mine and I have been DIEING to try out this approach of yours and not be intimidated by women.

I had a great situation happen to me on the bus this morning: I am sitting there reading and this HOTTIE comes up and asks if the seat next to me is taken (she’s about a 7.5 to 8 or so on my scale)…”no, not really“, I say, kinda nonchalant, like its no biggie.

She made a comment about “just making the bus” and we start talking. I decided to try using the Cocky and Funny approach that I have heard about in the newsletters (I am sure once I get the ebook that more will be revealed on that)…and she is EATING IT UP!

I’m making unbelieveable progress with this chick so I decide to try another tip the newsletters have mentioned…I just flat out ask her if she is single. “no…unfortunately I’m not“, she says. “Hmmm…well, that’s too bad……for YOU, I mean“, I tell her, giving her a knowing smile.

BIG grin from her.

MAN this was great…I was just saying all the things I usually WANT to say but are afraid they will not “sound good”. I was teasing this girl and she was eating out of my hand! She, by this time, has already mentioned a friend of hers that she want to set me up with and she says “WOW, how come I could never find any great guys like you when I was still in the dating scene?

…so I turn up the flame and bust her with, “You know…you could ALWAYS trade up”, She LOVED it!

You’re so AWESOME“, she says, “Its so hard to meet people nowadays, and you know, I hardly EVER run across guys that are so intelligent and funny as you are.

And, by the way, I really LOVED how you just cameout and asked me if I was single…most times guys are too scared to ask that and so both you just sit there and wonder and never know, that was really great”. I was STUNNED…WHO KNEW!


Short story long, I get her email & she BEGS me for MY info as well…she makes a point (no less than 3 times, mind you) to mention to me “be sure and send me an email”. She also mentions a Halloween party she is planning and says she will definitely include me on the guest list. I haven’t sent her anything yet… I’m letting her stew for awhile…but plan to and am gonna bust her about the “Swiss Miss” costume she said she was planning on wearing to the party


M.B. Dallas, Texas


Well, I’d love to comment on your story, but you did everything RIGHT, so I don’t have much to say.

A few brainstorms:

When she said that she had a friend that she wanted to introduce to you, it would have been a good idea to have said “Tell me about her. Is she rich? Famous? A super model? I’m picky…“.

Then, after she finished talking up her friend you could have said “Well, I guess we’ll have to see what she’s like. In the meantime, think of more cute, single, rich friends… just in case I don’t like this one” etc.

There’s a tremendous amount of power in making friends with beautiful women who have attractive friends. Think about it.


I cannot believe people pay you for this crap. You must be laughing all the way to the bank.

When you figure out what relationships are actually really all about, then you’ll know for yourself what a fool you are. Dating what you call hot, smart women demonstrates how clueless you really are. You crack me up.


Wow, you’ve hurt my soft little feelings.

But really, did you have to be so mean about it?

I’m glad you’ve turned my head around and shown me the light… and made me realize what a huge mistake it is to date HOT, SMART WOMEN.

I’m a new man.

From now on, I’m going to only date UGLY, DUMB women. Oh, and I’m going to immediately get into RELATIONSHIPS with them.

No more dating.

I am a fool. You’re right.

But, honestly, on a more serious note… I don’t laugh when I go the bank.

But I do laugh at jackasses like you. You really do add that little extra “sumthin sumthin” that makes this the best job in the world.


I accidentally got on your mailing list, but I read every email you send out. I’d buy your ebook, but the thing is…I don’t really need help getting women, I am one. Let me just tell you, that I didn’t believe in that cocky funny thing until I met …We’ll call him… J.

I do not consider myself easy at all, but after only 2 dates I found myself in bed with this guy who totally epitomizes the cocky funny attitude. I find myself chasing him until it is ALMOST frustrating, and I can’t believe it. I’ve never chased a guy before. People should definitely listen to what you have to say.




Hi David,

I’m a 25 year old guy. I have a stable & good career, money is not a problem. I’ve been successful with women in the past. Maybe all these women were looking for the husband material type coz it never works. However, now I’m attracted to a 26-year old independent girl. She admits to being self-centered & that the world revolves around her.

I have taken her out for around 6 times but I’ve never held her hand. Every time I take her out, she would say that I’m boring although she would say she was joking later. The problem is that I really like her & I told her that (big mistake). She replied by saying she is on neutral ground but she’s quite comfortable with me & that’s about it.

Is there any chance of salvaging this & making her my girlfriend? She is quite an anti-social person. She is sometimes very nice to me & at other times doesn’t seem to care about me. This is what confuses me.

Thanks for your help. I’m on the verge of subscribing to your E-book. I’ve read the samples & thoroughly agree with the stories & advice.




What we have here is a CODE RED WUSSY ALERT.

Dude, you are in DANGER.


I thought there was hope for you until I saw the SMILEY FACE at the end of your email.

Now I’m convinced that you’re going to screw this up for SURE.

You’re on the VERGE of getting my eBook?

What, you like taking women out a half-dozen times and having them tell you that you’re BORING?

Yeah, great. Sounds like big fun, daddy.

You know, I’d give you some advice, but you’re in need of major de-Wussing. You need a total mental overhaul, man. The answer is here:

Double Your Dating eBook

Don’t do anything else until you’ve downloaded it and read the entire thing. I mean it.


Hey D -

Okay here’s the scenario: 18 year old surfer, not bad looking but nothing special. I’m coming home from the beach and I spot a car pulled over and a gorgeous blonde swearing into the phone. Now I’m not exactly the confident cocky guy all the time, but I look to my buddy (a pimp in his own right) and say “You know what we have to do.

We pull over and fix the flat. He chats her up. I on the other hand don’t pay her too much more than casual attention (thanks D). Long story short: she ignores my boy and hits up on me asking for my number.

FF to the first date: She couldn’t stop telling me how hot she thought I was. We hung out on the beach with a bottle of rum and chatted it up. I just sat back and smiled without saying much, like i wasn’t all that interested. Turns out she’s a 24 year old stripper/model/future playmate.

Still I’m unimpressed and she keeps on piling on the compliments. Soon she’s asking to hug me. Asking if its okay to kiss me. I don’t bite though “maybe if you’re lucky.” Finally one things lead to another and she’s asking if its okay to… you know. I told her no. Of course by the end of the night I gave in and had her in the back of my car. Like what D. Your steez comes through again.




Someone finally used the word STEEZ in an email to me.

I’m sooo down with the hip-hop, dog.

You’re the man. You did it all right, and props to you.

Thanks for taking the time to send in this email, this is the kind of thing that makes all of us older guys applaud for you.

Well done.

If you like this girl, make sure you stay cool and don’t turn into a Wussbag. I’ll come down there personally and He-Bitch-Man-Slap you.


David, let me ask you something.

I am reading a lot of these peoples success stories as well as your advice and I get one common theme that’s in all of them: Confidence. Now let me ask you something that I think a lot of guys would like to ask but are too ashamed.

What if you’re not really as confident as you portray yourself to be? And I am talking online now. What if you think that if you act this confident online or on the phone, she’ll be disappointed in what she sees when the meeting comes about, after expecting so much?

Because a lot of us guys, while these views of ourselves may only be psychological, don’t feel we can maintain the image we portray them to believe? Let’s see you answer that one smartalack ;)..

A.D. from Queens


You bring up a real issue here that I think we all deal with at one point or another…

But the reality is that if you don’t GO FOR IT, you’re not going to improve.

I think that “confidence” is important.

But, the REAL key is to deal with your own personal INSECURITIES.

That’s where the REAL power is.

Do this:

Make a list of all the things you’re insecure about. Put things on there like “I don’t make a lot of money”, “I don’t drive a nice car”, “I don’t look like Brad Pitt”… whatever.

Then spend time accepting each of those things.

I know this sounds a little bit “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”, but go with me (and don’t force me to lay down on your own bed and hug you live on national TV like they do on the show).

Think of a situation you’re going to be in with a woman… and how the topic of the thing you’re insecure about might come up.

Imagine her asking you what you do for a living, and you feeling insecure because you don’t make a lot of money.

Now, realize that what you do is what you do, and if she doesn’t like it, it has nothing to do with YOU. It doesn’t matter.

Then imagine another one, and how you’ll respond to it.

Go through the entire list.

Learn to laugh at the things you’re insecure about.

I used to be VERY insecure about the fact that I was poor when I was a kid. I thought that women would judge me because I didn’t come from “money”. It’s basically something I’ve brought with me from childhood… my baggage.

Well, now if a woman asks me about my childhood, I just laugh and tell her that I was poor. I could care less what she thinks about me and my past.

I’ve taken the time to really think through all the areas of my life that I’m “insecure” about, and worked out my issues around those areas.

I think that’s a GREAT first step towards building “confidence” with women.

Try it, you’ll like it.


To whomever can help me:

I have recently started dating again after one of my longest relationships. It seems lately all the men I’ve been dating are falling into the category of wuss. My father told me about these online dating tips he’s been receiving, so I’ve been reading them.

I tell you, Dave….you’re a dating GOD. Why can’t every man in the world read your tips?

But then I guess there wouldn’t be those wussy men that drive us women into the arms of the secure man. You’re dating tips are great for men, and I wish you all the best, but got any advice for women?

I have no trouble meeting men, and I hate to say this but I am an attractive women, therefore many men stumble their words around me, and all that comes out of their mouths all the time is, “You’re so beautiful, or man your sexy, can I buy you a drink? I love you voice, you sing so great…. bla bla bla”

Ugh, I’m sick of it, I want a challenge, a man I can anticipate his call, but not expect it. Where in the world do I find one of those? If you have any advice for women I would GREATLY appreciate it! Or some direction on where to turn?

Thanks so much, oh and by the way, since my dad’s been reading your letters, he’s been actually “getting some” from his wife! The house is so much more enjoyable if they’ve gotten it on last night!!

thanks! D



I could have done without the “My dad is getting some from his wife” details.

Yeah, I know.

Men suck.

They act like Girly-Wuss Mama’s-Boys.

And, beautiful women like you are, for the most part, out of luck.

The guys who “naturally” get the things I teach are usually bad-boy players who have so many women chasing them that they’re impossible to get…

…and the honest, stable, interesting guys were all raised by their moms to be “nice” and “sweet” and nauseating.

I feel your pain.

I’m working on it… I’m working on it.

In the meantime, send me your picture, and tell me about yourself. The chances are slim that I’ll write back, but hey, you can’t win if you don’t play.


David you are the man, I can’t thank you enough, I never had this success in my 37 years, and I have only listened to your cd´s 2 times.

I went to visit a friend last weekend and I meet an aerobics’ instructor, I am very fat (15 kilos over weight) So I started busting her balls about how women who work out a lot become crazy, every time she made a mistake was an opportunity to tell her that it happened because of her brain damage, and things like that.

She was fascinated with me and now thanks to you a fat 37 year old dude sleeps with a beautiful 26 aerobics’ instructor (among others).

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

R.C.D. Mexico City


You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome…

What a GREAT way to deal with women who are overly-obsessed with working out. I’m going to steal that, and use it immediately.

LOL… lol!

Women who work out too much become crazy… and it damages their brains.

That’s funny. Classic.

Love the story.

Now go listen to my CD program ANOTHER 2 times and learn how to KEEP that cute, healthy girl!

And you’re welcome, again.


Hey Dave-

What’s up out on the West Coast? Anyway things are rolling here in NYC, thanks to your advice. Just want to contradict a few things you’ve said:

The first is that you just help with picking up women and that you’re not offering advice for relationships. This is not true as all this stuff still applies if you are in a relationship.

In fact it applies EVEN MORE. I say this because our “alternate wussy self” is always kind of lurking in the shadows waiting to jump out and ruin everything. Your teachings have helped me always be aware of that.

The second is that “women don’t like men who act like wussies- period. Unless you look like Brad Pitt.” This is also not true. Yes, fellas, I am a recovering wuss. And not to brag, But I essentially make my living as male model. My whole life people have commented on how “good-looking” I am.

But at 24 years old, I can literally count my successes with women, due to a serious lack of confidence. Yes, pretty sad. But things have radically changed since I started applying all these ‘techniques’. So guys don’t make an excuse that you are not ‘good-looking’ enough, etc. Turn off the tube and get busy.

ES from NYC

ps And that’s just what I’ve learned from the newsletters! I haven’t even gotten the book yet.


Well, you’re right, man.

Even though I stay away from giving “relationship” advice, what I’m teaching works to KEEP women as well as it does to GET women.

And I get a lot of emails from “good looking” guys who have never had success with women… because they were Wussies.

Thanks for your email. Good stuff.


Yo Dave!


Nay sayers and the ignorant, hold your tongues! Take the cotton from your ears and stick it in your mouths! For you have but to use your eyes to see how the wussfull are repaid! Better that you should rip out your own tongue, than it is to mock what you fail to comprehend!

Sorry Dave, just had to let that go. Couldn’t help myself see, I live with my bro. He’s 28, never had a girlfriend that lived closer than 2 states away for more than a week, a virgin, in fact I’m reasonably sure he’s never kissed a girl! …And he was in the navy for three years!!!

He sees the success that I have with the ladies and I tell him that it’s by design and NOT because I agree to go and pick them up three states away then another state away to get their friends to take them to the airport that’s in a different state still. …All before he’s even gotten them to be his girl

Anyway, at the local coffee shop that I like to go to meet ladies, I take him along. This total cutie that frequents the place walks in. I see his eyes pop out and after I pick his jaw up off the ground she comes to our table.

“Hey, where have you been all summer?” She said to me.

“Well, if I haven’t made it painfully obvious. I’m trying keep as much distance between you and myself as possible.” I blurted out to her and my brothers astonishment.

She then gave me an “F you then!”

To which I responded “NOT on the BEST day of your life girl.”

Adding a cocky sh*t-eating grin sitting back in my chair seemingly unfazed.

She was speechless.

“Ya know, I’m gonna go out on a limb here but let me guess. Back in the day, you were the sort of little girl out on the playground that would go up and hit all the little boys that she liked. I know I’m right, so be careful, I hit back.”

Her already big brown eyes got even bigger seemingly not believing what she was hearing and my brother frozen with terror, spilled his tea all over the table.

“Oh, and by the way, this is my brother…” and I excused myself making for the bathroom. Fully expecting her still be there when I got out, I was I bit disappointed when she wasn’t.

There was just my brother “That’s how you treat women? Here!” he said handing me a card with her number on it. “She wants you to call her tonight.”

“Nah, maybe tomorrow but definitely not tonight,” and I motioned for us to leave.

He sees, and still, he does not believe! Can we exorcise him err something? Oh, and if this letter isn’t testament enough to it,


CJ from South Jersey


Your poor, poor bro’…

The problem is that your brother doesn’t “get” what’s going on.

It always amazes me how a guy who is good with women can do his “magic” right in front of an entire GROUP of other guys… and NONE of them will GET IT.

I’ve done it MANY, MANY times myself… and the other guys just watch, shake their heads, and get nervous. Oh, and apologize and make excuses for my behavior.

Of course, when I get the girl’s number, or whatever, they just seem dumbfounded.

You need to get your brother a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques program… and you need to get him to one of my live seminars.

He needs it. Bad.

Thanks for the email.


Hey Dave, You know what’s going on , so this is possibly for newsletter readers. After learning, incorporating, practicing (ALL of EVERYTHING) and learning from failure over and over again, the changes began. Then, what seems like over night, it happened. Relationships and sex are now my choice.

I’m in my 40′s, I have 2 women friends (both nines ! ) who are 33 & 40 y.o. And one 22 year-old nympho ( she’s an 11 ! ) , who, for insurance purposes, I swear I’m considering nailing down all appliances and furniture in my house.

The most important thing I can communicate is that it’s crucial to incorporate ALL elements of your research and wisdom when dealing with women. Understanding nature, C&F, busting, be immaculate with your life and attitudes, go online, have mentors, work on areas you may need to etc. EVERYTHING.

As an experiment during my learning phase, for three months I hit on three bartenders in three different bars, with almost identical approaches. One I went into EVERY Saturday. Results; no attraction. One I went into EVERY OTHER Saturday. Results; some attraction, no action. The third I hit on every third or fourth week, and she’s the nympho, who , btw, is sitting here with extreme anger watching me type this, but also anxious for me to finish so we can….

Anyway, case in point for laying back and being cool. Guys out there, take full advantage of your opportunity to learn, and it will come. (I crack myself up).

Thanks Dave, L from MI.


Yeah, you crack me up, too.

So you’re telling me that guys in their 40′s who don’t have much success with women can LEARN how to meet 22-year-old bartenders who get hit on all night every night by 100 guys?

You don’t say?

Yeah, I actually think that waitresses, dancers, and bartenders are some of the EASIEST women to meet. It’s taken me a long time to realize that, by the way.

I think the secret is that these women meet SO many men… and almost every single one of those men is a certifiable jackass WUSSY… and when they meet a guy who actually knows how to communicate on a level that triggers ATTRACTION, he REALLY stands out.

Yeah, go figure.

By the way, if you’re ready for the ULTIMATE education in approaching women, starting conversations, getting emails and numbers, and turning them into DATES… then you MUST check out my new “Approaching Women” DVD/CD program.

We’re talking about TEN HOURS of live training on the most critical skill YOU need to learn.

If you go watch a few minutes of the video previews on my web site, you’ll learn a ton. Check them out here:

Approaching Women

You mentioned something in your email that I think is a VERY important point…

You mentioned that it’s CRUCIAL to incorporate ALL of the elements when dealing with women.

I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, I think it’s so vitally important that I have created an advanced program to actually go over ALL of the key elements of meeting and dating women… and to teach any guy everything he needs to know to meet and date women.

Isn’t that generous of me?

It’s called my “Advanced Dating Techniques” program, and it includes over 12 full hours of digitally recorded and edited audio or video of me teaching all of my best concepts and techniques.

Right now you can order it for a trial period… with absolutely zero risk. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay. If you do like it, you’ll be charged in three easy monthly payments.

I want you to learn all of the secrets that it’s taken me YEARS and YEARS to figure out. And I want you to have the kind of success that you’ve always wanted with women. But no one is going to do it for you…

All the details, plus some great free samples are here:

Advanced Series

…and if you haven’t read my eBook “Double Your Dating”, then you need to go and download it RIGHT NOW. It’s a great introduction to my concepts and techniques. You can download it right now, and be reading it within a few minutes. It’s here:

Double Your Dating eBook

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo