Tips For Flirting With Women


Hey Dave!

Ok, so after all these hundreds of e-mails and testimonials you get, you KNOW this cocky+funny works, but I must say I’m happy that I FEEL I’m starting to get it.

I had your ebook and cd series for a few months and I listened to the cds and read the book over and over. It was great but I guess its obvious you dont see success until you get out there and practice it and SEE how it works. At first, it simply made no sense… I tried it and didnt get much response until I developed the character for it and made it apart of me.

Cocky+funny isnt something you try out, its something you have to make a part of you! When you do that, c+f comes natural and makes conversations so much more fun! Not only that it creates that attraction you talk about so much!

So, like I said, having the right MINDSET is whats important,not learning LINES, but here’s a few I like. And I could use some of these when I feel the conversation is drying up.

Hey…….quit looking at my ass! I know you want to jump my bones but slow down!” (even if she wasnt doing that)

(when a woman gets quiet or there’s a break in the conversation)

I know I make you nervous and all but please…try to control yourself!

Here’s one question I like to ask:

Me: So do you cook…well?

Her: Yes, I do.

Me: Great, since you know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you can cook me dinner. I want….(fill in whatever you want her to cook!)

“You couldnt handle this…” (that one alone works well)

(if you catch her looking at you…or even if you dont)

I saw that…I know you keep looking at my sexy bod and you want it so bad you’re drooling, but cant we be friends first?

Are you shy or something? Why havent you asked me out yet (or asked for my phone number)? I know you’re afraid I’ll seduce you and make you fall madly in love with me but you’ll just have to learn to handle it!

“Tsk tsk tsk…you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She says: “Why?”

“For trying to seduce/pickup a guy like me! I know you want me but be patient!”

(when she does something I dont like)

“Well, its just not working between us. I’m going to have to cut off the sex, the kisses, the cuddling, all of it until you be a good girl!” Most of my C+F focuses on assuming she wants you and is trying to pick up on you, even if she doesnt!

(well, personally I believe all women want me for my sexy bod and usually when I use the techniques, they DO!)

I think what surprised me the most is that these work with women I JUST MET! I thought I’d find it easier to learn C+F from an angle…some like to bust on women’s looks, her clothes, etc…but I took the approach of accusing her of being obssessed with me…it works!

I also find it effective to turn around some common things men do for women…like I tell women to buy ME dinner, buy ME gifts, take ME out, pick ME up, etc. I love it! I have so much more fun now and there’s no fear in talking to women anymore… its great.

I know you dont like relationship questions but I’m going to ask anyhow. Is it necessary to tone down the cocky+funny when you two become boyfriend/girlfriend? (not cut it off completely, but tone it down)

And second, how do you respond when women start challenging you back?

(her saying: “you couldnt handle this” for example) I know you shouldnt turn wussy but I dont have a good response to her turning it on me…which I like the challenge of it but I’d like to know some good comebacks.

Thanks a million Dave!

GT from Tennessee



Those are some GREAT “one-liners” you shared.

Some are personal favorites of mine… and some WILL BE SOON.

I really dig the whole “You couldn’t handle this” concept.

I personally love to say, “We’d fight all the time… and I’D WIN“. That’s a big winner. Try it out…

I also love the idea of using gender stereotypes, turning gender stereotypes around, using them as comedy, etc…

You can combine this idea with a “setup”- starting out sounding like a Wussy, then going in a completely different direction right at the end for effect.


You say to a really attractive, interesting woman something like, “You know, you really seem like a smart woman… you’re obviously more intelligent than the average girl…

Then you say, “And since you probably understand men better than most women, you’ve probably already realized that you being a woman, and me being a challenging man, YOU COULDN’T HANDLE THIS!

Ohhh, I love that kind of thing!

The magic of a setup like that one is that she BEGINS to think that you’re a Wussbag from hell, but when you get to the end of what you’re saying, she realizes that you were saying something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

What you were REALLY saying is, “I understand that most guys act like Wussies and give you compliments, but the fact is that any compliment I give you is sarcasm, and, in fact, you really couldn’t handle me… because you didn’t even see THAT coming!”

So, what is it about this kind of approach and humor that makes it SOOOO special and wonderfully effective?


It says SO many things at the same time that are all “the right thing”…

In other words, instead of trying to demonstrate that you’re not a Wuss, that you’re funny, that you’re smart, that you “get it”, and that you don’t NEED her… you can just use a comment like this one.

Good stuff.

Now let’s talk about your questions…

You asked if one should “turn down” the Cocky & Funny once you get into a long-term relationship…

I personally think NOT.

Why would you?

If you’ve found something that works, why would you stop doing it?

In fact, I’ve seen SOOOO many situations in my life where a guy started out doing all the right things, then after “getting the girl”, and winding up in a long-term relationship, they change what they’re doing, become boring and predictable, and lose the girl because they became dull and lame.

As you know, I’m kind of violating one of my rules of thumb, and talking about relationships… but since I’m at it, I’ll make a few more comments…

Have you ever heard things like “relationships take work” and “you have to put a lot into a relationship if you want to get a lot out of it”…?

I’m sure you have.

MOST guys interpret this to mean that after you get into a relationship you should start doing whatever your girlfriend/wife wants you to, and not argue with her.

In other words, most guys think that “put a lot into a relationship” means “turn into SuperWuss and kiss as much ass as possible so you won’t get into trouble“.

I’m sure you can tell just by the way I’m talking that I don’t think this is a particularly smart way to go about things…

In fact, if you want to wake up one day in the future with an unhappy, unsatisfied, complaining girlfriend or wife, then start using this particular approach.

If a woman “falls for you“, then that MEANS SOMETHING.

It means that whatever you were doing at the time WORKED.

Now, if you were being Cocky & Funny, then that was working.

So keep it up.

An exception:

If you were chasing a woman for ten years, buying her thousands of dollars worth of gifts, flowers, and dinners, and one day she finally “decided that you were good marriage material” and she finally “gave in”… then don’t listen to what I just said.

In fact, if you are in the above situation, you are probably beyond help, so delete this newsletter right now, and don’t read any further.

It will only depress you and mess up your “nice” relationship…

On to your second question (the one I like best anyway):

How do you respond when women start challenging you back?

Why do I like this question best?

Because you’re missing something…

If you start challenging a woman and teasing her, and she starts challenging you back, IT IS ON!

Game on, dude!

Didn’t you see Top Gun?

She just ENGAGED.

She just joined you in YOUR REALITY (for those who don’t know what this means, refer to my Advanced Dating Techniques program… this is a KEY concept for attracting women… and it’s one that will INSTANTLY increase your success with women. Go get more of the details here:

Advanced Series

Most guys interpret a woman challenging them back as her saying “I don’t find you interesting” or “You don’t impress me”.

It’s usually exactly the OPPOSITE.

When a woman teases or challenges back it means that she’s INTO IT.

She’s saying, “Oh yeah? Bring it on… let’s play!“.

On the “surface” she’s saying “You couldn’t handle this“, but on a subtle level she’s saying “I have received your Sexual Communication, and I am transmitting on your frequency… let’s rock and roll“.

So, how should you handle it?

Try this formula:

1) Pause.

2) Slowly wrinkle your brow and smile smugly.

3) Pause.

4) Keep looking her in the eye (don’t flinch).

5) Say, “Oh, you think? What, I’d get bored that fast? You’re probably right…”

Are you with me here?


The game is now officially ON, so PLAY BALL.

The great thing about a situation like this one is that she is HELPING YOU dial up the chemistry and sexual tension.

She is making it MUCH EASIER for you to make her feel ATTRACTION for you.

These are the types of situations that often end with “And at the end of the night she suddenly jumped on me and ripped my clothes off…”.

I’m not kidding. Not at all.

But if you flinch and let her know that she just disturbed your composure, you are TOAST.

It’s all over.

This little moment of truth can take things to the next level FAST… or it can end your chances with her INSTANTLY.

When a woman challenges you back in a Cocky & Funny way, she has just pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor.

She just upped the ante.

She pushed all her chips in to see if you’re going to puss out and fold.

She’s not wasting any time… she wants to know if you are MAN or BOY.

If you casually chuckle to yourself inside and mentally say to yourself “what a cute little bratty girl” and then bust on her, you’ll win.

If you get nervous and slip, you’ll lose.

Here’s another insight for you:

This kind of woman is the MOST FUN to be around.

But she’s also the biggest challenge.

She’ll keep testing you over and over and over again… relentlessly.

And just when you thought it was safe to pull back to “nice guy”, she’ll be off like a shot.


Read what I have written to you, grasshopper… and take heed.

I have lost many a hottie because I didn’t “get it” when it came down to one of these situations.

Learn from my mistakes.

Be the guy who casually stands there with one hand behind your back blocking all the punches from your opponent and teasing him for being a Wuss at the same time…

Not the guy who’s sweating his ass off and flailing around like a child who’s getting frustrated because his older brother is beating him up…

This is Jedi stuff, man.

Go watch the scene in the original “Matrix” where Neo is in the ring with Morpheus for the first time… watch and listen to what happens.

The more you work with this material, the more you’ll begin to have a “sixth sense” about women and the sexual tension that’s created when you use the techniques you’ve learned in my Advanced Series…

…Oh, and if you’re reading this right now and you HAVEN’T gotten your copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques Program yet, then you need to go and do that…

Have you ever been to a carnival or county fair?

You know those games that you can play and win a huge stuffed animal… and all it takes is a dollar or two to play?

You walk over to check it out, and the guy behind the counter says “Here, watch… it’s EASY“… and then he demonstrates how to win the game.

You watch him with your own two eyes.

It looks SIMPLE.

Easy, even.

Then he says, “Here, I’ll even give you a PRACTICE TRY so you can try it…”.

Of course, on your practice try you get CLOSE, but not quite.

He says, “Here, buy three and I’ll give you two for nothin’”.

Of course, you wind up losing your money, and not winning anything.

Now, why is it that the guy behind the counter can win so easily, and show you over and over and over how simple it is to win… but when YOU try, it’s just not possible?


He knows the SECRET.

Well, meeting women is very similar.

If you don’t KNOW THE SECRET, you can watch a guy “pick up” a woman, and TOTALLY MISS the “keys” to how he did it.

In fact, it’s very common for me to be teasing and flirting with a woman, and have guys around me and her say, “Oh, he’s just kidding” or “He doesn’t really mean that stuff”…

In other words, they’re standing right there and SEEING IT WORK, but they JUST DON’T GET IT!

It took me YEARS to finally “figure out the trick”, and start to GET what was going on… and what makes a women feel ATTRACTION for a guy she’s just met (as well as understanding why it is that most women reject most men almost instantly).

I’ve created a few programs that are specifically focused on teaching you how to spark ATTRACTION… and how to then AMPLIFY the attraction to the point where a woman is obsessed with you.

In my “Sexual Communication” program, I will take you “behind the scenes” and teach you all about how and why women become attracted to some men and not others… and how to use subtle body language and voice tone… along with patterns of communication that most men don’t know… to create and build chemistry and attraction with women.

It took me many years of research, testing, and refining to really begin to “see” that this stuff was going on… and I’ll teach you all about it and how to use it to get better results with women INSTANTLY.

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And I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo