Using Cocky and Funny To Make Women Addicted To You

When most guys try to be `funny’ with a woman they end up coming across as goofy or dorky. Not good. To find out the right way to use humor to make her feel attracted – or even ADDICTED – to you, read on..

***A Cocky/Funny Success Story That Will Blow You Away***

Hi David,

Just a note, I’m a believer in what you preach. I read several of your E-mails and found them interesting enough to buy your book and interview series. I’m 51 average looking and 50 lbs over weight.

I started using the C-F routines to meet and surround myself with women, gradually gaining more quantity and better looking as I went. I eventually got to where I seldom hung around my guy friends cause it was so much fun busting and flirting with all the girls. I would have guys ask me if I was rich since I would be dancing with groups of women or have 1 under each arm when out at the bar.

Then one night I stepped into my favorite bar I would freqent to have a couple drinks and get my barrage of hugs from all the girls and I saw a HOT 36yr 5’2″ 102lb blonde standing by her friends obviously without a date wearing a long sleeve, well fitted top with french printing all over it.

I knew I didn’t stand a chance with this Bombshell so I wasn’t going to waste my time, just have fun with her like I did with all the others. I told her I was sorry that she had to make a blouse out of a feed sack to get out on saturday night and walked away to flirt with my regulars.

Later I saw her again, and I complimented on how nice a job she did matching her top with her shoes, followed by, asking if her top was made from a flower sack or a feed sack. Thank God some of my girls came up and started talking me up with her to make her feel safe and show a little desirability about being around me. A couple other guys came up to ask her to dance and her number, which she promptly dissed.

Well, we visited about 10 more minutes when her friends came to break her away to leave when I asked for her E-mail so we could finish our conversation later. See asked for my phone and dialed her number in and walked away. I stored it in memory as “The One”. WOW. That was an amazing rush.

I ended up following more of your rules, not wanting to screw this one up and married her 6 months later.

It’s been 2 years now, and I can’t believe waking up every morning next to this Angelic beauty, the best thing I’ve ever met. We never argue. She’s not only georgous, but cleans and a incredible cook to boot. She prides herself in taking care of me and brings me breakfast in bed if she has time after, well you know. I still bust on her now and then.

Thank you for teaching me what 50 years experience couldn’t.

David L


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I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

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