Great Example of Cocky and Funny



I saw a great example of your advice to be cocky and funny in initial contact with chicks.

I was at a country/western bar last Thursday. It was “Ladies Night” but there were not a lot of ladies in there. At the edge of the dance floor I saw a table with five women and an open table right next to them. I talked a little bit to them while the band members were warming up their guitars and checking the sound system.

The band played a set, but only one couple danced. I was trying to figure out a way to ask one of the women in the group to dance, when this other guy saunters up to their table, points with his thumb back toward the bar and says, “The boss told me I’ll have to ask you women to leave.” Well…that got their attention. All of them wanted to know why.

So, this joker says, “Because none of you even knows how to dance.” The women were beside themselves by now, really jacked-up, and everyone of them told him they knew how to dance and that they all danced well.

This guys shakes his head, then looks at each one of them and says, “Okay, prove it. I’ll dance with each one of you everytime the band plays a new song. If you know what you’re doing you can stay…if you are just here to look beautiful and recirculate air…then I’m bouncing you outside.

Now, none of these women were overly attractive, but he just kept it up. He points at all of them and says “Show me you’re more than just a pretty face.” The guy danced with all of them, and pretended he was checking them off by giving a thumbs-up to the bartender (who didn’t know what the flip the guy was doing.)

By now, the women had caught on and invited him to just stay there and sit with them. He spent the rest of the night making them laugh about every other minute with stupid stories about his guard dog rotweiler named “Muffy”…fish he’d caught that looked like Hillary Clinton or Hollywood actresses…and other malarkey.

Once, when one of the women cracked a one liner, he pointed at her and said, “I’ll do the jokes around here…thank you very much.” Which made them laugh even harder.

Now check this out. He goes out on the floor and swings with two of them. When I asked another one of them to dance, we come back to the table and this guy says, “Man, I turn my back for a second and some cowpoke starts bird-dogging my lookers.

The girl I danced with cracks up and says, “Well, you already had one for each hand.” This hammerhead doesn’t miss a beat, he says, “Hey, I got a belt loop in back you coulda hung on to, you know.

David, this guy was the poster boy for what you preach. Keep it up, buddy. Cocky and funny make it happen



I don’t know what to say. Read this story again… it’s great!

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo