How To Be The Man EVERY Woman Wants

I wanted to share a secret to attracting women that I believe is one of the ULTIMATE advantages you can have.

When I was first learning about how to get past my internal fears… how to approach women and start conversations… how to create attraction and chemistry… and how to take things to the next level… I wound up trying a TON of different “tricks and techniques”.

Whenever I found a new “trick” that worked for me, I felt like I had just put another piece of the puzzle together… that I had gotten just that much closer to REALLY understanding how things worked.

But there was another feeling that happened even MORE often:

It was when I would try something that had “worked” before, but it DIDN’T work this time.

It was the feeling that I must have MISSED something… that I must not REALLY get it.

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

It was probably a couple of YEARS after starting my quest that I had what I consider to be one of the biggest “Ah Ha!” experiences of my life.

Here’s what my realization was:

The guys I knew who were the MOST successful with women didn’t read books to learn a bunch of “pick up lines”… and they didn’t rely on tricks to attract women.

The guys I new who were MOST successful had a certain something about them that just seemed to MAGNETICALLY attract women.

In fact, these guys did and said things to women that seemed like they COULDN’T work to create attraction.

But it worked. It seemed to ALWAYS work.

At first, I just assumed that these guys must be good-looking, or have some kind of natural charm that I would never have.

It seemed like an “unfair advantage”.

Well, I learned that it WAS actually an unfair advantage. But I ALSO learned that it was something that ANY guy can have.

WARNING: What I’m about to say might sound a little “new-agey”… but stick with me.

This “Ah Ha!” led me to an even deeper and more powerful realization:

These men who were consistently successful with women had a QUALITY about them, and a deep UNDERSTANDING of how male/female attraction works…


Because they had this magical quality, and because they understood how to direct and channel any situation and conversation… they created success without needing the tricks.

In fact, one of my friends who was VERY good with women started LEARNING some “pick up lines” and other tricks, and started doing WORSE with women.

True story.

He had the quality, and the tricks messed it up for him!

Well, after really digging into this topic and trying to translate this “secret knowledge”… and how to develop this quality I speak of… into a system that a regular guy could “get” use, I finally create the Master Key.

It’s a Master Key that will unlock doors that NO guy with a bunch of “tricks and techniques” can open.

It’s a key that will attract — AND KEEP — the more desirable and attractive women… the kinds of women that most guys will NEVER even have a chance to date.

I could go on and on about it, but if you’re interested in learning more about this key, then go here and read THIS:

On Being A Man

I hope this secret helps you as much as it has helped me in my success with women.

Talk to you in a couple of days.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo