Girl Already With Boyfriend



Being cocky is the best way to go! I have picked up more chicks reading your newsletter then I ever have in my life. Getting the digits is a problem I used to have and really sweat about. But now its a breeze! and I average about 3-5 a week.

But anyway to my dilemma..! I met this chick at work, she is very good looking and we flirt all the time. But she has a boyfriend! He drives a killer truck and he is 22 and I’m 19. Recently we have been flirting and talking more then ever. but a co-worker went up to her and said that I really like her and that she should stop sending me the wrong signals since she has a boyfriend.

So she comes up to me and tells me that flirting is just part of her personality and that she has a boyfriend that she plans on being with for a while. But it just doesn’t add up… when I’m around her I get a totally different vibe… everybody around me tells me that they can tell she wants me. Plus I already have her number THANKS TO YOU!!!!

But how do I get past the mature rich boyfriend. Or boyfriends in general!! I’m stumped on how to retaliate. Please help me find out what she wants, and how to send the bf packing! I am so stuck on this chick that I even find myself being depressed after that day… HELP ME!!!

Your loyal fan.”

My Comments:

With all the women out there that don’t have boyfriends who drive trucks… and don’t work at the same place you do (which can only lead to problems in the long run), why are you spending your time pining away over this one?

I know, I know. She’s extra good-looking, and she’s funny, and blah blah blah.

Look, just be her friend, and keep teasing her. She’s great target practice.

But do yourself a major favor, and go find a girl who doesn’t have a truck-owning boyfriend, and who doesn’t work with you.

Then, if the stars align in the future, she won’t have Truck Man anymore, and you won’t work at the same place, and she’ll be so attracted to you from all of the teasing that she’ll follow you around like a puppy.

Stop wasting your mental energy trying to get something that has a high risk of turning very bad, and put it on finding opportunities that make more sense.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo