Why Women Aren't Attracted To Wussies


Jedi Master,

Your material has unbelievable results. After reading your book and newsletters, I am finding myself in a dilemma of needing to let some of the women down in order to make room for others.

The problem is they keep wanting to fill my schedule and I haven’t learned or need to learn how to let these women know that like yesterdays newspaper, I have read and prefer to read current events as opposed to rereading the same newspaper over and over. I guess I am being a wussy in this regard cause I just do not know how to say See Ya?

How does the master say this without being mean. I want to let them go without hurting their self esteem, they have done nothing wrong, they are beautiful, I just want to move on and enjoy, the riches you have endowed upon me, without hurting them, and without being a wussy in the process.

G N Portland OR


I’d say that the problem you’re experiencing is probably being caused BEFORE it actually happens.

How do women know if a man is interested in them for a “long term” relationship… or if he’s just interested in dating casually?

The trigger for this is HOW OFTEN YOU SEE THEM, and how often you CALL them.

Of course, there’s more… like whether or not you buy gifts, talk about how you feel, ask her to be your girlfriend, etc.

But if you want to just see a woman casually and not have her become “hooked” on you, then don’t call her more than a couple of times a week, and don’t see her more than once a week… maybe twice sometimes.

This should solve your problem.


I’m a 25 years old guy that never understood women. Now I realize the WUSS I have been for such a long time. Anyway, I was lucky because I got a girlfriend casually, and I experienced with her, but some years ago we broke up and I have been so LOST with the women task and suddenly YOU, sensei David, appeared in the middle of my nightmare, and things started getting sense (I bought your ebook, of course)


The thing is that I have a bisexual friend (girl) that I like, but I’ve never told her anything about my feelings. Some days ago she and some of her friends came to visit me and we went out. We were in a nightclub, and next to us there was a group of girls, I made eye contact with one of them. And then I thought about something that I wouldn’t have figured out in my WUSS-PAST-WOLD: Let’s get that girl, and see the reaction of my bisexual friend. After some C&F stuff, I was french kissing the girl of the eye contact in front of the face of my friend. And guess what was the reaction ???? Now I can’t get rid of her. It’s like I’ve been a kind of ghost, until that night

Thanks, David. Keep on giving us some perspective.



Hey, I never said that women made any damn sense!

Jealousy is a powerful emotion.

Some think that it’s the MOST powerful emotion.

It might be interesting for you to know that many of the guys I know who like to date a lot of different women don’t hide the fact that they date a lot of girls.

Many female animal species choose males by finding the ones with the most other females who are attracted to him.

Women are often the same.

Women can be very competitive, and if a woman knows that you don’t have any trouble meeting other women, it will often inspire her to feel even more attraction for you.

But be careful. I don’t think that it’s a good idea to try to deliberately make a woman jealous. It doesn’t feel good, and if you meet the wrong women you just might wind up with a rabbit boiling on your stove when you come home one night.



I won’t even begin to tell you how awsome your book is and how it breaks everything down for ex- wusses like myself because that would take up too much time, but I’ve got a situation for you. A few weeks ago, I met this girl in my class. She was definitely a 8-9. Anyways, I got her number and asked her if we could study sometime. We eventually set up a date to get a paper done. She didn’t show up! I was like…. okay, I’m not even gonna get mad.

So a few days later, I saw her walking with this dude.. I was like… “ok, she has a bf, thats why”, but here’s the funny part; I’ve been working on my body language and eye contact lately and it’s been doing wonders. When I see her, I just speak and keep walking. I haven’t held a conversation with her in like 2 weeks and yesterday she left a message on my phone that said…”Hey, this is —- from your english class, I was just calling to tell you that I think that you are a VERY attractive man, and I think you are really fine. But I have a boyfriend. I know you tried to study with me in the past, but you know how things can be when you have a boyfriend… so i guess ill talk to you later”

Whats up with this? I didn’t talk to the girl in two weeks and she leaves this message? Was it a movement I made? Could you anyalize this for me please?

B in FLA

P.S.- I never knew body language could be so powerful!


This kind of thing always makes me laugh.

I can remember when I used to call women too often, and if they didn’t show up, I’d get upset and try to set up another date with them, etc.

Of course, they’d usually play hard to get, and wind up thinking that I was a Wussy because I just accepted their flaky behavior.

Well, after I stopped calling women back who flaked, and basically stopped CHASING women, I had the strangest thing happen…

I had women call me… but sometimes it was literally WEEKS later. Just like your situation.

You probably just have a girl who was in a fight with her boyfriend the day she set the study date with you… but fixed things up with him before she was supposed to see you again… and then maybe got into another fight with him so she decided to call you and see if you were available.

Don’t worry about it. Just move on. She’ll probably start flirting with you again when she’s single.


Dave –

Hey, your advice works wonders! It is amazing how much it works. I tried it on this girl I hardly knew, and we hit it off real well. In fact, we hooked up, and that was pretty cool.

I need advice, though. The girl and I started to really hit it off, and we became closer everyday. Then, we started talking, and it seemed as though we were over, and I was devastated. She’s really cool and REALLY hot. We kept talking, and she ends up telling me that she needs to know herself before she knows me, so she asks for time, and that I be her friend in that time. My question: how do I keep her falling head over heels for me while I give her the time, and that she doesn’t become another friend.

Again, thanks for the great advice.


OK, let me do a little translation for you…

If a woman says, “I need time to get to know myself” or “I need to find myself” or any variation of this common theme, it usually means:


I’m harsh, aren’t I?

Well, here’s the deal. In general, if you become too predictable, too involved, too needy, too wuss-ish, and too “head over heels” too early in the relationship, it will drive a woman away.

Think about it this way: The REALLY attractive women have guys chasing them FAR more than the average/below average women. You need to do something DIFFERENT, while at the same time being ATTRACTIVE.

Probably the best thing you can do when you finally meet a really great girl is call her HALF as much as you normally would, and give her twice the space. Think about it.


I just got back from eating with a woman I started dating 3 weeks ago. Somehow we got on the topic of what she likes in a man and what is the quickest time she has ever jumped in the sack with one. She stated that she met a guy one night and slept with him the next. She said that she did it only once in her life and then gave me the reason why she did that time. She stated that all the guys she dated before him would always say something on the wild side, that she was really interested in doing, but would back down and say, “oh, I was just kidding” when she looks at them to see if they were serious. She said that this guy she slept with the next night and I are the only two men that have ever said something cocky and funny and not flinched when she looked on in disbelief. In fact, I would look at her and repeat things I said whenever she looked at me with that “I can’t believe you just said that to me,” stare. She tells me it is such a turn-on.

I had only begun to do this after subscribing to your websight newsletter about a month or two ago… I would just like to thank you for the advice and tell the other guys to stick by what they say, no matter how off the wall it may sound.



This is JEDI-LEVEL wisdom, read it again.


Dear David,

Great stuff. I was that nice guy… after reading your book and your e mails I have been able to change into the cocky and funny guy. The other day one of the 3 women I am dating called giving me a little grief. I said you know maybe we should not see each other any more and she was like but I have been thinking about you all weekend PLEASE come over now and F#% me, after a little delay I agreed it was great. I do have a ? The one I really like who is totally hot never makes the first move and while she is very receptive when I do it, would be great to get her to seduce me, any suggestions?…



For some reason, I LOVE your question… how fun is it to have a woman pursuing YOU? OK, here’s a tip from my personal experience…

Next time you’re with her, and you’ve started getting physical… just when you know that she’s really enjoying what’s going on (and it can be at any stage, kissing, etc.) just stop. Then whisper in her ear, “You want more, don’t you?… you’re going to have to say PLEASE.”

Then just keep working up to the same level and saying the same thing until she finally does. Once you’ve done this, it’s easy to transfer the same idea to other things, like getting her to make the first move.

Note: This is all done with a very playful, teasing tone. It’s not a psychological control strategy… Keep things on the nice nice, don’t be a controlling loser. Done right this can be a big turn on for all involved.



I did exactly what you had said for the personals… I actually cut and paste your letter, made one or two changes and I actually got a response…

Now, you talk about getting that phone number? How?

What should I say in the e-mail not to come off like a looser, but to come off confident, cocky, and funny?



Can I just tell you how much I love it when guys actually go out and USE the materials? This is great stuff…

OK, step two is to get her live on the phone, and to do it soon. You don’t want this to take too long or she’s likely to get 100 more emails and forget about you.

Try a cocky funny response like this:

“Wow, you’re a real person. Great. I guess we have a couple of options here. We could start an email relationship, fall madly in love, and maybe even get a priest to marry us in a live chat ceremony…

Then again, maybe we could get together for a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation and make friends. And then after I can validate that you’re actually the cute gal in this picture I saw of you, we can talk about the online marriage thing.

Give me a call tonight. My number is (insert number here). I’m a pretty busy person, and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be home, but give it a try. And please call before 11 PM because that’s when my mom makes me go to sleep.

By the way, where can I reach you if I want to call you ten times a day?

Talk soon.”

I’m a funny guy.

But all kidding aside, this is a KILLER model for a follow up letter to a personal ad response. It says so many things in the right way that you’re very likely to get another response, probably a call, and probably her number.



A few weeks back you used what I think is one of the most important words in dating (next to cocky and funny of course) that word is “NEXT.”

We always want the one that we can’t get. Forget that! I say NEXT. If you have this idea of “Next” in your brain, you will come across as a man who is not needy and you will be more attractive to women. Why waste time with woman who are not interested? Its a lot more fun to find a nice looking lady who wants to be with you then it is to chase someone who isn’t interested.

The book was great. Keep up the great work!


This is another psychological step that is very important. I get so many emails from guys who have met a great girl, but they screwed it up because they made her “too important” mentally. In other words, when things started to get difficult, instead of taking the attitude of “NEXT” (which creates all kinds of attraction), they CLING and act NEEDY and generally do EXACTLY THE THINGS THAT CAUSE THE WOMAN TO HIT THE ROAD FOR GOOD.

Much better to have the mental attitude of “I’m going to enjoy this woman’s company for as long as it stays a good thing. The moment that she becomes a strain or a pain I’m out of here. I don’t need problems or drama in my life, and my happiness is more important than this woman.”

The first response to this is usually, “But this woman is SPECIAL. She’s not like other women. She’s the one.”

Blah blah blah…

If she’s the ONE, then all the more reason to take this attitude.


The “NEXT” attitude will do a lot of good things for your success with women. Use it.

***NOTE: If you’re reading this right now, and you are thinking to yourself, “I sure wish I could get up the courage to say ‘Next!’ to a woman”…or you’d like to learn more about how to build a powerful “Inner Game” confidence that is UNSHAKABLE, then I highly recommend that you check out my “Deep Inner Game” program. It is specifically designed to help you overcome your insecurities and build massive confidence. It’s here:

Deep Inner Game



I got your mailbag, and bought your book right away a few months ago and it has truely changed my life. Thank you. I realized that in all of my relationships I have been a total wuss and that is why I was not having sucess. I am actually a pretty funny guy (amatuer stand up comedian) but I am not cocky at all. As soon as I added a bit of cocky to my usual sacarstic humor, the success followed.

My problem is this. I met a woman who is an extremely skilled player. We went out as “freinds” and then it escalated nicely (kiss test worked like a charm) and then it got really screwed up when I had to leave the country for a month on business and things got a bit muddled. When I returned we went out right away and I missd her so much I fell back in to my wussie ways and I think I ruined it, in only one 6 hour date!

Since then I have been trying to turn the tables. I mean I try to end the conversations first all the time but she just seems to beat me to it each time, like she is psychic or something. I try to tell her I am busy and I’ll have to call her back but unless I do it at an awkwardly early point in the conversation she always seems beat me to it. In my opinion if I continue to play “hard to get” and don’t call her (which seems to be working lately) she will get the wrong message. I want to send the “I like you but you haven’t got me wrapped around your finger” message, not the “I’m not thinking about you at all while everything around me in society screams ‘couple’ and ‘romance’ ” message.

What would you do in this unusal time?

Thanks again for all your help and advice.

To anyone who has not dowloaded the book, you deserve the miserable lonely nights I know you are going through, put a crowbar in your wallet and get the full information!


I like the crowbar idea.

As for your situation. You’ve learned an important lesson the hard way.

When I think about women and attraction, I imagine it like an on/off switch. If it ever gets turned off, it’s VERY hard to turn it back on.

ESPECIALLY if you’re dealing with a woman like the one you’re talking about who is very experienced and knows the game well.

The best thing you can do is start dating other women, not call her for a month or so, then drop her a line and say, “Hey, let’s get together for a cup of tea. You were a nice friend…” Then tell her about what’s going on in your life (the other women, I mean).


‘Nuff said.


Hey Dave,

I am a 23 year old single father i having a tough time getting a date because i have a kid. Most of the girls i ask out, I tell them I have a kid and they dont want to be any more than just friends. Any suggestions?


Yes, I have one for you…

STOP THINKING OF YOUR KID AS A LIMITATION. I’m going to suggest that you don’t have a tough time getting a date BECAUSE you have a kid… it’s because you THINK IT’S A PROBLEM.

Just don’t bring it up early on. Don’t answer any questions about your status as a father. Make a decision to share that info only with women who are EXCEPTIONAL.

If a woman is REALLY attracted to you, she’ll overlook almost ANYTHING. I mean, hey… look at Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger…


Hi David!!

I just wanted to tell you that what you say in your emails is true and it works. I’m from a small central american country and your advice works on women here too!!! Now to my question, I met this gorgeous girl, she is incredible and hot as hell. But I have competition, some guy who doesn’t know a thing about women (he should subscribe to your newsletter, dont you think), but she seems a little interested in him and interested in me too. What would you suggest to “neutralize” him?



P.S.: I used the cocky and funny technique and it worked!!!! thanks for sharing you wisdom


If you focus on the competition it will only distract you and cause you problems.

Forget other guys and what they’re doing. Just focus on what you’re doing and your own success.

It’s very natural to let competition upset you… and jealousy is a very real emotion. But remember, it isn’t going to help you in most cases. Just do your best, keep using the techniques, and stick to your methods. Chances are that any other guys involved will screw it up at some point, and you will be the one left with the prize.

Note: In situations like this one, we guys often start to put too much value on getting the girl BECAUSE there are other guys involved. We think to ourselves, “Well, this other guy likes her, so she must be something REALLY special. Even more than I thought.” This leads to making all kinds of mistakes, being a wuss, acting clingy, etc. Don’t fall into this trap.


I need some help and i think that you have the best advice so here is the problem, I like this girl at my college and she works at the college bookstore. A while back i was buying books and she was asking me questions and being super friendly, then the following semester she said hi to me on campus but like a dip sh** I didnt respond. Now i really want to hook it up but have this feeling that she is not interested anymore. Everytime I see her we make eye contact but I can’t tell if she wants me to go in for the kill. Please help me so i can go right up to her and talk to her, I’m having trouble starting out the conversation.



No killing please. Why don’t you just go in for the email instead? Much less messy. Just get her email and then take it one step at a time. This is the best way to find out if it can go somewhere…



I was enjoying a bagel this morning in the outdoor chairs at a little donut shop I go to on Saturdays. I doubt if the guy I’m going to tell you about has ever read your book…but he’s a walking advertisement for it.

The only other person out there with me was an elderly woman, who was about 8 years older than God. A guy pulls up in this old caddie with a USMC license plate on the front bumper. He’s about a few minutes younger than her.

This old guy goes in, orders a bag of donuts, and comes back out. He walks right up to her table and says:

“Hi ya, toots. You’re a classy lookin’ dame. Are you friendly?”

She says, “How dare you call me some dame. My given name is Julia”

This guy never misses a beat. He says, “Got your feathers ruffled, did I? Well, you know the first airplane I ever rode in during the war started witha J, too. She was a hardbody, with a shapely tailpiece. I still remeber what it felt like to run my hand over her headlights.”

The old girl, says, “That’s atrocious. You better have a seat sailor. It sounds like you been away from shore for too long.”

It was all I could do to keep from busting up laughing. I didn’t know whether to throw a blanket over them or go give this codger a high five. He had it down, buddy, just like you’ve been telling us. This guy could be me 35 years from now if I follow what you teach.

Keep getting the word out, Dave. We’ll still be using it when we’re on Viagra.



I love this story. Use the things I’m teaching you and hopefully you’ll find success before you’re 100 years old and cruising the old folks home for babes…

But, as you can see, the Cocky & Funny technique works even if you ARE cruising the old folks home…


Well, what can I say, David, you’re a dating God! Your book is nothing less than a masterpiece. Now that i’ve got a good handle on some of your techniques, I’ve had no problem meeting women. I’ve recently started dating a woman whom is a pleasant distraction. My fear is she is falling way to hard for me. My problem is, my friend of two years who I’ve been smitten with since the beginning is now single. There is another guy friend of hers who has recently made his feelings known for her. I’m pretty sure there has always been chemical tension underneath our friendship.

She has told me things like you have the sexiest voice ever, I listen to your cd every night cause I love falling asleep to the sound of your voice, when you’re lost in thought you have the sexiest eyes. We went for coffee last night and she touched me 3-5 times on the hand.

The problem comes in that before your book I was the nice sensitive guy always bearing my feelings, catering to a woman’s needs, and very humble. Now i’ve got a great routine down for getting dates but she doesn’t know me as that type of person. So i don’t know how to approach trying to instigate a relationship with her. Any suggestions??



Yes, I have any suggestions…


Wow, I don’t use that many exclamation marks very often.

And for the girl who is smitten with you… let her down easy. This is a great opportunity to borrow a technique from our book on female dating tactics. It’s called:

“You’re really nice, but I think that we should be friends.”

All’s fair in love and war… just don’t be a bastard.


First off…you are the smartest man alive. I have really enjoyed reading your litterature and it has helped me build a confidence I’ve never had before. Here’s the question…. I recently visited an “exotic dance club” and met an “exotic dancer”. I used the cocky funny attitude and had a nice chat before my lap dance. Within minutes afterward… I got her e-mail addy. The problem is…The setting in which we met and the circumstances involved. How can I start a relationship with her without her seeing me as a customer… or a pervert that liked what he saw and just wants more? I know it can be done I just need a little insight from the master. Help me out Mr. Miagi.






After talking to her for a few minutes?

OK, let’s do a quick reality check before you do something that you’ll regret for a long time…

About 80-90% of the time, exotic dancers are the LAST type of woman up for a “relationship”.

If you’re interested in taking things to the next level, you need to be cocky & funny, bust her balls a lot, make sure you keep being a challenge, etc. Of all the people in the world, these women are probably pursued by the most men.

If, after going out with her for AT LEAST several months you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that:

  1. She’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol
  2. She doesn’t smoke like a fire and have dirty-carpet breath
  3. She wasn’t sexually molested more than a dozen times
  4. She isn’t manic-depressive, bi-polar, or borderline
  5. You can deal with the idea that she’s not quitting for you

Then maybe you might consider a “relationship.” I mean, hey… most exotic dancers are bi-sexual. And I’ve heard that some of them even know other cute girls (but I’m not certain on this one). In any case, don’t forget the protection. Big time.

Oh, and if you change your mind, try finding a woman who comes from a good family… who has fantastic relationships with her mother and father… and who is emotionally mature.

It might surprise you, but I think you’d enjoy a long-term relationship more with this kind of woman.

Just my two cents…


Your like a god to me! I’ve been going out about five times as much as I used to (which wasn’t much) and women see me in a new way. Now for the important part. I stepped up my cocky/funnyness to the max and this one girl is crazy about me. She delayed one date, never stopped appologizing. I teased her for it all night. She keeps acting so needy and I can’t get enough of it (I don’t tell her) but that brings up a question. If she is acting needy to me and I can’t get enough of it, why did women dump me when I used to act needy? Please put something about this in your newsletter.



What’s with all the God comments this week? Let’s stick with David from now on… I’m not ready for all of the responsibility.

As for your situation…

The reason why it’s fun for you having her act needy is YOU’VE HAD IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND ALL YOUR LIFE!

It’s a nice change.

But trust me, after a short while it gets old. If she keeps it up, you’ll see. Eventually a mechanism will kick in and you’ll lose your liking for it… just like women do at a very young age. But enjoy it while it’s fresh and fun.


For 18 months I tried to score with this woman I wanted but because she saw me as needy she kept the “goodies” away from me. Now one night I stopped trying. I focused on having a good time. I was determined to be polite to her but ignore her and make no moves. I danced with other women, I drank, I had fun. The more independant, confident and fun-loving I became the more attractive I became. Things changed. She wasn’t used to being ignored. She felt left out. She then put out and seduced me by the end of the night. I wasn’t even trying and I wasn’t even nervous!!!

A few months later I bought your book Dave and realised that for 18 months I’d been doing it wrong. Little did I know but that fateful night was the way to do it right. I’ve been doing it right since then. Thanks Dave.



Congratulations, good job, and keep it up.


On behalf of all women, I think your e-mail sucked today. :)

I am so tired of dating cheap men. There is nothing wrong with a man who is able to provide doing so. Let’s face it, men make more money than women.

I’m not a gold digger. Not at all. I’m 34 years old. I own my own townhouse which I am struggling to get by with the mortgage and expenses having been laid off by IBM after almost 7 years.

I do like the e-mail first idea, in fact that is always what I initiate when I’m out. I’d much rather do that to get to know someone before the dinner out but the LAST thing I want to do is have someone show up late and let me know right up front that he’s not willing to buy me a cup of tea.

I just spent almost five months with someone who was making three times my income and we went Dutch on everything. Am I wrong to *want* someone to flip the bill for me? I don’t think so.

Warm regards…


No, there’s nothing “wrong” with you “wanting” someone to take care of the bill. But there’s also nothing wrong with a man not paying… or even better, avoiding typical expensive dating situations all together.

I personally think that starting off a relationship by paying for things creates an imbalance that isn’t very healthy.

As an interesting aside: You spent FIVE MONTHS paying your own way. He obviously had something else going for him if you spent that long with him… hmmmmm.

I wish I could give him a high five!

Oh, and the little smiley in your email clearly communicates that you like and want me. Be a little more subtle next time, OK? Don’t let the world know everything that’s going on between us! It’s not classy…


I found your site a couple of months ago and subscribed to your newsletters and I downloaded the book . I’m 18 years old and I’m in my first year of college, so you can imagine the hot, young women that are there .

Anyways, I’ve always been the “wuss, loser, nothing more than a friend” type of guy (man it hurts to admit it) but since i started reading your e-mails i’ve gotten so much better. Some of my girlfriends don’t see me as a friend anymore (I can’t imagine what your book will do ). So not long ago I’m sitting where everyone goes to eat and they’re playing “The Fast And The Furious ” on the tv’s when I look down and this really beautiful woman keeps looking at me . So by the second time our eyes meet, I smile , at that same moment I’m thinking, “Wait !!! , remember the e-mails, you always do this and you always end up as a friend”.

The problem was that she had 2 more of her friends on the table with her, but she wouldn’t expect me to get up and go to her, so I got up from my chair and went up to her, she had that “what is he doing” look, then I sat down on the table and said, “Hi , I know I’m pretty and that your attracted to me, but could you maybe hide your impulses”. Of course this was said in a funny way, with a cocky look. Her friends started laughing and said, “she was that obvious , huh?”

She was shocked at the beginning but she relaxed and started laughing. Almost immediately after that her friends said they were hungry and left, so I asked for her name and thought to myself, “Forget the e-mail , just ask her number “. She gave me her celular number , but I haven’t called her yet. Anyway thanks for your great advices and I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

P.S. For all you wusses out there , you can change you don’t always have to be this way . Buy the damn book !!!!!!”



I couldn’t agree more.


Hey man, I have to admit, I have been getting your newsletter for about 2 weeks now and I have dramatically improved the number of women i have been meeting and getting numbers from! Thanks so much for the help and tips. Usually when it comes down to the first date everything goes fine and I lay down the c&f attitude which gets me good places with her. But i have a problem. This last weekend i had a date with this woman i just met and we were in the hot tub and me friend and his date were with us.

Well the problem was that my mind was totally blank for some odd reason and i couldn’t come up with anything interesting to talk about if my life was on the line. So obviously I really didnt get anywhere with her but she said that she would like to see me again. So my question to you is what are some topics of interest that i could talk with her about that wouldnt put me in the wussy boy category and would also get me in good with her, when i cant think of anything? Please help!

Thanks a lot! B.F TX


Well, if you think about it, there are a few main topics that women PAY TONS OF MONEY to enjoy.

Think daytime dramas, Cosmo magazine, and romance novels.

For whatever reason, women just love relationships, drama, and humor.

So talk about famous people, their relationships, and their drama.

If you’re at a loss, and you want to start a funny conversation, just say, “What’s with…” and finish up with any current gossip topic taken from any famous person’s life.

Of course, these kinds of topics lend themselves to all KINDS of opportunities to be Cocky & Funny. So do it.

Great job getting more dates… keep up the good work.


Yo! this is some serious stuff that you are teaching here man. How did you learn all this man?!

I’m currently at university and as you can imagine there is a rich diversity of hotties. I used to be the major wuss bag before a friend acquainted me with your newsletters. The major change in my approach is that I definitely have more confidence and the score card is no longer embarrassing. But I still am to get this C&F idea. You see the problem is that I can’t seem to get the mixture quite right.

I am cocky but at times I seem not to have a funny bone in my body. Thus I end up looking like some arrogant you know what (But they still respond better than when I was a wuss! Amazing!). Other times I am quite funny but not at all cocky (which really is not a problem but doesn’t have the desired effect).So I’m asking you how do I get the mixture right?

JMTK, Harare, Zimbabwe


The mixture is important… and the way to get it right is to START with an arrogant comment, then make it funny.

“That girl is fat, and her dress looks horrible” is a mean, arrogant statement.

But if you say, “Someone lied to her! It looks like somebody let her loose in the twinkie section, then told her she was going to be on the Janice Dickinson bad fashion TV show…” That’s a whole different story.

By the way, you mentioned that even if you’re just plain ARROGANT that women will be more attracted to you than if you’re a WUSSY.

Women are universally NOT attracted to wussies.

Just keep practicing, and get a couple of books about how to write comedy. Take some time to think through some common situations and what you’re going to say in the future… it’s worth it to practice this, as it’s such an important part of ATTRACTION.


Hey Dave,

You always have success stories with guys that say “Im a good looking guy”. What about us guys that are average or slightly below average, balding, or thick?? Does this stuff work for us as well? Or is this just help guys that already get dates get MORE dates?? Are us average or below average guys out of luck?? I get an occasional hot girl but they are few and far between.



I’d say that 1 in 100 of the emails that I get are from guys who say, “I’m a good looking guy.”

And most of the guys who I know that are really successful with women aren’t unusually “good looking.”

Some of my friends who are unbelievably good at attracting BEAUTIFUL women are not at all “good looking.”

And if you think about your own life, I’ll bet that you’ll realize that the guys you know yourself who are best at getting dates with attractive women aren’t the guys you know who are the richest, tallest, or most handsome.

In other words, YES… this stuff works for “regular” guys!

…and, in fact, if you’re reading this newsletter right now and you’d like to really take your success with women to the next level, then I have a few words for you.

It wasn’t that long ago that I personally didn’t have the ability to even TALK to a woman I didn’t know… never mind getting a date.

I spent a few YEARS trying just about everything I could find to help me.

I read books, listened to tapes, went to seminars… I tried it all. But nothing really worked consistently for me.

The real breakthroughs came when I started spending time with a lot of guys who were NATURALLY successful with women. When I say “naturally” I don’t mean that women walked over and threw themselves at these guys… I mean that they had each figured out how to attract a lot of beautiful women ON THEIR OWN.

What I found was incredible…

Even though most of these different guys had NEVER EVEN MET one another, they had a LOT in common. They did a lot of the same things… they said a lot of the same things… and they behaved in a lot of the same ways.

So I took what I learned, I tested it all out, and I refined it and created a whole system for how a regular guy can increase his success with women and dating.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I personally went from not knowing how to even talk to a woman I didn’t know to being able to get dates with even the most beautiful women… and I practice what I preach.

The things that I teach in my eBook and Advanced Series are things that I use PERSONALLY in situations with women.

It’s not a bunch of made-up garbage and old recycled books from 25 years ago.

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