The FASTEST Way To Get Physical With A Woman


I have been using your techniques for the past month and my “popularity” is soaring. I would like to thank you for finally saying what I have thought for years. Here is my question. About 5 years ago I used to go to this bar and there was a server that I was just ga ga for. Back then I was very shy and reserved. We talked here and there nothing ever happened more than that and that was only when she brought me my drinks.

Well, this weekend was my first weekend out since I moved back home and she was working at this new bar, I went to go approach her and all of sudden my mind was blank so I just backed off b4 she even knew i was going to approach her. How should I handle this especially since she has been bartending for at least 5 years she has seen it all and been hit on by EVERYONE! What would you do?


West Virginia


One of the keys to approaching women like this one who are hit on ALL THE TIME by guys is to be as TOTALLY COOL AND CALM AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

By the way, bartenders are EXCELLENT candidates for asking “Hey, do you have email?”… because it’s very low-key and non-threatening.

Try this… roll into the bar, and when you see her, say “Hey, long time no see… so you’re still tending bar after all these years, huh?”

See if she remembers you. If she doesn’t, then make some small talk about how you used to come in the other bar where she worked. But keep it short, because she’ll probably be busy.

Then say “So what, are you married with ten kids now?”

This is a cute way to ask a woman that you haven’t talked to in awhile if she’s single…

Then say “Well, I’m going to get back to my friends… good seeing you”… and just as you turn, shoot back over your shoulder “Hey! Do you have email?”

If she says “Yes”, then say “Great, write it down for me.”

Remember, the key is to be laid back and cool about it. Just act like you’re connecting with an old female friend from high school.


Now personally I like to describe myself as an idealist, you would probably dub me king of the wusses. Yet every once in awhile Ill pull my head out of the clouds and look at the world around me with some realism. Case in point is a young women I met almost a year ago (also the reason i started subscribing to the newsletter) Now at first things actually seemed to go well but they degenerated and after careful look around I think I know why.

After one of those lovely “lets just be friends” talks I started talking to one of her female friends, and oddly enough she got jealous. (approx 2 hrs. later) Now I have had other female friends tell me shes flirting with me…. but the best results I have ever gotten with her is when she told me to sue her. Now being a pre-law student I wrote out a very complementary and sarcastic legal complaint it broke down barriers almost immediately, and for about three weeks we were trying to figure out when we were both free to go out (we both had 30+credit hours of classes) Sadly it feel through because of an old boyfriend pissing her off at guys in general.

Now what I believe works so well with cocky and funny, is that it goes around so many of those internal self-defense mechanisms by giving them the opportunity to be the aggressor. More importantly, it gives them a challenge where you can’t be made into an enemy. (unlike the traditional advice of my friends to go out with another girl to get her jealous) Finally the well documented phenomenon that while girls may initially like a guy being super nice it quickly grows boring ( much like many college professors.) but cocky and funny offers a way of being nice but in a different less boring way. In closing, I just want to say what a deviously simple and effective device you have cooked up in cocky and funny.

kR Gainesville FL


Well, I’d like to extend to you an offer of gratitude and appreciation for the aforementioned compliments… and I’d also like to recommend that you stop talking so much like an attorney… lol.

And by the way, your plans with her probably didn’t fall through because an old boyfriend “pissed her off at guys in general”… it probably happened because you didn’t MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN with her.

There’s ALWAYS time to get together with a woman.

If she says “Well, I have a lot of homework to do”, just say, “Well, procrastinate tonight… I’m more fun”.

Women generally seem to love it when you say “Cancel your plans… I’m more interesting anyway”. It says all the right things in a Cocky and Funny way.

Thanks for the compliments, by the way!


Hey!! I need your help with some examples of cocky & funny!! Firstly let me tell you how your book has helped me after just a few days!! I saw an attractive girl in a club that I go to often. This was the first time that I left with a phone number & email address. I decided that enough is enough and I was just going to approach someone. I walked over to her and asked if she would do me a favour by requesting a song for me, she asked why I wouldn’t do it and I said that the DJ might play it if she askes cos some guys might consider her to be pretty which she asked if I was one of them, but I didnt answer but just again told her to do me this favour.

She asked me to go with her … I went with her, thanked her afterwards and went back to my friends. Basically not paying much attention to her for the next 45 mins. When I (accidentally) bumped into her again, I asked her name, if she had email. She automatically offered me her address, so I waited till she was writing it down when I told her to include her phone number, although her actual no etc… after that I told her I would talk to her soon……. and that I was going back to my friends, she sat down to have a conversation with me, but I left.

Now this is where I need your help about the cocky & funny. As I am only beginning, I could use a couple of examples of what I could say to her, and do I do it on the phone or wait till the actual date?? I was thinking along the lines of saying I had to ask for her number seeing that she went out of her way to impress me…. etc… so any other suggestions please would be very much appreciated.



Nice job. I love the way you asked her to get the DJ to play a song… and telling her that “some guys might consider her pretty”… and then not answering her as to whether or not you are one of those guys.

Right now you should probably do a couple of things:

  1. Email her and say something charming, like “Hey, it was good meeting you. Let’s get together for a cup of tea and make friends… just in case I need you in the future to get some more DJs to play music for me…”
  2. GET A COPY OF MY EBOOK! If you’re doing this well with just the information you’re getting from my newsletters, then you really need to get the FOUNDATION. You must learn how the whole process works, and how to put all the steps together. You can literally download it right now, and be reading it in a few minutes:

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And keep up the good work.


Do you have any advice for night clubs or night club tactics?




Well, nightclubs are a very interesting phenomenon.

When you go to a nightclub, you’ll see many women that are acting out a paradox: They’re all dressed up in sexy clothes (obviously to get attention from men), but they’re acting like they don’t want men to talk to them most of the time.

Of course, this isn’t always true all the time, but if you go to nightclubs and bars, then I’m SURE you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here are a few pointers:

1) Remember that beautiful women are usually hit on a lot at clubs and bars. Most of the guys are drunk and stupid… or using lame pick up lines… or acting like wussies… or offering to buy drinks… etc.


Don’t kiss up to women in nightclubs, and don’t GIVE THEM YOUR POWER. In other words, hold yourself and communicate like you are in complete control of yourself and your surroundings… and like nothing she does can upset you.

2) Remember that for the first few minutes you’re probably going to get some resistance from most women.

One of the big tests when meeting women in a nightclub is whether or not you can keep talking to a woman who isn’t being overly friendly.

Now, some women will be completely cold and uninterested.

If you encounter a rude or cold woman, just move on… you need to be selective and not put aside your own standards just because a woman is attractive.

On the other hand, if a woman seems a little bit resistant, just keep the conversation going. You’ll find in many cases that after 5 or 10 minutes she’ll begin to warm up.

If you’re having a conversation (as opposed to just getting her email/number and leaving), then you need to turn up the Cocky and Funny comments, and just play it cool like a friend.

Bars are a great place for palmistry, astrology, handwriting analysis, and other “cold reading” techniques. Learn a few if you want to have great conversations in bars.

3) If you’re not VERY SKILLED, then just get a woman’s email and/or number and go. There are so many distractions in bars and clubs that it really makes it difficult to have an understandable conversation. There are other guys, usually her girlfriends, etc., and if you don’t REALLY know what you’re doing, then you’re likely to drop the ball somewhere.

Just get the digits and follow up later.

4) Try going with a friend and approaching women for each other. Go up to a woman and say “Hi, wow… you know what? I think my friend would really love you. He’s such a nice guy…” and then talk up your friend. When he shows up, introduce him. This is a great way to start conversations with women if you’re just getting started.

5) Don’t worry about what happens. Just go over and talk to every woman you see. The women expect it, and it’s GREAT practice!

Also, it’s a great idea to find guys who are good at meeting women in bars and to WATCH THEM to learn how to act. You’ll learn a lot from doing this.



Firstly a good effort all round on the book and newsletters full of useful stuff and always good for a laugh when I realize that I have done the same things as thousands of other blokes and crashed and burned in the same way. I’ve been getting the newsletters for a few months and also got the book, after not having any success for over 3 years I’m getting confidence by practicing the techniques in different situations like with checkout ladies in the grocery store and other shops, its natural to talk to them, you make their day as they’ve been sat there all day and nobody’s spoken to them and you get feed back on c+f lines, a captive audience, use it guys. I’ve also bought a book on Palm reading as advised by you, I’ll let you know who I go on this one.

Ok my question. In your newsletters and book you mostly deal with getting the e-mail address and meeting up a few days later, which is great if you’re always in the same town. I move around a lot with my job from hotel to hotel. I’m also leaving my job in a few months to travel the world. With this in mind I won’t have the time to take a few days to mail and meet for coffee etc as I’m/will be constantly moving on every few days- weeks.

Do you have any advice for closing the deal in a first meeting and then walking away from it? i.e. the one night stand, as if I walk away after 3 minutes with only an e-mail address thats the opportunity gone. I’m sure there are plenty of readers that would benefit from some advice in this area.

Keep up the good work



Well, if you meet a woman in a checkout line or at the desk of a hotel, try your new palmistry techniques with her, and once she’s interested just say, “Well, I have to go check into my room now. But I’ll meet you at the coffee shop across the street at 7 and tell you more.”

There are 100 ways to use this stuff, of course.

One thing you really have going for you is the fact that you’re NEW to each area, and you’re ONLY STAYING A SHORT TIME.

Women really love to play tour guide, so ask them to.

Just say, “Hey, I don’t really know my way around here, are you busy today? Take me to some of the sights.”

Charm them with your fun personality, read their palms, and then have them show you around.

After a little area tour, invite them up to your hotel for a drink and some lip reading…


Cocky & Funny Categories

Dear David, using the C & F techniques, and analysing them, I have discovered that there several classes or categories of c & f :

  1. When you are cockyandfunniing about you. You are saying that you are the best, or you are very sexy, clever, etc in a funny way. i.e.Me:”You know, I’m really tired of you women treating me like some kind of piece of meat. I have feelings too, and I don’t just like being thought of as a sex object.”
  2. When you are cockyandfunniing about her. You are saying that she is wussy, nerd, ridiculous, etc in a funny way. i.e. “Hey, I can borrow you a wig, but please, don’t kill it’s roots !!
  3. When you cockyandfunniing about other person, an object, a place, etc. i.e. Me:”You know, if that chick lost about 200 pounds, I think I’d be into her”
  4. When you are inverting(in a funny way) the stereotypes and asummes than girl must date boy, girl must approach boy, etc i.e: SHE:”Are you from around here?” ME: “What, are you trying to pick me up? I’m not that easy.

There are other cocky & funny categories, and some categories mix each others, but these are the more important (I think). I think that the #2 & #3 are the more powerful and efective categories. I’m going to tell you, in wich case I use them (If the Maestro agree with me )

  1. C & F about me. It’s useful, but you can’t use it too mutch, it’s more useful If you are a not a cute boy, if you are awful,(bald, overheight, etc). You have to use it with care, if not you are becaming too cocky.
  2. c & f about her. It’s very useful,(especially on hotties and average women), and it’s very powerful, but I discover
    that if she has low selfsteem she may get upset (but she will get atracted too).
  3. c & f about other things. This is the more secure c & f mode, but it is generates less atraction than others.
  4. c & f inverting stereotipes It’s very funny and it’s very powerful, and easy to see.


This is a great little set of categories, and it’s a great place to start if you’re trying to come up with funny and charming things to say for different situations.

I’ve included it here, so others can use it as a guide when working on their own situations…very nice, and thanks!


Dave, Hey, I just downloaded your e-book (finally) and I must say that the information in it is absolutely invaluable. I have already gotten a few email addresses and my confidence is really improving. However, there is a few problems that I have encountered that I really don’t have any answer for. For instance, just the other night a few girls were hanging out in my roommates and I dorm room at the college we attend. I was pulling the whole cocky and funny thing on the cutest of the bunch and she really seemed to be eating it all up. I mean, she was laughing, hitting me (in a playful manner) asking me questions and just being totally receptive to me. This lasted for probably over an hour.

However, for reasons I cannot explain, she started showing interest in one of my friends for some reason. I mean, she was asking him questions, focusing her attention on him, sitting by him etc. I really don’t know what I did wrong or what I should of done in this situation. Please give me some insight as to what the heck is going on in a situation such as this one.

Also, I attend a small university so there are many beautiful women to practice my game on. However, at the same time many of the girls know each other so I don’t want to ask for email addresses like it’s going out of style and get labeled as someone who is desperate. What should I do? I mean, it sucks seeing a girl you got shut down by everyday, now imagine if you see like five or ten girls you got shut down by everyday.

Please, some words of wisdom would be tremendously appreciated.




As far as your first situation goes… there are several possibilities.

My guess is that you waited too long to go to the next level. Instead of talking to her for AN HOUR, maybe you should have busted on her for 15 minutes and then said “Hey, come with me to the store…” and left with her.

Then you could have progressed, maybe held her hand, kissed her, etc.

If you wait too long with an attractive woman, she’ll lose interest.

And by the way, you never know… she might just have liked your friend or whatever.

The point is, it really doesn’t matter. Just say “next” in your head and move on.

And about your concern that women label you as “desperate”, who cares? It’s more important that you TAKE ACTION and NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK than it is that you have all the hot woman on your campus “not think of you as desperate”.

Just do it.


Hi David,

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you address the “friends first” issue… I think there’s a difference between a woman saying “i only like you as a friend” and “lets be friends first and build a relationship from that”. Especially if you meet the woman from a personal ad which says she wants friends first.. (so its not like shes saying she’s saying you have to be her friend first when you first meet her) The only thing that bothers me is if she thinks of you as a friend then she’s still single so she might date other guys and you get to hear about it. This isn’t really a question to a specific problem, but because I’m still new to dating (I’m 21) and don’t have much experience (which is changing thanks to your great newsletters!) I have run into a few of the “friends first” encounters and I don’t know quite what to make of it.. should I be their friend first, and think it might turn into something more?





OK, the only real difference between a woman saying “I only like you as a friend” and “Let’s be friends first and see what happens” is… WHEN YOU HEAR “LET’S BE FRIENDS FIRST” IT TRICKS YOU INTO BELIEVING THAT THIS COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN… SO YOU WIND UP SPANKING YOUR CHICKEN FOR ABOUT TEN TIMES AS LONG…

When a woman says “Let’s be friends first”, what they REALLY mean is “I don’t feel a gut level, sexual ATTRACTION for you right now… but you’re an awful nice guy and I don’t want to hurt your feelings…”

If you see a personal ad with “Friends first” it probably means that the last guy she dated wanted to get married after the first date… and she doesn’t want another loser WUSSY boy in her life.

Of course, there are a lot of possibilities, but generally speaking, you don’t want to get into “friend” mode, because it’s not easy to get out.

Telling HER that she seems like she’d make a nice friend is a GREAT idea, because it makes her wonder if you like her, and it creates tension.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then I’d recommend that you check out my book or audio series and then think about it again. Until you “GET” this, you’re going to have a hard time attracting a woman.


I got your book and the first thing I did was read the short book about Sex Secrets… lol Now I figured I was pretty successful with the women and wanted to see how I compared to your tactics…. man you nailed it big time!!

I have been seeing this one gorgeous woman for about 2 months now and I thought about what you said in the book…. to keep her attracted and wanting more…. use anticipation. Well I know she wants me bad and so I thought I would just see how bad she does, so I talked to her over lunch…. since she only had 30 minutes for lunch I put it to the test right off. She sat down close to me and looked me in the eyes…. I commented on her beauty and ran my hand over her leg just slightly to let her know I was there and what I was thinking…. I could see her light up instantly. I took my hand away and changed the conversation knowing the anticipation was already building.

I told her how I would like to give her a massage… body massage to ease her stress and she agreed this would be good…. I then ran my fingers over her hand and then touched her slightly on the cheek…. lol… she was eating this up. I then noticed she had a slight stain on her uniform and reached to dust it off… this thru her big time…. she squealed a little and said it gave her goose bumps….lol…. I just gave her a slight smile and backed off again.

Her next comment was, I wish I brought a change of clothes here today cause I am gonna need em’…lol… I knew the anticipation was working! Although these were things I would normally have done without reading about it, the book is a great source and it works… so guys if you want to get the heads up on moving her to the next level, order the book…. you won’t be sorry!! ANTICIPATION!!! Keep up the great work my man!

R. Canada


Yes, understanding this concept of Anticipation is SUCH a key to making women feel turned on.

I don’t mention it much, but that bonus booklet that comes along with Double Your Dating is a VERY powerful set of ideas and techniques for getting a woman VERY turned on…

As you know, there are little things you can do physically that literally make a woman go crazy with desire. I’m sure you’re making this lady VERY happy… and I’m sure that she can’t believe that she’s met a guy who actually “gets it”.

Nice, and keep up the great work.


Hi Dave, I liked your book and I love your news letter which is very informative and quite creative, both by you and also other contributors; keep it up. Basically I’ve been a successful guy with the females by being very masculine and proud of it and I’m glad that in your book you encourage this attitude. After reading your book I have increased my success with the females tenfold and I thank you for that.I am 32 but I look about 20 and even when I was younger I’ve always fancied women that were much older than me but I always attracted younger girls who I like as well but with your help the girl l’m going out with is 33 (she thinks l’m 21 because l told her to guess my age) and she’s extremely attractive (10 out of 10) successful and confident and men of all ages try to pick on her whenever we go out and l leave her alone.

We met when I went for an interview for the company she owns and she ask for me to come to her office and after I complimented her on her business she said l was flattering her and l said “in your dreams, that’s the worst pick up line l’ve heard all day”, and she was so taken back by the challenge l presented to her that after I told her the compliment was just to get the job and that she shouldn’t use her position just to use me as a piece of meat.

Anyway l poured out C&F on her even told her that l wouldn’t take the job because l knew what she was up to and she said we needed to talk and she gave me her card with all her contact # and she also wrote her private home and mobile #. l took the card but l told her since it was her interested in me she should call me and l gave her my # as well. She called the same day and we’ve been seeing each other ever since.

But l do have a question in one of your news letters you said “women perceive good-looking guys who act cocky as MAJOR PLAYER, and too much cocky too soon can back fire on you”. Further you said that “If you are a pretty good looking , you might turn down the cocky and turn up funny”. Well l’m good looking oh yes; but l know it’s not everything but it helps and true to your above statement sometimes when l’m cocky it back fires on me even when the girl (or should l say especially) makes the first move. I know you’ve got the answer so please give it some of your time and reply please. Maximum respect to you David.



Well, here’s the deal…

There are exceptions to every rule, and you may have found one of them.

If you’re a regular guy and you’re dealing with an attractive woman, then Cocky and Funny is generally a great technique.

If you’re a VERY attractive guy, then being too Cocky and Funny can intimidate women and/or make them think that you must be a big player.

NOW, if you’re an attractive guy and you’re dealing with a VERY attractive woman who is also POWERFUL (owns a company, for instance) then you’ll probably want to turn the Cocky and Funny back up to provide MAXIMUM CHALLENGE to her.

The SUPER HOTTIES are used to ALL guys rolling over for them, and you can turn up the heat if you think she needs it in this situation.


Hey Dave, I’ve written atleast 1 million emails to you! And i haven’t heard anything back! Nah it’s cool i know you have another million emails that start off the same way. So heres the question! How do i get womens phone numbers for the possibilty of sex, like they know if i ring its for sex kinda thing. I don’t want to do the whole date thing, its boring and conversation is stupid!

I just wanna ring them up and say it like this, “hey i’m really horny and i was wondering, do you wanna come over for some ‘action’ and then piss off so i can get some peace and quite?” I dont really want them to hang around, it’s kinda awkward. Im not an a**hole but thats what i think is on most other guys minds as well as mine. Is there anyway to put this to a woman without them feeling hurt or as if there being used?

Thanks R. Australia.



Now, will you do me a favor and please get a life?

And stop emailing to ask how you can get women to come over for sex because you’re horny, then piss off so you can get some peace and quiet without them feeing hurt or used…

“Huh huh… Hey Beavith… I’m horny. We need a chick.”


Hi Dave,

I’ve been following your instructions to the letter and I have to say it works like a charm! I have one problem though. I never know when a woman is attracted to me or not. I can’t seem to be able to pick up the signs. I mean I know lasses are
attracted to me only when their friends tell me or they do. It can be REALLY annoying not knowing whether to progress onwards or not.

I mean, at the moment there’s this lass who’s really religious and I want to get with her & I’ve been working overtime on the teasing and the cocky/funny routine. I just can’t tell where I stand with her. I was just wondering if you had any pointers that could help me? Thanks,

N. Bradley, England


Yes, it’s very simple. I call it “The Kiss Test“.

You can see it on the second page of my main web site, or read about it in my book.


This will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know INSTANTLY.

And by the way, if a woman will agree to spend time alone with you, and she seems to be having a good time, then she’s probably interested at SOME level.

If you’re using the materials and being Cocky and Funny etc. and she’s hitting you, laughing, etc. that’s also a VERY good sign.

But use The Kiss Test. It’s so simple and easy… and it works SO well.


Well Dave,

It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant you are. I saw that you put my e-mail in the newsletter, so I guess I owe you the dirt. My experience can be summed up in one word…INF***INGCREDIBLE, but I won’t stop with one word. See if you can keep count? The first chick I met sat next to me on the plane. CF. She crammed her tongue down my throat. I got off the plane with a different chick. CF. SHE asked Me to lunch with her. On the shuttle to the Hotel, yet another female. C&F. I’ll come back to her. Poolside, another young lady. C&F. She asked me to save a dance at the party for her. He-he-he…

I could keep going but I don’t want to jinx my future success. To sum it up, I talked to over 20 different women, made out with 3, and woke up next to 1 (I’m such a bad man). I got 4 out of 4 e-mails/#s from girls I asked (the only girls that we’re worthy of myself){example of C&F and my character}, and that girl from the shuttle… I only talked to her for 3 minutes on that ride, and she had a friend come and give me a note with her info. The trip ended with a h-job on the plane ride home. Now I don’t encourage everyone out there to use the info in DYD to become a male slut like me. I am this way because this is the first time I have been single since I was 18 (6 years ago).

This is also the first time that I have really experienced success… Thanks to DYD and C&F. I used to be a MAJOR WUSS. I never talked to or went out with a girl unless she talked to me/asked me out. Needless to say I was home a lot. I never learned the SKILLS to be successful with women until I bought Double Your Dating (plug). Since I read the book three months ago, I have literally hooked up with over a dozen women, with very minimal effort.

If you are reading this it is OBVIOUS that you want to improve your life, just like I did when I stumbled upon David’s website. Do yourself a favor, BUY THE DAMN BOOK! Hell, if you don’t achieve success with it, I will buy it back from you. I’ve got some buddies out there who can use this treasure. Stop being a WUSS (like I was). Dave I owe it all to you. From everyman getting laid because of your advice…

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

G. from L.A.

P.S. My first born is going to be named David, even if its a girl!!!


What else can I say?

I love getting letters like this one… NICE!

If you’re reading this right now, and you’d like to get an ADVANCED education in this technique that I call “Cocky & Funny”, then you MUST go and check out my “Cocky Comedy” CD/DVD program.

Inside I’m going to show you the “secret psychology” of humor… of laughter… and of how to combine humor with TENSION to create a powerful ATTRACTION… using nothing more than your communication skills.

The technique of Cocky & Funny is one of the very fastest, easiest ways to create sexual tension with women… and this program is going to teach you how to do it.

You’ll learn a ton just by watching the preview video clips on the web site… so go watch them

Cocky Comedy

…and if you’re reading this right now and thinking “You know, I really need to get in this game and start making something happen for myself with women and dating” then I have to say… YOU’RE RIGHT!

Learning how to be successful with women and dating is NOT magic.

It doesn’t require good looks or money.

And it CERTAINLY doesn’t require you to chase after women, buy them things, and give them fake compliments.

Oh, I also have two “Online eBooks” that you can download RIGHT NOW and be reading within MINUTES. My original “Double Your Dating” eBook is here:

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Both are jam-packed with concepts, theories, and step-by-step techniques… and you need to go and download them NOW.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo