Making Women Feel Sexually Attracted To You


Dear David DeAngelo,

Firstly, I won’t massage your ego by waxing lyrical on your material and have no questions for you. Just 2 success stories. I am 26 yrs old and married to a 10 for 2 years. I have read and reread your newsletters and applied c&f at every opportunity with her, much to her extreme delight. She hasn’t been able to take her hands off me since! A story about TESTING. I’m from England originally and recently went back just for a week without her (family occasion which they paid for). 2 weeks before I went she gave me extreme abuse (testing) saying that I should be home with her, that it was unfair, she wanted to come too etc etc etc….. usual complete rubbish a chick likes to give you.

Anyway, I did not back down at all, dug my heels in and told her if she wanted to dump me over then so be it; plenty of other girls wanting to get in my pants etc (of course with c&f thrown in)….. Anyway, she soon got used to the idea and the week before I went we had wilder sex than ever before. She was rampant and even got me to take a morning off work, just so we could have sex. I told her I’d think about it, but later agreed.

Also, I work an extreme sales job and I recently got a hot new receptionist/clerk. All I’ve done for the last 5 weeks is bust on her about not being on the phone enough (that’s not her job at all, but I bust her anyway). She’ll say “good morning” as I come in, and I’ll say “Never mind that. How many cold calls have you made today!?“, or I’ll just walk over to her phone, blow the dust of it and use the backhand to brush the cobwebs away, stuff like that. Gets her giggling like a schoolgirl. Our interactions have only been like this, for 5 WEEKS.

Anyway… we had a works night out last week and got talking. All she could say was how hot my wife is (I told her my wife was a lucky girl), then told me how handsome I was and that SHE wanted to be my girl instead, and finally confessed that she really wanted a THREESOME with me and my Mrs. And that’s all I’ll say on this… All I’ve done is busted her butt about not making enough deals and she wants a threesome. Guys….. single or not, LISTEN TO DAVID!!! Using his stuff will alter your experience of women forever, and their experience of you! Nice one Dave!




You know, I’m not sure that I like your idea of not waxing lyrical on my material, and not massaging my ego…

Rethink that for next time.

As for your excellent understanding and application of this material to, a-hem, “improve” your relationship with your wife, and, a-hem…your receptionist… nice job.

It really is amazing how TURNED ON women get when you communicate with them the way you’re describing.

The REAL trick here is actually getting to a point where you BELIEVE it… so you can start actually DOING it.

Thanks for the report.


Hey Dave,

To start, I just want to say that you are incredible. I’m not gonna leap up and start preaching here, I’m no reverend to the Temple of David, but I will cut straight to the chase. I’ve been reading your newsletter for a while and it is working really well. I’ve always been c/f, but I was afraid of offending the woman I set my sights on. I finally have the confidence to unleash this beast, problem is, I have the tendency to start busting on a girl, and when I see it’s working…I blank.

A good example two days ago, this FINE girl walked into my class, having to make up a math test. This particular teacher, she LOVES to annoy, so I took good advantage of that. Seeing as I have established a position of transparent dominance in that class, speaking out in a lecture was really no problem. So this girl (who is a SOLID 10 on my scale) sits down across the room, which is my favorable flirting distance. I raise my hand and ask the teacher,

Is this a permanent arrangement? I don’t want HER in my class” She smiles and winks at me “Gee, I love you too.” Of course I froze, and rather than saying, “damn right you do,” I TURNED AWAY!! Now to much later, she raises her hand and asks, “Where do I write my answers?” Instinctively I turn and say, in a perfect sarcastic tone, “On your forehead” She laughed and replied with a flirtatious “shut-up”. I FROZE AGAIN!!! I’ve tried making conversation in the mall with female clerks, and I get on a roll. Just as I’m about to bowl her over with charm, I roll right into the gutter. Any advice?

PM in Anaheim CA


Yeah, I have some advice…

Use that GENIOUS MIND of yours to PLAN a few things to say back to women.


Here, I’ll get you started with a few ideas…

You love me.

This relationship isn’t going to work.

Don’t turn into a stalker, OK?

…there’s a list of three to get you going.

The MAGICAL thing about these types of responses is that they can be used in almost ANY situation.

Let’s say you’re teasing a girl, and she’s laughing and hitting you.

You look at her with a serious face and say, “You love me.”


Or you could use one of the other “standards” I’ve listed above.

The POINT is that you need to have a few STANDARD things to say in ANY situation.

Practice the above three until you can USE them. Then take a few minutes and dedicate that GENIUS MIND of yours to coming up with a few more.

Next thing you know, you’ll actually be saying something BACK in these situations.

REMEMBER: The point isn’t to have something cute to say to women, the POINT is getting her email/number, etc. So don’t worry about being too cute. Just worry about getting to the next STEP.


Man, man man! I have got to tell you! I was a skeptic at first…..really…..I was! Because I thought that being C&F was somehow trying to be mean, but it’s actually the opposite!

I was at school (well, not really school, but college) in the student cafe, chilling, and a good friend of mine (a really attractive girl that I’ve had my eye on for a while) sat down next to me.

Her: “hi.”
Me: “Oh, hi there, (her). So what’s up?”
Her: “Well, I just passed that big psychology test with a 95.”
Me: *smiles* “Cool. So how do you think this’ll effect your grade?”
Her: *laughs* “Ah, well it probably won’t do much.”
Me: *smiles* “Nah, it probably won’t. It’s not like you actually know the material, everybody knows you probably cheated. Heh.”
Her: *laughs* “Hey”
Me: *Mocking her (she has a squeaky voice)* “Hey!” lol. C’mon now, both you and I know that you know the back of your eyelids more than you know about that class. All you do in there is sleep! *

I then lay my head down and start making mock snoring noises. She loved that! We talked some more and later, I finally got her phone number and I called her and we arranged plans for a lunch date. Cool! The thing is, is that you are actually being NICER by being C&F because you are giving her what she wants, and making her feel special around you! NOW I GET IT! THANKS MAN! YOU DEFINATLY KNOW YOUR SH**!!



Yeah, you know, that was probably a bad idea to actually say something INTERESTING AND FUNNY to her.

When she said “hi” to you, you probably should have just acted shy and nervous, and hoped that if you were nice enough over the next 6 months that maybe she’d notice you and fall in love magically.

You probably should have just told her what a great job she did on her test, and how maybe she could help you study sometime (as a subtle and dumb-ass way to hint that you like her).

You know, you’re RIGHT about one thing:

When you’re Cocky & Funny (and you’re ACTUALLY funny when you’re doing it), you ARE giving women what they want.

Go figure. You get to actually have fun, not kiss ass, AND be successful with women.

Thanks for the great story.



I am recently divorced and just getting back in the game, so your letters are definitely a great reminded as to what works (and I have read the ebook). I just had to share an experience with you.

I’m at dinner with this girl the other night (3rd date) and she is telling how her best friend’s husband is completely whipped over his wife. To the point that he won’t make a decision or take a step without her. As she’s telling me this I am of course leaning way back. She obviously wants me to say something, but I just slightly raise an eyebrow.

Then the kicker, she asks me if I have ever been whipped on a girl or if I could be. I gave her the nice, long pause and said what do you think? She responded with “No Way!” Now this girl is very intelligent and fairly aggressive, but she then says that she has to have a guy that is more aggressive and she can’t stand when guys don’t take the lead. I thought this girl might be reading your emails.

Then later at my apartment as we are all over each other on the couch, she stops and asks me “what kind of girl do you respect?” Now that was the first time a girl asked me that, so I just said “the kind that is independent and makes her own decisions.” Now I’m not sure if that was the right thing to say, so about 10 minutes later when I didn’t think things were going much further, I said “I think we should call it a night”. She quickly asked me if there was going to be a fourth date? I said, “of course why wouldn’t there be”.

Then the best happens, she said, “Well, I didn’t think you liked me the first time we went out and you just have me a little confused.” Great stuff.

Then I think I make a mistake. She asks me what my plans are for the next night and I say I don’t have any. So she asks me to go out the next night and I say yes even though I would rather hold off for a couple of days. I have a few questions:

  1. What is another way I could respond to the question of going out the very next night?
  2. If I wanted to back out but still keep her interested, what suggestions do you have?


C Houston


WOW, you’ve raised about 147 GREAT points in your email.

Let’s talk about a few of them…

Women who say, “I like a man to be aggressive and take the lead” aren’t reading my emails (well, maybe they are… lol).

I’m WRITING my emails BECAUSE women like men who do this.

I’m not inventing the things I teach in my head, then hoping they work in the real world.

I’ve been researching, testing, and studying this stuff for a LONG time now.

For every thing that I teach or suggest, I’ve tried at least a HUNDRED others… in other words, I’m only teaching the best of the best.

When you hear me saying, “Women aren’t attracted to Wussies”, it’s not just to be cute.

You will RARELY find a statement that is true more of the time than that one.

And I mean VERY rarely.

Now, when she asked you, “What kind of woman do you respect?” – you should have said:

“Ones that don’t ask a lot of questions”


“Ones that earn it”


Get it?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING answering a question like that with a normal, serious, BORING answer?

Read my book again.

Be more of a CHALLENGE.

Be mysterious.


Finally, when she asked you what your plans were for the next night, you should have said:

My plans are to not be with YOU, YOU BRAT!


That’s classified


NO, you CAN NOT take me to Vegas and marry me

…or any one of 100 ways to both tease her and put her off the trail of hanging out with you.

You do not need to be deceptive or manipulative in order to say “I’d prefer to not see you tomorrow night“.

You don’t need permission to NOT see a woman.

By rolling over and doing what you did, you put aside your own desires, and demonstrated that your INNER WUSSY is actually in charge.

I’ve threatened the Deuce B. treatment before:

“Don’t make me come down there and He-Bitch Man-Slap you!”


Hey Mr.Womanizer

I must say, this is actually the first time I’m impressed with your email dating tip. You know why? Because this is the first time your being fully honest, completely clear and straight forward. To my knowledge this is the first time your saying a guy should be MEAN AND JERK to attract women.

I know exactly what your saying. In another words your saying “you should be a BADBOY to attract women”.

But you also say women like funny guys (sense of humor). I don’t know any bad boys, mean, jerks…..who are funny. They are serious types.

I really think you are confusing people because you said 2 different things.

OR: do you mean a guy should be a BADBOY-JERK as well as being FUNNY. But BADBOY-JERK can’t be funny.


I think I’m going to have to make a new rule for sending questions and comments to me:



Of course, you’ve failed to comply with my new rule in your email…

But I do have to say, your MIS-interpretation of my ideas is quite entertaining…

“…a guy should be MEAN AND JERK to attract women…”

Now THERE’S an idea you should get out and try.

The concept of “Being mean and JERKING”.

It just might work for you.

Do yourself and everyone you know a favor, and learn how to read and comprehend complex concepts like HUMOR…and FLIRTING.

Until that time, continue to fully expect and tolerate that curious and persistent dry feeling you have right at the point where your legs meet.


Hey Dave,

All I can say is your dating tips really work!!

I am 53 year old man spending a fantastic, romantic 4-day weekend with a wonderful 39 year old women that I just meet a few weeks ago.

I am taking a short break from this weekend’s activities to email a few other female friends that are in their early 40′s – all are witty, smart and attractive.

I was married for a long time and had not dated for 30 years. Was not sure how to start.

WOW – You have helped me get well on my way.

Best regards to you, J


Yeah, yeah, yeah… you always were a SHOW OFF!


You know, one of the things that I love about this material is that INTELLIGENT guys can “get” it and start using it almost INSTANTLY.

Once you get it, you REALLY can improve quickly.

Welcome back, and congrats on the success.

If you’re reading this right now, and you’d like to learn how to get “back into the game”…or how to get into the game in the FIRST PLACE, then make sure you go and check this out:

Advanced Series


hello!…my name is c!….i signed up for your newsletter just to see exactly what is going through men’s minds sometimes…i read quite a few of them and realized you are absolutely right on target on the way to pick up women and what to say to them…women love arrogance… but, to my question….i am normally the outspoken life of the party…have a bit of an attitude…and don’t have any problem picking men up…but the thing is…i am the aggressive one…i pursue the prey with no fear…and many men do approach me but, they are normally the idiots who never talk to anyone…they see i am very easy going and easy to talk to..i talk to EVERYONE…i never get the arrogant bastards like i want…the guys are always too SENSITIVE…and overbearing, feely feely….i had once went out with an arrogant man as yourself…the techniques you described , i wouldn’t doubt if he had your book…but it kept me coming back for more…he knew what to say and when to say it..ALL THE TIME…….a friend of mine had actually hooked us up… do i find them?…how do i get that arrogant bastard to approach me…and what are the signs to look for?….i would really appreciate this advice….i and many of my friend…HELP!




Well, I’m not sure that I can help you find an “arrogant bastard”, but you did say something that I’d like to comment on…

You said that “…guys are always too SENSITIVE… and overbearing, feely feely…”


Now, the funny thing is, I KNOW what kind of woman you are. You’re FUNNY, INTERESTING, AND CHARISMATIC.

I’m sure of it. Guaranteed.

You’re the kind of woman that men DREAM ABOUT.

You probably enjoy life, have fun whatever you’re doing, know what you want… etc. You’re probably successful in your line of work, have a life of your own… and on and on.

You’re also the kind of woman that most men have NO idea how to deal with.

Most guys will turn you OFF within 3 seconds of the introduction, because they’ll start acting all nice, polite, and sweet.


I’m not sure that I can help you in your quest for an “arrogant bastard”, but I’ll feel free to use your email to demonstrate that women like yourself are NOT interested in men who are “feely feely”.


A friend got me your books as a birthday present, being that before then I was pretty pathetic with the ladies, Being a wrestler made it all the more of an insult. When I did get a relationship, it would never last more than a week, and nothing would come out of it. Well, after reading your stuff I realized how much of a wuss I was. I did almost every wuss thing in the book, not to mention just having a severe lack of confidence…

Just to see what works, I went on one of those picture rating sites. I’ll tell ya, of 3 pictures I ranked from 6.5 to 9.5. The 6.5 one being me as a well groomed nice guy with a smile and the 9.5 as me a year later in a cast with a “pissed off drug dealer” look (I’d been missing a season or wrestling, it was only fitting). I realized the nice guy look wasn’t working. I also met about a dozen girls on that system and just practiced the c&f on them.

I was the one calling the shots, dropping the boring ones and sticking to the interesting ones, instead of them choosing whether I was worthy… The funny part was, they each started telling me how infatuated they were with me, and telling me about dozens of guys who piss them off, where each of those guys were doing things I used to do by nature… Well, after I realized that I actually did have it in me, I brought it all together and started using it on girls back at college. I’m currently going out with one of the most beautiful in my college, and it’s you I have to thank for it.

JW, Pennsylvania


Wow, nice.

You have really spelled it out.

A lot of young, hot women say that men are “annoying”.

What they REALLY mean is that men are BORING and that they feel no ATTRACTION for them.

As strange as the truth is, ATTRACTION is NOT triggered by being a “nice” guy.

Nice will never do it.

Of course, as you know, I never suggest that men act in an ABUSIVE way…

But if you want to get out of the “annoying” category, you MUST start BEHAVING AND COMMUNICATING DIFFERENTLY.


Being CLINGY is ANNOYING to women.

Acting like a WUSSY is ANNOYING to women.

Congratulations, and thank you for taking the time to write in and share your success story.



Can you give some advice to women? I know your e-mail is just for men but I REALLY need some help.

I’ve tried to get this guy and I think I need a change in my attitude towards him. He’s hard to get because he follows this pattern: he calls, he seems very interested but a few days or a week later he will change his mind and ignore me (he’s done the same with 2 other girls) or he’ll date me for a while then ignore me then come back a few months later. This last time he tried coming back to me while dating another girl still and it seemed that it was only for sex. I flat out refused.

Here is what I’ve tried: If I straight out refuse him and tell him what I think, he backs off completely. If I try to be nice and forgiving, he’ll take it and follow the same pattern.

I need a different attitude for when he’ll come back next time (not so serious and not so nice either)- something that will surprise him. Any suggestions?


AC, San Diego


Well, you’re not exactly going to like this, but I’m about to take your email and use it for my own selfish purposes…

Here’s what I heard you say:

Dear David,

I can’t explain it, but for some reason I’m ATTRACTED to men who are unpredictable, untamed, successful with other women, and probably BAD FOR ME.

The thing that REALLY strikes me about your letter is that you’re basically asking me how to get a guy who probably ISN’T good for you.

Now, why would you go to all the trouble to think about this, write me an email, etc.?


You probably KNOW that this guy isn’t going to stay around, no matter WHAT you do…

But you still want him!

Advice to you: Find a different guy.

Advice to guys: Learn from this example.



First of all your stuff works great. I’m 31 years old– been rich, been poor and rich again. I’ve been addicted to personal development my whole life. I even was a top trainer for motivational guru Tony Robbins and currently run my own seminar company. Yet your stuff has opened my eyes, not only does it work with babes (I have an 19 year old hot Latin.. who’s all over me.. and her friends are hitting on me all the time–enough said.)

This stuff works great in all areas of life. I using it in business with great results

I have a question though.

I’ve been with this girl about 11 months know and I’m all-ways busting on her..c/f stuff. I love it and am natural at it. Even start blow-out fights so we can have make up latter. Interesting note..the more I do that the more attracted she becomes. Go figure.

My question is.. Do you recommend doing less C/F stuff when you’ve been going out for awhile or do you pore it on even more?

I’m Sure I know what you’ll say, but I want to make Sure.

Got to run.. Look forward to getting your adv. stuff

Thanks again, EL- New Jersey


Well, first off, I don’t recommend STARTING FIGHTS just so you can make up later.

I don’t think that it’s necessary to actually START serious conflicts with women.

While it DOES work in many cases to intensify a sexual attraction, it doesn’t lead to long term good health.

As for your question about doing more or less of the Cocky & Funny with a girl that you’ve been dating for awhile…

You need to keep doing what WORKS in your life.

Too many men make the mistake of STOPPING the things that are working.

There is another, less common mistake that some men make which is to increase the amount of Cocky & Funny to the point where it becomes predictable, boring, and annoying.

Once you become comfortable using the material, you will have a “feel” for it.

Do what works, and stop doing what doesn’t.

Every situation is slightly different, and you’re at the point where no “formula” will fit your situation exactly.

And as for you and your 19 year old hot Latin girl…

You suck, and no men like you.


Yo man!

All You write in your newsletters does make sense, BUT when do You have time to date/f*** all these babes if You write such a long newsletters 3 times a week. I doubt You are so journalistically gifted to do it just like that.

Correct me if I’m wrong. M Katowice, Poland


Consider yourself corrected… I write all of the newsletters, and I have a life.

Seriously, these newsletters DO take me a lot of time to create…

I’ve considered having friends and other contributors “guest write” a few (and I may do that in the near future), but up until now, I’ve written every one myself, by hand.

My goal is to have the VERY BEST free newsletter that is or has EVER been offered by anyone, anywhere, on ANY topic.

This is how I communicate with my readers and family of customers, and it’s important.

I estimate that I spend about 12-15 hours every week actually writing the newsletters, and another who-knows-how-many hours thinking about, preparing for, and planning them.

There are times, of course when I work so much on this stuff that I neglect my social life… I really do love what I do.

But hey, if I had no time for a personal life, what fun would THAT be?

No dates makes David D. a dull writer…


Dave, I thank God every day for magically making your emails appear in my mailbox. I don’t know how I started getting them, but the timing couldn’t have been better. I recently became single. I have always been a wussy doormat. Fortunately, your emails came along, I downloaded your e-book, and I took a real hard look at myself and what has happened to me over the years.

Here is what I found. Every time I tried to keep a girl at a distance because I already had a girlfriend or it was a girl I worked with, I would try to bust on her and scare her away. Guess what? They loved me more. I also realized that I loved flirting with old women or my girlfriend’s moms. There was never a chance that I would really want to hook up with them, so I was C&F and didn’t really care. They thought it was so funny and cute. Guess what? These older women loved me too. I have always had better relationships with my girlfriend’s mom than I did with my girlfriend. In fact, some moms couldn’t believe that their daughter was stupid enough to break up with me.

THE LIGHT WENT ON! I had been practicing all along on women I wasn’t interested in, and the results were blatantly obvious. I immediately had a surge of confidence and started playing the C&F on EVERYONE. I went from buying drinks for everyone to not buying any drinks (including my own). How dare someone think that they can talk
to me with out first buying me a drink?

Guys, this stuff works on everyone, and you can practice it on anyone. Trust me, you will quickly gain confidence and make it a habit. Then, when you are out trolling for trim, you will be a natural.


M.L. Northern California


Yes, this is great insight…

Often the women you DON’T want are the ones that pursue you, while the ones that you are interested in run away because you’re pursuing THEM.

You must translate this “comfort” to your interactions with the women you ARE interested in, and communicate in the same way…

By the way, in your email you said:

“I have always had better relationships with my girlfriend’s mom than I did with my girlfriend…”

Dude, that’s not right. Be cool.


Hey Dave,

A success story from S in Mass…I’ve been receiving your newsletters for awhile now and found them to be full of info. I answered this woman’s personal ad recently, she’s 34, I’m 32…I started using the C&F techniques over the phone, then got her e-mail address, continued with the C&F, and sent her my pic…She liked the pic and all of the other C&F comments I made… like telling her that I would have to meet her in person to make sure that she wasn’t a man since she had no pic…Well I met her one night at a donut shop and we chatted for a bit…To be different from other guys she’s gone out with, I showed her some card tricks that I’ve been doing…They’re a real ice breaker and they seemed to put her more at ease as she had said she was a little nervous about meeting me..

We had plenty to talk about and she liked the card tricks and couldn’t figure them out…She had told me on the phone that she was a former stripper at a local club..She was pretty with a nice body to boot…I was surprised when she only considered herself a 7 or 8! After the donut shop, we went to get a drink at a bar and left when it closed….I took her to her place after that, and I’m not sure what it was, the C&F, the alcohol, maybe both, but she couldn’t get enough of me….We must have made out for about 2 hours that night…she asked when she would see me again..she e-mails me constantly and even asked if we were an item…and this is only after one date…I’m looking forward to seeing her again and a note to all of you who aren’t using C&F, C&F is the bible of getting the hot girls!

***I think she may have read one of your newsletters before, as we were kissing, she pulled back a couple times as to tease me,,, she stole the move I was gonna use on her!***

Hats off to u, Dave Keep the newsletters coming! S in Mass



You don’t realize what a MIRACLE your letter actually is…

I don’t remember recommending that you meet women in a DONUT SHOP and do CARD TRICKS for them for a first meeting.

Creative? Yes.

Original? Yes.

Dorky like you read about? Yes.

But hey, if it works for you, then keep it up!

Thank your lucky stars that you were keeping up the teasing and the Cocky & Funny. You must have distracted her enough to make her not notice…


Thanks for the email.


Hi David,

Thanks for all you’ve written. Your writing is inspired and your wit is great. As a 51 year old man, my success with your program has easily gone from 20% to about 85%. I generally use email and create a non threatening relationship through emails, including humor, and romantic discussions. I avoid sex talk, but when I the woman brings it up, which they always do, I ask them “Are you trying to seduce me?” Invariably the women wants to make the next move… It’s amazing! There is a subject however, that you haven’t covered…. How to avoid the broken hearted woman? Your techniques are so successful, and the women get so attached to me that I can’t get rid of them. It is a difficult situation. Since I’m certain that this must happen to you often, I’m wondering how you deal with the woman who becomes attached to you like Velcro. I really think it might be worthwhile for you to write a topic on it. Again, thanks for your marvelous techniques.

With Kindest Regards,
R.D.. Massachusetts.


Ohhhh, I see.

So if I write a book and teach you how to get rich you’re going to email me and tell me that you’re having trouble spending all the money, and your tax bill is too large?

The answer you’re looking for is simple:

If you don’t want a woman to get attached to you in the FIRST PLACE, don’t talk her more than a couple of times a week, or see her more than every week or so.

That’s the answer you’re looking for.


Hey Dave,

First off, your eBook is awesome. I’ve practiced c&f on almost every girl I know, both friends and girls I’ve dated. It’s amazing how much it works on such a majority of women! Every girl I’ve used it on has been unbelievably receptive and cannot get enough of me. Consequently, my confidence is boosted. It’s one of the best chain-reactions in the world. Here’s some proof:

There’s this girl I met (before getting your eBook), and I got her e-mail address through a friend. I immediately sent her a message telling her how beautiful she was, how I’ve heard good things about her… you know, WUSS behavior. Anyway, we started talking on an instant messenger for a while, and things were going NOWHERE…until I read a few of your mailbags and got the eBook that is. This is when I tried c&f and INSTANTLY turned the tables around. Now she keeps sending me pictures of her, keeps telling me that she’s never met anyone like me, and actually BEGS me to get online whenever I can!

Remember, this girl is beautiful… and I rip on her every chance I get!!! I even catch myself being mean sometimes when she acts like she’s better than everyone, but she still eats it up. I know that your advice never includes being mean or hurtful, but I have learned that getting mad at a girl for dumb things she does sometimes makes her realize that you’re not another doormat, and that you won’t put up with her bullsh** just for the sake of her attention. Anyway, there was a question to this whole thing:

A few years ago, I started dating an 9.5 girl with a 10 personality. No joke, this girl was smart, funny, and beautiful. We dated for a little while, but she ended up moving to another town with her family. Needless to say, we didn’t see each other anymore. The only contact we had was an e-mail here and there. Fast forward to 4 years later, and I move to the same town after finishing college. I ran into her at a restaurant where she was a waitress, and she was totally surprised and glad to see me. I kept my cool, didn’t act like I’ve missed her, but was still upbeat and funny in the little time we had to talk. A couple weeks after I saw her, she e-mails me and tells me that she wants to hang out. She also said she’s seeing someone, even though he’s gone for a few months, and that she just “wants to talk.”

So what do I do here, man? I want to see her, but as more than friends. I’ll obviously keep on doing what has given me such great success recently, (c&f, indifference, independence) but I need a little more advice on the rare “second chance
girl.” Should I bail? just be friends? or try for more using your techniques? Of course I want the girl that seems impossible to have, but she’s worth it. Any advice would help a lot, really.

Thanks again, you’ve given a lot of guys a second chance at more than just women.

RM, Denver


Well, I think you should stop letting your INNER WUSS run free on this one.

Stop it!

Stop being ATTACHED to the situation.


If you want to spend time with her, do it.

You have NO IDEA what’s REALLY going through her mind.

She might be seeing a guy casually… he might not even be a boyfriend.

Or she might be just about to break up with him.

Or she might be almost engaged to him.

Who knows…

But what I DO know is that you need to chill out.

If you want to see her, go have tea for an hour.

Have fun, and don’t act like a WUSS around her.

You need to stop treating this like it’s going to make or break your personal happiness.

Think about it for a minute. This girl could have changed over the last four years, and might be someone that you don’t actually want to be with.

The point is that you need to CHILL.

Making a woman this important this soon is not a good idea, and it will probably cause you to do something stupid.

You’re doing fine, now keep it up!



I’ve been getting your newsletter for about a month now and finally got your book today. I was a little hesitant at first, but after about 10 pages, like everything else I’ve seen, I was hooked. You seem to say and spell out the things that we all see but can’t get quite right in our heads and I wanted to thank you for it. I have a cousin who would be one of the 5 people I definitely need to start hanging around and make that push to get rid of the wuss that is dying as I type, and the more I think about why he succeeds so well, the more your book is proven in my mind.

Everything that I always used to watch in admiration, I am starting to see myself doing, and hopefully with some practice, I’ll have something for you to send out to the others who are on their way to becoming men. Your book is awesome, and once I get the basics down them I’m sure the advanced series will kick ass too. I just wanted to say thanks real quick for all you’ve done, congratulations on finding a way to put it in words, and thanks for giving that first step towards something new to another dedicated follower. Time to read again, learn, focus, and make us both proud.

N from Washington State University


Yes, you’re welcome.

Isn’t it great when things that used to make no sense at all finally begin to come together right in front of your eyes?

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