How To Take Control And Develop Unshakable Confidence With Women

As you know, when it comes to becoming more successful with women and dating, I honestly believe that the most IMPORTANT thing to do is get your INNER GAME issues handled.

I get a lot of questions about Inner Game problems…

As you know, I’ve actually done an entire program called “Deep Inner Game“… that is 100% focused on helping guys deal with their Inner Game issues.

I get a lot of questions about this program, and I thought I’d take a minute to answer a few common questions… and to give you some ideas about how you can fix your Inner Game Dating problems…

Let’s start with this one:

“I’m seriously screwed up, nothing has worked in the past… will this really work for me?”

My honest answer is… I don’t know.

Comforting, huh?

Seriously, one of the things that I and my co-teacher talk about in this program is the concept of MATURITY.

Part of “growing up” is learning that there aren’t very many “magic bullets” in life… there aren’t many quick-fix techniques that will solve all your problems.

What I CAN tell you is that this program is based on over twenty years of combined research, experience, and learning… and the two people who are teaching in this program have studied THE BEST.

I’ve had some VERY challenging personal Inner Game issues in my life… many of which took me YEARS to figure out and overcome.

I think that the problem with a lot of “self-help” programs is that they’re what I’ll call “idealistic” and “wishful.”

They’re not based on years of research, testing, and personal experience.

All of the things you’re going to learn in this program have been REFINED over time.

What I’m trying to say is that I believe this program has the GREATEST chance of helping you fix your Inner Game issues… and I think it is the FASTEST way to do it as well.

“How long will this take and how long will the changes last?”

Another great question.

And I’ll give you another great answer:

I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that you can start using the tools you’re going to learn IMMEDIATELY.

And I’ll put myself out there and say that I believe you will actually FEEL differently, and you’ll see others RESPOND to you VERY differently as soon as you implement what you’re going to learn.

The material in this program is a HIGHLY-condensed “crash course” in the most important aspects of psychology and behavior, as they apply to success with women and dating…

I think that once you learn the main tools and concepts (which are taught in an easy-to-learn VISUAL way), you will be able to “see” many of your challenges in a way that allows you to TAKE CONTROL of them.

One of the biggest problems guys experience is this feeling of being “out of control”, and I think that one of the most important advantages you’re going to experience when you go through this program is an INSTANT feeling of TAKING CONTROL.

And if you stick with these materials, and use what you’re learning, I believe you can make huge improvements VERY rapidly.

“Are the exercises and tools difficult to learn and use?”

This one is easy. NO.

I’ve been studying psychology for a lot of years. I love the topic, as you know.

One of my personal PET PEEVES is when these smarty psychology gurus use big, complex, confusing terms… and seem to INTENTIONALLY confuse with their ideas.

This program is the OPPOSITE of that.

You’ll see instantly that everything is explained in an EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND way.

Any “psychology terms” are explained along the way… and avoided as much as possible.

All of the ideas are easy to understand… and all of the tools are easy to use.

I promise you that.

“Are there a lot of dating techniques?”

This program does NOT contain a ton of “dating techniques.”

If you’re looking for techniques and step-by-step “moves” for different dating situations, then go check out one of my other programs… like “Approaching Women” or “Meeting Women Online.”

This program is FOCUSED on the Inner Game of success… and the “techniques” are all for overcoming INNER challenges.

“What makes this program any different from all the other self-help programs out there?”

Instead of explaining what makes this program “different”, I’d like to tell you what makes this program SPECIAL.

I’ve spent several YEARS of my life reading “Self-Help” books… listening to audio programs… and going to seminars…

I like to make fun of self-help… partly because, well, it’s easy to make fun of… and partly because a lot of it is just plain LAME.

That said, many of the self-help books I’ve read are AMAZING.

I credit a lot of my own success personally and in the dating world with the things I’ve learned fromsome of the wise self-help authors in the world.

The PROBLEMS that I kept running into as I read self-help books were:

1) The material wasn’t specifically created to help me become more successful with WOMEN AND DATING.

2) The AUTHORS of the books I was reading really didn’t UNDERSTAND how to attract women or create attraction.

In other words, I had to do a lot of the “work” of “translating” what they were saying into the DATING world.

My Deep Inner Game program was actually CREATED to help you overcome Inner Game issues… that will lead to DATING success.

No “translation” required.

This program will transform how you feel inside… and it will lead to more success with women and dating. I guarantee it.

In fact, the WAY I guarantee it is with the offer I’m going to make you right now…

If you’re experiencing Inner Game challenges that you KNOW are preventing you from having success with women and dating, then I’d like to send you a copy of this program to use for a MONTH… at my risk and expense.

I’ll send it to you, and even pay for the shipping to send it… so you can go through the program and actually USE the concepts and techniques inside.

If it doesn’t help you… and you don’t get REAL results inside that month, just send the program back to me, and I won’t charge you anything.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning all this stuff and putting this program together… and if you want to take advantage of all my work and effort… and get a huge “jump” on this area of your life, then get this program.

You can get a lot more details and check out the video clips of the program here:

Deep Inner Game

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

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