How to be Cocky and Funny with Women



Your stuff is right on. The thing I like most about it is that you keep your self-respect when use the stuff in your book . . . and women pick up on this.

My question is this:

Can you recommend any exercises that one can do on his own that can keep him from behaving like 95% of the losers that have no spine and no persistence? You know… some “spine strengthening” exercises.

Keep up the good work,



The best exercise is to make sure to practice with EVERY woman you meet. From the grocery store line to the operator on the telephone. All of them.

Test every kind of cocky and funny idea you can come up with.

If you’re on the phone with the operator, say:

Wow, thanks for your help… I think this relationship is off to a good start.

If you’re in a clothing store and a woman asks “Can I help you?” say “Wow, this new cologne must be working… I’ve had a woman walk up and talk to me in every store I’ve been in.

Just practice saying charming, funny, slightly arrogant things.

If you keep this up, you’ll keep seeing the positive responses that you’ll get, and it will become “reflexive.


“Bonjour David,

I’m 31 and i teach computer office stuff. Most of my students are woman from 22 to 50. I’ve always been the guy that is …I wouldn’t not say an AFC, but in french we say “homme rose”. So, I’ve been reading your mail for a while and after i finally got the courage to change my personality, I started acting cocky and funny (and why not practice on my classes).

Would you believe it, in an instant my classes became a chicken farm…and i’m the only rooster…ahahah!(picture me in front of 20 women that really enjoy looking at me and listening to me!!!). I’m not talking about flirting here.

Their attitude toward me changed dramatically, some of them kiss me when they get into class, they touch me a lot now, they try to match me with the hottest in the class, it’s very funny.

I have a girlfriend that i truly love for more than a year now, but realizing that i can attract a lot of woman gave me confidence toward what i can bring to my girlfriend. That way i know that if our relationship ends one days (i don’t want that but…) i can just turn around and have other options…

What is strange about this new situation, now they pass the word around that I’m a bad boy( i guess to them it’s a way of saying attractive man, different from others). To all of you readers. The more you will act cocky/funny, the more this will become your nature, blended with your own personal style.

In the history book of seduction. Your name is in it David.



Tomorrow I’m going to call up and find out what I need to do in order to teach computer skills to groups of women.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo