What Clothing Should I Wear?



What kind of style or clothing do you recommend to attract women? Dark colors? Solids? Collared shirts? What kind of pants? Shoes? Accessories like watches etc?

And still try not to spend a fortune! And just curious, does a man in uniform have any advantages and if so, what uniform is the best?



My Comments:

I recommend that you check out how Motley Crue dresses, and try to copy them as much as you can. They seem to get a lot of girls, so try that.


This is actually a great question for your FEMALE FRIENDS.

If there’s one thing you can usually count on getting from your women friends, it’s good fashion advice. And they often know the great discount places to shop as well.

My take on fashion is that you don’t have to wear expensive clothes or fancy watches, but it sure helps if you know what you’re doing and you have at least a little bit of style.

Start reading GQ when you’re at the newsstand… watch how the handsome lead guys are dressing in the movies… stay tuned to what kinds of jeans are in, what kinds of colors are in, and what kinds of shoes are in. It really doesn’t take very much time at all.

Then go down to your local discount clothing store like Ross Dress For Less, Marshalls, or my favorite, The Nordstrom Rack, and mix-and-match up some hip getups for your bad self.

A lot of the guys I know who are very successful women are neither rich, tall, or handsome…

…but almost all of them dress well.

And dressing well doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, it means knowing HOW. Someone who knows HOW can walk into a Goodwill or used clothing store, and walk out looking great having spent twenty bucks.

And remember, women ALWAYS know whether you know or not.


I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU MAN! for emphasizing the COCKY AND FUNNY philosophy. I’ve recently tried out this internet dating thing and man I’m telling you that I turned up the volume to the max on being “cocky and funny” towards the hottest chicks on the web.

Let me tell you man that my profile reads like a d*ckhead who can be hilarious at the same time wrote this stuff. I would say things like I got “abs” and sh*t, and that I only date girls with pretty faces and who have cute feet and straight teeth; that I like to party and have fun and look good doing it and that my weakness is that I can be an a**hole sometimes but give me one reason to change?

You would not believe the response so far. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep up the good advice.


My Comments:

lol… You just gotta love guys who take things to the limit, huh? I think you’re starting to get it… lol.

(And for everyone who wants to know what “lol” means, it’s the internet way of saying “funny”… the letters stand for “laughing out loud.”

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo