Online Dating, Beautiful Women, And Insecurity


Hey wassup?

I have just reread your book again and I took a look at all my online profiles that I have posted in the past. At first I didn’t want to believe what was in the ebooks but as I thought about it more and more I realized I was totally on the wrong path.

Then I was always wondering why no one ever responded to my profiles so I took a look at the profiles after gaining the knowledge from your ebook and realized they stank with wussyness that would make girls in a three mile radius run away fast! Well I changed my profiles and added a lot of C & F to it and just basically had fun with it and I can’t believe the success I have gotten from it. I am getting a bunch of e-mails a day from girls (I have gotten more e-mail in 2 days then I got in 4 months with my old profile). I also have around 5 dates set up for the next three week period!

Thanks again for all your hard work and from turning me from a momma’s boy into a real man (that virtual slap to the face really woke me up! just don’t do it so hard next time!).


PS. Just a comment I find it funny that sometimes I will see a girl that is about an 8 or 9 and when I talk to them for a while I find out a lot of them see themsevles as just average or below average. Any insight as to why some hot girls (or cold whichever) see themselves as this when they could probably get any guy they wanted?


Before I answer your great question about why beautiful women see themselves as “just average” or “below average” and what it means to you, I want to comment on your email… and in particular, the quote:

“Then I was always wondering why no one ever responded to my profiles so I took a look at the profiles after gaining the knowledge from your ebook and realized they stank with wussyness…”

I do believe that you’ve coined a new term.

In the future, whenever anyone says that a particular guy’s behavior “Stanks Of Wussyness” or “Stank With Wussyness” they will have YOU to thank.

Or stank.

Or whatever.

And I think that the reason I liked this one quote so much is that it just plain RINGS TRUE.

Women can SMELL that thing called WUSSYNESS.

And the fact that women can actually detect the STRONG STANK OF WUSS even through an INTERNET PROFILE says something even MORE profound…

It says that the concept of being a WUSSY is an “INNER” idea.

In other words, it’s something that originates in your MIND. It’s a combination of beliefs, as well as the communication of those beliefs through words, body language, etc.

Think about that for a moment.

A woman can actually SMELL A WUSSY from an INTERNET PROFILE ALONE.

And as soon as you changed your profile around to get rid of the Wussyness in it, your responses changed INSTANTLY.

So what is it about this particular set of qualities that make up a WUSSY that women just aren’t attracted to?

Well, I really think that it all comes down to the fact that ATTRACTION isn’t based on LOGIC.

It’s not a “decision.”

You’ve heard me say that “Attraction Isn’t A Choice” probably a bazillion times now.

Just realizing that women can’t “choose” who they feel attracted to, makes you also realize that there are qualities that women DO feel attracted to AUTOMATICALLY.

On the flip side of the coin, there are many qualities that INSTANTLY turn a woman OFF as well.

When you put many of these “anti-attraction” qualities together, you’ll usually find a Wussy.

Women KNOW that they aren’t attracted to guys who are Wussies.

And they have an amazing “WussDar” system that is finely tuned to recognize those subtle little hints that say, “I’m A Wuss!”.

Women have all kinds of little “code words” and body language cues that they use with each other to describe the process of NOT being attracted to a particular guy because he acts like a Wuss.

If you see two women talking, and one is describing a date she had with a guy who was a Wuss, it might go something like this:

Girl #1: “Yeah, he was NICE, and he was good-looking… but when he showed up he had flowers with him… and then before we could even get out the door he was asking me if it was OK with me if we went to the restaurant he chose… an hour into dinner he asked me if I thought that the date was going OK…”

Girl #2: “Ohhh, Ewwww. That’s not gonna work…”

Girl #1: “Yeah, I know. Why do most guys have to act so needy and stupid? If I wanted another girlfriend, I’d go meet WOMEN…”

Girl #2: “So how are you going to cut him loose?”

Girl #1: “I’m just not going to call him back, and he’ll get the hint… I hope. But, then again, probably not. He’ll call me every day for a week, and when I reach him I’m going to have to make up a story about being busy with work… you know the deal. Eventually he’ll get the hint.”

Girl #2: “Why don’t guys get it?”

…and on and on.

From just a few little clues, the friend KNEW that this guy STANK OF WUSSYNESS.

From there on, it was just ASSUMED that he didn’t have a chance.

It was over.

The conversation was on to “How are you going to get rid of him?” NATURALLY.

This is how women actually respond to Wussy behavior and communication… INSTANTLY.

And the worst part is that once you’re mentally branded a Wussy in a woman’s mind, you’re in that category FOREVER.

Getting out of the mental Wuss category is one of the hardest things you can ever TRY to do.

It’s not even worth the effort.

The key is to not get into the Wuss category in the FIRST PLACE.

And while you’re in the process of not being a Wussy, you need to make her feel ATTRACTION as well.

More on that later.

Now I want to address your question…

You asked why many attractive women see themselves as “average” or “below average”… when they could probably get any guy they want.

These are the kinds of questions that I think about a lot.

The crazy things that people say and do really fascinate me.

And I’m especially interested in these areas of psychology that just don’t seem to MAKE SENSE.

Attractive women get a lot of attention.

In fact, for an attractive woman, attention can actually become like a DRUG.

I have personally known and dated some very attractive women… models, actresses, dancers, and so on.

And I can verify that the most attractive women are also the most INSECURE women when it comes to their attractiveness.



But think about it this way…

If you’re an unusually attractive woman, your looks become your IDENTITY.

Everyone that meets you mentions your looks.

Every guy you date tells you how beautiful you are.

Every day, everywhere you go, you have people talking about how you look.

But MORE importantly, the more you hear it, and the more you think about it, the more you begin to realize that there are OTHER women who are MORE attractive than you.

Since “looks” is the topic that’s always coming up, you’re always thinking about it.

If a woman with a bigger chest walks by, you immediately think “maybe I’d be more attractive if I had a bigger chest” and you feel insecure.

If a thinner woman walks by, you think that maybe you should be thinner.

If a woman with a different hair color walks by, you wonder if your hair is the right color.

This kind of thing triggers INSECURITY every time it happens.

Trust me.

This kind of thing gets WORSE the MORE attractive a woman is…

Because the most beautiful women are often MODELS… and they get to go from one audition to the next… and see literally hundreds and hundreds of other “competitive” women who each have some feature that’s just a little “better” than theirs.

Now imagine what it’s like to be a woman with “average” looks.

If your looks are “average”, you don’t hear about them so much.

Your looks aren’t the topic of every conversation.

Your looks aren’t your “identity” the way they are for the beautiful girl.

And since you don’t think about your looks as much, and don’t talk about your looks as much, you don’t feel that deep insecurity as often when an attractive woman walks by.

Reality can be pretty weird sometimes.

It’s different for each of us.

You can put a beautiful woman in a room with 100 guys who all think she’s the hottest thing they’ve ever seen… but she’ll still feel like “nothing special” and that she looks horrible that evening.

All the compliments she hears will roll off her like water rolls off a duck’s back… because she’ll detect the subtle tone of Wussy, and she will be thinking about how one of her girlfriends just got a boob job and how insecure she feels now because guys look at those new boobs a lot.

The reality of THIS situation is that very few women have the “whole package.”

The combination of looks, personality, emotional stability, and intelligence is RARE.

You’re going to have to date quite a few women before you’re going to find that one fantastic one who really has it all together.

One of the things you’ll notice about attractive women is that they REALLY respond to Cocky & Funny comments… especially about LOOKS.

They tend to “get it” faster, because you’re touching a sensitive spot.

And by the way, when you make fun of a “super hottie”, it is big-time fun for the whole family.

It instantly levels the playing field.

It says, “Hey, I’m not one of the guys who is affected by your looks… and I’m not going to act like I need your approval” INSTANTLY.

It says, “all the right things” all at the same time… and it makes women laugh as well.

There are a LOT of different things that don’t make any “logical sense” when it comes to the world of women and dating.

Unfortunately for most guys, these things will always be a mystery.

For most men, the idea of being able to meet and date as many interesting, attractive women as they want will always be a fantasy… but never a reality.

This sucks, because it doesn’t have to be that way… you don’t have to just accept your current level of success with women and dating.

Until now, there have been almost no options when it came to learning how to get this area of your life handled…

Well, the good news is that I’ve spent a lot of years now personally figuring all of this stuff out.

I’ve figured out how to make women feel ATTRACTION by using body language and other communication… and it’s really not that hard.

But, like any other skill that’s valuable, it’s not something that you can learn in 2 minutes.

It takes a little practice.

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