Being a Nice Guy


“My best friend and I have always been on the “nice guy” kick. I’m sure you already know exactly what’s that gotten us too. Before I started getting your newsletter, he and I had noticed something about a great many women. While true, we saw a lot of nice looking women with nice dressed men, we noticed more with scummy looking, tattooed, pierced all over kind of guys.

Your logic hadn’t exactly occurred to me. We figured maybe we should grow our hair long and nappy. Get visible tattoos and piercings. Drink, maybe drugs would help too. And smack em around a few times just to let em know “we care”, as many women in abusive relationships seem to defend their man.

Although we’d never actually DO those things. Your way seems to work a lot better. I’ve always been kind of a smartass anyway. Women DO seem to like it. But, usually I’m not that way with them until I get to know them better. Or, let them get to know ME better, as it were…”


I know… it doesn’t really make sense at first glance, does it? I mean, why would an attractive woman overlook all of the successful, nice guys that are available… the guys that would like to buy them things and take them out… the guys that would kiss up to them and do anything for them… and instead choose abusive jerk-types for dating and sex?

The short answer, in case you don’t already know it is:


Attraction doesn’t follow the same rules as friendship.

Attraction is triggered by something other than “nice.”

And one of the biggest obstacles to guys “getting” this is that we don’t realize that attraction works completely differently for women than it does for men.

Stay tuned for more.


“Dear David,

I have been using the cocky funny method for some time now with tons of success.

For example I will go up to a girl, start walking with her, and say “Have you ever walked with a more sexy man?” OR “Does it upset you to be walking with such a sexy man because nobody is looking at you and everyone is looking at me?“…or if a girl just looks at me I will go over and say something like “I know you want me for my sexy body, but I am tired of feeling like just an object to women. I am tired of women always staring at me and wanting my body.

Anyways I just keep playing along like that and I have really mastered the technique. I have some of the hottest girls talking to the average looking guy (me) and what is best is they are always laughing, smiling and giving me their numbers and emails.

Now to my question. I have found 2 girls (after getting many numbers and emails…and emails are the best to get!) that I really like. How do I and when do I transition from cocky/funny to a relationship? It seems like what cocky/funny gets me is more girlFRIENDS (emphasis on FRIENDS) not relationships because I don’t know how to make the transition from cocky/funny to relationship.

Always having fun.




Well, the problem isn’t that cocky+funny leads to friends, it’s that you’re NOT TAKING THE NEXT STEP. I think you’re a bit pre-mature to think that you have to go right to a “relationship.”

I have several friends who are very funny… and women love them… but they just won’t take things to the next level.

Have you used The Kiss Test?

Have you used the other methods I teach for taking things to a physical level?

Have you read my book?

From the sounds of it, probably not.

There are 10 major steps from the first meeting to the bedroom. And there is a way to “bridge” each of these so that the transition from one to the next is smooth and easy. If you understand the steps, then things will be likely to work, but if you don’t, then things are probably going to be harder for you.

If you get a copy of my eBook “Double Your Dating” you’ll also get three bonus booklets along with it.

One of them is called “Bridges”, and it’s all about how to smoothly move from one step to the next.

Another one is called “Sex Secrets”. It’s all about how to make a woman feel very sexually aroused and attracted to you.

Check these out. They’ll be a HUGE help to you.