How I Chat With Women Online

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I’m going to do something in this newsletter that I almost NEVER do…

I’m going to share with you part of a real-life conversation that I had with a woman online in the past. Again, this is something that I VERY rarely do… (so feel special and loved).

It’s a small part of a bigger conversation, so keep that in mind as you read it.

This little chunk of conversation is a great example of how to tease, be Cocky & Funny, and generally give a woman a hard time… and it shows how this particular girl was responding.

Read it, and then I’ll comment on it…

HER: you remind me of the boy on the playground who pulls the girls pigtails

ME: The one you always liked?

HER: i dont like too many boys

ME: Yea, but you liked that one

HER: and especially mean ones

ME: And you LOVE me

HER: nah they never pulled my pigtails

HER: i scare boys

ME: That’s because you always dressed like a boy

ME: And they mistook you for one

HER: nah its because im smarter than them

ME: Hm

ME: Maybe that’s why I’m so intimidated by you

ME: And scared to pull your pigtails

HER: oh yeah you’re intimidated alright


HER: the only reason im talking to you is because youre not afraid of me

ME: Oh, but I am

HER: the ones that live in fear of me bore me

ME: I’m scared

HER: you suck at lying

ME: Shaking, really

HER: oh geez

HER: dont every go into acting

ME: Don’t every go into spelling


This is the EXACT text from the ACTUAL conversation. No modifications were made at all to the text. Only the names have been modified to hide identities.

OK, so who was this girl?

She was an actress and model, and a high-achiever as well. She was beautiful, intelligent, and SHARP AS A TACK.

In other words, I wasn’t dealing with an average girl here. I was talking to a woman who was IN DEMAND, AND SHE KNEW IT. (Most women know at some level that they’re in demand, by the way. This one just happened to be particularly sassy.)

How would an average guy who was online chatting with random people have handled this? Probably like so:

HER: you remind me of the boy on the playground who pulls the girls pigtails

AVERAGE GUY: Why’s that?

HER: i dont like too many boys

AVERAGE GUY: Why not? What kind of guy do you like?

HER: and especially mean ones

AVERAGE GUY: I’m not a mean guy

HER: boys never pulled my pigtails

HER: i scare boys

AVERAGE GUY: Wow, you must be beautiful

HER: nah its because im smarter than them

AVERAGE GUY: I love smart women. …blah blah blah.


Let’s talk about a few of the things that happened in the original conversation.

It started out with her telling me that I remind her of the boy on the playground that pulls the girls pigtails.

Now, what does THAT mean?


It means that she’s PLAYING with me.

Of course, in the conversation that took place before this segment, I was teasing her, busting on her, telling her that her modeling pictures were ugly and dorky, and everything else.

When she told me that I reminded her of the boy who pulls girls’ pigtails, I said “YES!” to myself, because I knew she was REALLY enjoying it.

My answer, “The one you always liked” took her somewhat ball-busting comment and turned it around on her. Then, when she tried to deny it by saying “I don’t like too many boys” I just pressed on with “Yea, but you liked that one“. Then she said “and especially mean ones” and I said “And you LOVE me”.


She was at a dead end here, and she knew it. I had her number, and she couldn’t deny it. So she took a slightly different direction with “I scare boys”.

Now, most guys would have been stumped with a comment like this. Her comments weren’t having any effect on me, so she tried to puff her chest a bit and say “I scare boys“.

I came right back with “That’s because you always dressed like a boy… and they mistook you for one“.


I love it when I crack myself up.

Of course, she kept trying to sound superior, and said “Nah, it’s because I’m smarter than them“.

OK, now notice what I did after that comment…

I said “Hmm… Maybe that’s why I’m so intimidated by you… and scared to pull your pigtails“.

What am I doing here?

I’m being SO cocky and sarcastic that I’m actually making fun of the fact that she’s ANYTHING but intimidating to me. The fact is that I’ve been “verbally” pulling her pigtails the whole time, and she knows it!

So she answers “Yea, you’re intimidated alright… NOT“.

Now, I want to point out a KEY phrase that this girl said to me. She said:

…the only reason im talking to you is because youre not afraid of me…


Isn’t THAT interesting?

What do you think that might mean?

Could it mean that she IMMEDIATELY dismisses men who ARE intimidated by her?

Could it mean that this is one of the FIRST things she wants to know when she starts talking to a man?

Could it mean that she has all kinds of TESTS that she uses early on… tests that most men NEVER EVEN REALIZE ARE TESTS… that she uses to determine whether or not a guy is intimidated by her?

Could it mean that this is happening all the time to guys all over the world, and they don’t even know it?

Could it mean that most guys will try to act nice and accommodating… and kiss ass… and act like they want a woman to approve of them… only to have it backfire and drive the woman away?

Could it mean that she’s showing me HER “hand” and subtly telling me that I’m winning her over?

I realize that I’m taking this to an extreme here, but guess what?



If I would have responded to her like a dumb-ass Wussy (as in the fake example above) she would have hit the road faster than Steve McQueen!

And at the end, I continued to play the sarcasm and act afraid of her… until the very end, where one of my personal FAVORITES happened: She misspelled a word!

She said “don’t every go into acting” (she meant “don’t EVER go into acting”).

I shot back “Don’t every go into spelling“.

A beautiful moment… perfect.

So there you have it.

An example of me being Cocky & Funny with a real girl, in a real conversation… unedited.

What’s the lesson?

Well, it’s a few things:

1) Don’t act like a Wussy when you’re around women and ESPECIALLY when you’re around extremely attractive, high profile women. They hate it, and they run. By the way, if you need a serious “Wuss-Ectomy”, and you want to evict your Inner Wussy for good, then go and read THIS:

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2) You must demonstrate a few key beliefs and abilities to women when you first start talking to them. One of those is that you don’t fear women (her), and another is that you can be comfortable around them (her).

3) There is a MORE SUBTLE game being played out when you first start interacting with a woman. She’s going to make literally DOZENS of decisions about you based on NOTHING other than the way you COMMUNICATE and appear to her.

If you screw it up, it’s over.

Attraction isn’t a CHOICE. And if she doesn’t feel it for you after she makes her initial impression of you, then you’re probably not going to get another chance. And her ATTRACTION is going to be based on all kinds of things that are NOT AT ALL obvious to most men.

But there IS a way for you to learn all of these different subtle components, and how to use your communication (not money, food, and gifts) to quickly trigger ATTRACTION in the women you meet.

What is that way?

It’s called my Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD program.

Here, read an email that I got from a guy in Australia who watched the DVD Video version:

“Dear David,

Wow. I have just finished watching your DVD series and feel compelled to write to you.

Day 1

Thank you for finally putting it all together for me. I’ve had a few epiphanies in my life and I can now chalk up one more. It is funny, because my first revelation was when I read Richard Dawkins ‘Selfish Gene’ many years ago in the bath.

I realised the water had in fact become freezing cold around Chapter 5! When you started putting those pieces together with why attraction isn’t a choice, a thick veil was lifted from my eyes. I CAN SEE. Thank you

Day 2

I’m no slouch interacting with women, I ran a nightclub for 10 years, but I DIDN’T GET IT. Now, thanks to your insightful hard work, I know how to handle everything. I’ve just come back from kayaking 2,600 miles through the arctic Canadian wilderness and when I met women in the settlements on the way I always had a lot of fun. Why?

Because they could see I was in control of my own destiny, I could obviously look after myself, I was different and they knew I was only going to run to my agenda. They loved it. Your series will “put me back in the kayak” in everyday life, for the rest of my life.

Day 3

David, this totally blew me away. The possibilities are endless. Many friends have said they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t a killer with the chicks, because I had the ‘right’ attitude in general. Well you have now made me a very dangerous man. Thank you :)

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“How to be a Successful Alpha Male”.

Congratulations David, you are a genius!



Brit living in Melbourne Australia.”

That is an unsolicited email… and it’s one of many, many emails just like it that I get all the time. I think it says enough.

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo