Use Valentines Day To Your Advantage

Have you ever thought about what a HUGE deal that Valentine’s Day is for women?

In case you didn’t realize this, there are literally MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of women who are all FREAKING OUT right now.


Because Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s a VERY BIG DEAL to them.

It’s the special day that comes once a year… that a woman spends celebrating love with her special guy.

What if she doesn’t HAVE a special guy?


She freaks out.

Now, I want to tell you… there’s a way to use this insight to your advantage in a big way (and not only am I going to share this way with you, but I’m also going to offer you something that I’ve never offered before – to HELP you get the results you want with women).

To keep it simple, a woman wants TWO things MOST from a man:

1) She wants a guy who has his “Inner Game” together – meaning his self-confidence, his sense of direction in life, and his ability to stay on his course in life

2) She wants a guy who knows what to DO in each key situation when he’s with a woman, meaning how he holds himself, how he walks, how he talks, and what he does to take the relationship from one step to the next in a smooth, natural way

Now, unfortunately, most men don’t have EITHER OF THESE THINGS together.

Us guys don’t get a “manual” with “directions” in it on how to act around women when we’re born (unfortunately).

We don’t know how to increase our confidence, how to take things smoothly from one step to the next with a woman, and all the other stuff that’s CRITICAL to dating success.

So we’re left to figure it out for OURSELVES.

Every single woman who is hoping to meet a man before Valentine’s day fits into one of two basic categories:

1) She wants a long-term relationship

2) She wants a great guy to date casually

Here’s why this is important:

If YOU don’t know what YOU are looking for, then you’re going to hurt your chances of attracting a woman BADLY.

Women have great “radar” systems.

If you aren’t clear about what you want, then you’re going to be sending mixed signals…and not the GOOD type of mixed signals.

Women like men who know what they want, and know where they’re going.

Most single guys haven’t really taken the time to reflect on what they want SPECIFICALLY…so they come across as confused, unclear, and wishy-washy.

NOT hot.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about, so you can see it with your own eyes…

Let’s say you’re going to put up an online personal ad.

If you’re looking for a relationship, TALK ABOUT IT. Say it, both directly and with hints.

If you’re just looking for a date, talk about the DATE. Talk about going on a fun DATE. Talk about having FUN.

For example, here’s an outline for an ad that you might run if you’re looking for a long-term relationship:


Subject: “Special Valentine Wanted”

Body: Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and it would be amazing to meet a great woman who is interested in having a deep, meaningful long-term relationship.

I realize that we’re probably not going to be getting married by V-Day, but it would be great to meet a woman who is going in the same direction!

Let’s get a cup of tea on Valentine’s Day, and have a conversation to see if we’re compatible.

If we’re getting along, then maybe we can have dinner and get to know each other better.

About me: [write about your personal strengths here, with a focus on honesty, loyalty, communication, good friendships, etc.]

If you’re looking for someone special, then write and tell me about yourself, and let’s talk on the phone to see if it makes sense to get together on Valentine’s Day to get to know each other better.


…and here’s a sample ad that you might run if you’re looking for a date and to have a good time:


Subject: “Valentine’s Adventure Wanted”

Body: Want to spend Valentine’s Day doing something fun? Since neither of us have a “special” someone yet, we might as well enjoy ourselves, right?

Let’s start out with a cup of tea and some interesting conversation (this way, if one of us is really strange, the other one can run away by making a good excuse!)

If we both survive the “Tea Test,” then let’s go have a great meal at [enter name of an interesting local restaurant in your area that is casual, but has great food...ethnic is good].

About me – I’m [write about your personal strengths here, with a focus on adventure, fun, humor, and optimism - discussion of how you're contributing to the world is a big bonus].

Let’s have fun on Valentine’s Day, and make all our sappy friends who are already in happy relationships sick!


Get it?

Now, do yourself a big favor and RE-WRITE the ads above if you’re going to use them.

Put the same ideas in your own words.

Of course, you can use the exact same ideas and themes if you’re meeting women in person over the next couple of weeks.

The key is to KNOW what you WANT.

You’ll get what you want faster, the woman you meet will be happier, and everyone will have a better time.

One more quick thought:

Valentine’s Day is one of those interesting times in life that acts as a sort of DEADLINE.

Women feel a tremendous amount of emotional and psychological PRESSURE to have a date for Valentine’s day (whether they are in a relationship or not).

Now that you know this, it’s important that you take this opportunity to really work on your approaches, your Inner Game, and your confidence… because there’s no better time to practice than NOW.

So there’s a great way to use Valentine’s Day to your ADVANTAGE (and to HER advantage as well).

When you get clear about what you want, and then communicate it (and you do it NOW, while the “iron is hot” with Valentine’s Day just around the corner)… you’ll get what you want faster.