Three Secrets Of Meeting Women Online

If you’ve “tried” online dating, and not gotten the results that you wanted… or you’d like to learn how to write online personal ads that get MASSIVE RESPONSE, then go read this:

Meeting Women Online


Well I have to say I was a little skeptical about your book at first. I’ve never been very successful with women. I’ve always been the shy, quiet type that treat women like a prize and act like a wussy. Well after a few newsletters I decided to give it a shot. Well it all made sense to me so I got your CD series and it’s even better then the book.

So I decided to try the C&F method. I’ve been on some dating sites for a few years and occasionally I would get a response. A little over a week ago I changed my profile so I wasn’t such a wussy and pleading with women with how good of a catch I’d be (as most women say they want a nice guy) In less then a week, I’ve gotten 5 responses. It’s amazing. I’m only about half way through with the CD’s too can’t wait to see what else they hold.

JN from NY


Oh, Ye of little faith…

Remember something.

Women are always INTERPRETING everything you say.

In other words, they want to know what things MEAN.

When you say, “I’m a great guy” in your profile, a woman reading it says to herself, “yeah, right… If you were a great guy, then you wouldn’t need to SAY it. You’re probably a loser who WISHES that he were a great guy.”

On the other hand, if you write a Cocky & Funny profile that talks about how picky you are and that you’re trying this online dating thing as a last resort because all the attractive women you meet bore you… then a woman will think to herself, “Ah ha! A challenge! I’ll bet you that I can get his attention…“.

Great job, and keep me posted on your future success stories.


Double D Dog!

First let’s get the formalities out of the way… you are the Boddhisatva of Bootay! To your newsletter subscribers…you know you wait for each new mail from this guy…thinking you’ll “get it” sooner or later without checking out the e-book… GET IT DONE! You’ll thank yourself. I took you up on your 7-day offer and read DYD the day I downloaded it. My situation is a little different.

After literally years of being single and settling for 2:30 am random drunk hookups, I finally triggered ATTRACTION in a great woman about four months ago. I don’t know how I got it right, because it’s in my nature to be a Wuss, but put 100 monkeys in a room with typewriters and eventually you’ll get the complete works of Shakespeare, right?

Anyway, we hit it off really well. In the beginning she was a little too instantly infatuated, and I had to say NO to many of her requests for my time…not because I was working your program yet, but it was just too much for a brand new thing and I actually have a life. Of course this drove her nuts for me.

About 3 months into this thing, she starts turning the tables with the testing, and it goes like this “I’m really falling for you, and this is new for me. I usually have a really hard time with commitment because I like variety in my life.

The sex is very good…multiple O’s for both of us regularly. I think she’s just got an amazon appetite!

A few weeks later she says to me that she wants to meet this guy she’s been chatting with on the Internet since before I met her…you know, see what might happen and back to the variety thing. This triggered the Wuss in me and I spent a good hour being jealous and needy before coming to my senses and telling her to go check it out with my blessing.

She says she changed her mind, but ever since then I found myself groveling to make her happy and keep her with me. I became jealous at the stupidest things. I was full of FEAR and freaking out. Somewhere along the way I started getting your mail (cue the angelic music)…then 3 days ago I got the ebook, read it and it all clicked.

So, realizing I was already dangerously deep down Wussy Way, I arranged a unique date with her. I told her where I was going to be hanging out that night, told her to put on the sexiest thing she could find and meet me there at whatever time she wanted to and we would pretend we were meeting randomly for the first time.

I applied the C/F approach, body language and other tips from your book and she definitely noticed consciously that I was up to something, but nevertheless, VIOLA! I triggered her attraction again. Not only that, but I learned new things about her and how she works that I had tuned-out based on established expectations and self-centered wussiness. We communicated better, laughed more, had WAY OVER THE TOP sex and a great conversation early into the morning afterwards.

I’m converted Dude, and the best part is that these tools have taken away my fear of losing her. I love this woman, but if her Attraction or need for variety cause her to stray, I KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!

A million thanks!


ps – if you haven’t already, check out a book called The MultiOrgasmic Man…dynamite for when the rubber hits the road…so to speak.


I’ll check that book out.

I’m kind of afraid, man. I might not ever leave my house again.

OK, back to your email…

I really enjoyed your story.

I particularly like the fact that you’re using the things you’re learning to KEEP a great woman that you enjoy…

I think that too many guys make the mistake of assuming that it’s all about GETTING the girl…and they put far too little emphasis on keeping a great girl once they find one.

And the fact is, that until you’re in a situation where you’ve found a great woman that you’d like to keep in your life, you won’t realize just how important it is to KNOW HOW to keep her.

You did exactly the right thing when she started to talk about possibly seeing another guy.

I know that tests like this one can be a pain in the ass, but this is reality… and we have to deal with it when it shows up.

I’ve been in many situations with women where I’ve felt like a jealous, insecure Wussbag myself… I get it.

I’m proud of you for coming to your senses and telling her to go check it out if she wanted to.

And then you did a GREAT thing by figuring out how to “restart” your relationship with her and put some FIRE back into the situation.

I honestly believe that most guys want to find a great woman that they can click with, have fun with, and enjoy a relationship with.

The problem is that most guys have no idea how to GET and then KEEP an attractive woman’s attention.

They’re two very different challenges, and I’m glad to hear that you’re working on the “keep” challenge in your own life.



I bet you get this all the time: My life has changed, thanks to your books and the advanced series. I get it!

But I’m having so much fun relating to people in general, that I’m in no rush to get an email or go out on a date. Just being able to talk to anyone about anything, and being comfortable with it, is an incredible gift. In a way, I’m on a date with a girl just by having a conversation, in my mind. And who the hell cares what she thinks… Hehehe…

I was so amazed at what I learned in the books, that I wrote you a spontaneous email. Then another when I started to “feel” results. You should know that I’m not the type of guy to do that, and here I am doing it again after listening to the advanced series. I walked into work yesterday, and the most gorgeous (no sh*t!) chick on staff is staring at me from across the room, interrupting her own conversation. I just cockily smiled and winked, then watched her until she turned away.

That momentary connection was one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had. That’s just the extreme example. I have these connections with just about everyone, including the “cool guys”, who now treat me in a more respectful manner (or maybe it’s just my perception, but who cares).

I’ve been a slob all of my life, and now I’m committed to keeping my house, car and myself clean and organized.

I’m listening to the CDs over and over in my car, and I keep picking up something that I missed. Turning a negative thought to a “how do I…” thought is my latest favorite. THAT was a bombshell for me.

Please accept my deepest gratitude. I wish you the best in life. Those of us who’ve benefited from your teachings need to find a way to get you sainted… Hehehe…

Thanks David!! You’re the best!!

JH Burbank, CA


You know, it’s interesting, and you’re right on… When you start behaving differently, it has an amazing effect on all kinds of different things, and on many different types of relationships.

I regularly get “special” treatment in bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., because I “get it” myself.

One of the benefits of being interesting, funny, challenging, and unpredictable, that I don’t really mention, comes up in situations where you’re seeing the same person (especially the same woman) over and over.

Examples are: Favorite coffee shops, favorite restaurants, grocery stores you visit often, etc.

When you tease and bust on a woman who you’re NOT interested in, and continue to keep the sexual tension up, you’ll find that all kinds of magical things will happen.

The list of things I’ve gotten for free at restaurants, bars, and coffee shops is pretty extensive… all courtesy of some cute girl that I was flirting with.

And good job getting other aspects of your life together. It will lead to good things for you.



i met a girl i liked, we were hanging out and she started talking about how i had good chances with her. and a couple days later i asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner she said yes and i let her pick the place, we went to dinner, and the whole dinner she talked about her ex and i paid like 40 bucks for dinner.

When we got back to her house i got the cold shoulder when i tried talking to her and got told she was tired and i should probably go, can u tell me what it was i did wrong there?

thanx m


Oohhhhhh, bad news.

These types of situations SUCK. Really.

First of all, if a woman ever says something like, “You have good chances with me”, either:

1) Run


2) Look at her, shake your head with a “disappointed parent” look on your face and say, “Yeah, well you don’t have such hot chances with me… so watch yourself”.

Secondly, don’t offer to take this type of woman TO DINNER.

Thirdly, if you DO offer, NEVER let HER choose the place.

Fourthly, if a woman ever starts talking about her EX at dinner, stop her and say, “Heyyyyyy, wait a minute here. If you want therapy, that will be $200 per hour, and I have a two hour minimum. And it will have to be later, because I’m enjoying my dinner right now”.

Fifthly, you need to learn how to take things from one step to the next with a woman, because going back to her place and “trying to talk to her” isn’t the answer, my man.

What did you do wrong?

Basically everything, right from the beginning.

Stop that!



I am in my forties, successful in business, live in a nice condo, drive a great auto, in great physical shape and am considered handsome. The moral to this story is that none of these matter! “Getting it” is the key that unlocked the door to my success with women. I have your e-book, cd series and of course the collection of weekly newsletters. I have become a student of “getting it” and creating attraction in women.

I am currently dating a 9.5 on a scale where 10 is drop dead gorgeous, extremely intelligent, witty, sexually creative, etc. I constantly tease her, push her away, insist on her treating me on dates, give her the gift of missing me thus driving her crazy to the point she can’t help but call me!

I have kicked her out of my condo for acting bratty on two occasions, pick on her for minor flaws (that she pointed out initially) …example: she asked “Do you think my ass needs some more toning, I need to focus on those exercises in the gym” , well, I have taken full advantage of this to bust her balls! HERE’S THE KICKER…she will look me in the eyes with a sultry look and say to l me “no man has ever treated me so good and made me feel so complete asa woman like you do”.

Now, let me qualify this for the “getting it” challenged! I am never cruel and I never ridicule her, nor do I openly embarrass her in public, I am always a gentleman, treat her as the princess that she is….but I am the new me…extremely confident, cocky & funny, romantic, and powerful…I assume I am in control in every situation…

Do I have times of doubt and areas I screw up? Sure, but it just doesn’t matter, remember I am a student and students must make mistakes to learn.

Dave, thanks for the hard work and diligent research required on your part, hope this can be an encouragement to others!

rh atlanta, ga


Yeah, this is one of the most IRONIC and interesting things about learning how to be successful with women.

NEVER in my life have I had so many women give me so many compliments as when I TEASE AND BUST ON THEM LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW.

Why is this?

Because when you’re doing these things, the woman gets the DEEPER message…

That you’re the kind of man she’s been looking for all her life.

The kinds of things you’re doing are triggering and satisfying drives and urges that have been wired into her mental, physical, and emotional systems for millions of years.

You’re activating powerful sexual drives and female emotions that most men will NEVER trigger inside of her… and she’s grateful to you for it.

Even though an outsider might look at an evening that you spend with her and say “He didn’t treat her very well… he was difficult, very challenging, and not complimentary at all. I don’t think he’s going to get very far with her”…

…while at the end of the evening the woman you’re with will go home with a deep, profound feeling of inner satisfaction that she won’t be able to describe.

Yes, you do “get it”. Congratulations.

If you just read that story, and then you read my comments, and you said to yourself: “I’d like to learn how to do that kind of thing, and create massive attraction with my words and body language” then you need to go and check this out:

Sexual Communication



I’d like to leave my email to you at “Thank you”, but I am overwhelmed at what has happened since I read your online book just once. Not only have I given up the nice guy approach, but it is fun to see women squirm in their seats when you start busting their balls. Brilliant!

I prefer online dating so I took your advice and starting being more forward in emails, cracking jokes and making fun of more stuff. Sounds unorthodox right? Hell NO. I use a dating site that won’t let you give an email address through their system, but phone numbers are ok.

The women know this already, so they are expecting to get a number from you if you get their attention. More on your book, I work in radio and when you said the voice was one of your best tools to use, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Your right and phone calls are perfect place to practice your sound. Definitely slow down in your speech and a better sound will come from within.

So my point is this: I meet this chick on line, give her my number, she doesn’t call for two days. So I send her the “what are you playing hard to get email” (thanks again Dave), the next morning my phone is ringing at 8:30 am. It’s her, she feels bad about waking me up, which I bust her balls for and use the fact that I just woke up to bring out the best in my voice.

We only have a 4 or 5 minute conversation before I tell her I need to get some more sleep, so I give her MY email address and leave it at that. I get to work later that morning, and here is her email.


I only have a minute before I need to leave for a meeting, but I just wanted to say . . . GREAT voice!

I hope you have a great day you Bum!

Take care!



As one of my friends says:


By the way, great insight to MAKE FUN of women who have online personals.

Think of it this way…

A cute woman posts an online personal.

She gets 50 emails a day saying, “Oh, you’re so beautiful…” and “You sound very interesting, we have a lot in common…” and “I have the same values as you, and I’m seeking a relationship as well…”

…and then she sees one that says:

“Hey, I don’t think that this picture is really you. What, did you go to the mall and get one of those Glamour Shots done or something? Do you have a real picture? Like you at home on your stairmaster or something? Or do you even work out? OK, stop trying to fool all of us guys, and let’s see what you REALLY look like…”

What’s she going to do?

Of course, she’s going to say to herself, “I’ll show him“, and she’s going to send you a bunch of pictures of herself and say, “No, really, this is me!“.

NICE IS BORING. And it’s never more boring then when it’s ONLINE… in a place where there are a million other “nice” guys that have zero personality chasing after her.

And great job telling the woman who called you when you were sleeping that you wanted to go back to sleep… and to email you sometime.

You’re doing well. Keep it up!



David I am a woman who reads your newsletter. I have to admit, you’ve got us figured out! I never could figure out why all the guys I dated before were pathetic losers until I realized what they were doing wrong. That helps me weed out the dorks and get on to the good stuff.

Thanks a bunch for your program!

S. in Kansas


Uh oh.

I never really thought of it that way…

I guess that the women who are reading my newsletters are learning some of the ways to spot Wussbags from even FURTHER away… and getting new ammo to use with the pathetically weak.

You go girl.

Weed out the dorks.

Avoid the Wussy guys who chase after you and try to get your approval… and annoy the hell out of you in the process.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell them to visit for great free tips!


Sup Dave.

dude your stuff rocks! I already started changing my whole attitude towards chicks.

I was at a party and this girl kept looking at me, I would look back at her but keep my distance talking and having fun with other girls. later she asked my friend to introduce me. we sat down and talked. I was being funny not too cocky…i know bad bad. I didn’t ask for her number…I was testing if she would ask for mine. She didn’t ask for it, is that a rule? do guys always get the number?

thanks bro, keep up the good work! KP


lol… OK, you already “changed your attitude towards chicks”, but you can’t hook up with a girl who ASKS to be introduced to you?

I think maybe you should reconsider your approach, my man.

Regardless of the situation, a woman wants you to LEAD the way. You’re going to have to TAKE THE NEXT STEP in some way.

Even if you say, “So aren’t you going to ask for my number? What’s taking you so long?” you need to do it.

If you’re one of those guys who’s fortunate enough to have the looks and game that result in woman WANTING to meet you before you’ve met them, then this is DOUBLY important.


Don’t wait around and hope something happens.

There’s always a smooth, interesting way to take the ball and move forward with it.

If you don’t, you’re going to be taking your own ball and moving forward with it later in the evening…


Dear Dave,

Since listening to your C.D.’s I have transformed from a guy who occasionally has “luck” with women into a demon. I always thought before that when a woman was busting my balls that she was rejecting me when in reality she is sparing with me. I use to be afraid I was over stepping my boundaries when I got that “Aah” (what an a**hole look). Now instead of backing down I turn it up because I know I got her right where I want her.

Most guys will never understand what you have taught the privileged nation of men. I don’t want them to because most of them are not ready for it. When they are then I turn them on to you. Some of my friends think to impress a girl you need to spend money on her. Ha!

Since I realized attraction is not a choice I’ve spent a total of $1.75 on a drink for a friend. A girl I even had to turn down because she is my buddies ex and they just broke up. It’s amazing that now I have to turn down dates and/ or decide which girl to go out with on any given night. Thank you for your wisdom.

You rock,

C.P., L.A


Great insight!

And you’re right… most guys miss the point ENTIRELY when a woman starts challenging them.

Instead of turning up the volume and hitting the ball right back over the net twice as fast, most guys just crumble… and lose all the energy, sexual tension, and chemistry that was in the situation.

When a woman throws down the challenge, or starts to test you, it’s time to realize that this is the VERY BEGINNING… and instead of responding by saying, “OK, whatever you want”, you need to create even MORE tension… and turn it up… and understand how to AMPLIFY the sexual tension and attraction in the situation.

Chemistry is an AMAZING thing if you understand it (the way you describe not being afraid to “step over the boundaries” when you get that, “Ahhh, you’re an a**hole” look… and instead, seeing it as sparring).

But, it’s a curse if you don’t… because you’ll just misinterpret everything that happens and miss all of your opportunities.

Great email.



I have been through the CD series twice now and am now on a third pass hitting some of my favorite sections. For months I have been hanging with some really talented guys and getting frustrated because they get girls left and right and I couldn’t remember the last time I kissed a girl.

I have been meeting women and getting numbers but always blowing it and not closing any deals. I just turned 40 and have been getting frustrated and feeling like I was washed up with women. The Advanced Series has put a new spin on things for me. I feel like there are many things I can do to turn my romantic life around. I got it.

I have been putting this stuff into practice for the past couple of weeks. I am working on being confident, cocky and funny. I have determined that I am living in my reality, that is all that matters. I am thinking about the importance of the skill over the importance of the girl.

So, on the first weekend I hooked up with a hot little 23 year in a pub. I was practicing and it was working… she spent the night at my place. This past weekend I was with another attractive woman and again it worked. I actually had some idea of things that I could do to create attraction.

This girl has a hot little body and I have a little extra padding so I was talking to her about how she could tighten up her stomach through dieting and exercise. Oh my God that was fun! I love it, so did she. I was just playing and having fun. You have a great training program that goes way beyond success with chicks. Thanks.

LSM — Seattle


Yeahhhh baby!

And by the way, you’re CRACKING ME UP over here…

Your comment:

“This past weekend I was with another attractive woman and again it worked. I actually had some idea of things that I could do to create attraction.”

…is cracking me up.

So, you actually have “some idea” now, huh?

This is great stuff. I’m excited for you.

And yes, my training program DOES go WAY beyond “success with chicks”. I’m glad you’re getting that “way beyond” kind of success from it.

…and if you’re reading this right now and thinking to yourself, “Hey, I’m 40 and have a gut… and would like to learn how to use it to meet women”, then have I got a sweet offer for you!

No, seriously…

The reality is, the thing that stands between most guys and success with women is NOT what they think it is.

I’ve found that most men have what I call their “Secret Reason” for failure with women.

This guy was 40 and had a gut… and felt like he was “washed up” with women.

Some guys are bald. Some are short. Some don’t make much money… and some are just afraid.

But, these are NEVER the REAL reason why these guys aren’t successful with women.

The REAL reason they aren’t successful is because they just don’t understand the dynamic that I call ATTRACTION.

They don’t even know what “chemistry” and “sexual tension” and “ATTRACTION” are in the first place.

Hey, I used to be one of those guys.

I used to stand in bars and look at women that I wanted to meet for HOURS… and have NO IDEA what to do or say to even START a conversation, never mind get a number or a date.

And I had my own “Secret Reason” for failure. Mine was FEAR.

I was just plain afraid of women.

Well, the good news is that I’ve figured out how to get past these “Secret Reasons”, and even better, I’ve figured out how to make women feel ATTRACTION by using body language and other communication. It’s really not that hard.

But, like any other skill that’s valuable, it’s not something that you can learn in 2 minutes.

It takes a little practice.

The GREAT news is that instead of taking several YEARS of research, reading, and trying crazy stuff that doesn’t work like I did, you can get the benefits of my “banging my head against the wall” research… and go straight to the good stuff.

My Advanced Dating Techniques program is the ULTIMATE training program for this stuff. Not only did it take me YEARS to learn all of this stuff in the first place, and figure it all out, but it also took me literally HUNDREDS of hours of my time to put this particular program together.

I really designed this thing from the beginning to be the absolute best training available in the history of the world on how to meet and date women.

If you read some of the feedback in these newsletters and on the web site, I think you’ll find that quite a few guys agree that it’s pretty damn good.

But I want YOU to be the judge.

My offer is still available: Go to my web site and order the trial. If you don’t like it, just send it back to me, and don’t pay. I’m convinced that after you get your hands on it and start learning from it, you’ll send me an email with a success story instead of the program back.

The details are here, along with some good samples:

Advanced Series

And of course, if you haven’t downloaded your copy of my online eBook, you need to get that immediately. It’s the place to start, and you can be reading it in literally a few minutes from right now. It’s here:

Double Your Dating eBook

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo