Women Share Tips On Dating


Hey Dave,

Great news. I tried C + F with a girl I’ve known for over a year as a friend but would never dream of “approaching”…

I asked her advice about fashion and took her shopping with me for clothes. I busted on her the whole time about looking at my ass, etc. So a few days later I get a call. “What do you like to drink? How ’bout I stop by with some beers and hang out?”

Between our second and third lovemaking sessions she apologizes for taking up my time, and confesses that she’s not really looking for a relationship right now. Hopes I’m not mad. Pure gold, man. This woman is ten years younger and the highest paid stripper at a local bar. I’m broke, short, bald, cocky, and funny. Go figure. Thanks a million. Don’t print my name, but DO send me your advanced class ASAP!


Yeah, bummer… isn’t it?

While you might not have found the ultimate “wife” material, it doesn’t sound to me like you mind the free fashion advice (oh, and free BEER).

Interesting Question:

Why is it that the highest paid dancer at a local bar… one who has literally hundreds and hundreds of men around her that would pay her, buy her anything, and worship her like a queen…would rather buy beer and bring it to an older, short, bald, cocky, funny guy and then say “I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time… I’m not looking for a relationship”?

Interesting Answer:

Because she doesn’t need a clingy, loser, psycho, WUSSY, sketchy jackass who calls her 47 times a day to ask her what she’s doing and say “I miss you, when can I see you again”.




I would be most grateful for some help/advice if you could assist. = I am bi sexual fem women, and have recently met a beautiful women, my type very fem, and I really like this women. She has been hurt by men in the past, and is just going through a phase in her life at the moment where she needs to be with women. She has been with 2 other women including me before.

To cut a long story short, I dont know how to charm her, make her like me more and become a magnet towards her?. I’m not chasing after her because i suspect that most men have done this before, and because I am a women i want to play it cool. She has already indicated that she wants fun then see what happens, but I understand that nothing could ever come of it because her family and friends dont know she is bi, and she comes from a relatively posh family.

Have you got any suggestions you could give me please.

Thank you for spending time in reading the above, and I await to hear from you in great anticipation.



You know, why is it that when you finally get an email you WISH was longer, it says “To cut a long story short”?


OK, I’m closing my eyes right now… and making an image in my mind of you and your new-found babe in a room together…

You’re wondering how to make her feel A STRONG ATTRACTION to you… but you just can’t figure it out…

All of a sudden, the door opens up, and I come walking in to the rescue…

I sit down between you and your girlfriend, and I give you that knowing look…

You instantly understand that I’m going to help you get what you want… and you feel a deep and profound appreciation for me…

You know, this imaginary thing never was very good for me.

OK, back to reality…

Look, you’re asking a question just like a Wussy guy would ask.

You’re in a TEXTBOOK situation…

And if you don’t get control of yourself and your emotions, you’re going to screw this up real good.

Pause. Deep breaths. Sit in the lotus position or something.

Here’s the formula for making this girl want to be with you:

Great Experiences + Missing You

Got it?

When you’re with her, make it ENJOYABLE.

Don’t put any kind of weird emotional pressure on her.

Don’t ask “Do you think you could be with someone like me in a long-term relationship?“.

Don’t cling.

Don’t call her all the time.

When you do spend time with her, make sure you and she are having a GREAT TIME.

And then end every interaction with her while it’s on an UP note… and just a little bit too soon.

Like a great movie, end it at a “climax”.

Huh… Huh… He thaid “climaxth”. Yeah Yeah!

And as you’ve heard me say before, give her the GIFT of MISSING YOU.

You’re on the right track by “playing it cool”.

Now add fun, excitement, and MYSTERY to the equation.

Give her experiences she can’t forget, and then give her room to think about you, wonder where you are, and chase you until she’s caught.


Just what kind of conversations are you having with these lil girls? Don’t you find it better to have someone that can stimulate your mind as well as your member? I must say that my personal opinion is that you have low self-esteem and base your self worth on the trophy you carry by your side…Grow up ya mental midget…….

Sincerely, K.D.C.


I’ve included this to make an example… this is the type of person to watch out for while you’re learning how to be successful with women and dating… they have nothing useful to offer, only negativity.

This is someone who doesn’t get it, doesn’t get ANY, and isn’t going to help you.

This person would be glad to sit all night and tell you why it’s a bad idea for you to have fun dating all the fun women you’re dating because none of them are “marriage material”.


But while you’re FINDING that rare and fantastic woman who can stimulate your mind, body, emotions, and “member”, you might as well enjoy yourself…

And to answer the question:

The kind of conversations I’m having with these “lil girls” is the kind that challenges them, makes them feel ATTRACTION, and makes them realize how BORING negative people like you are.

‘Nuff said.



Where do I even begin to tell you about the changes that have taken place in my life since I read your e-book?

I used to be the classic wussy. While reading your book, and reading about the things that you said were exactly what NOT to do, it was painful for me. But a wake-up call at the same time! It allowed me to pinpoint what went wrong in every failed relationship or unsuccessful interaction with females I’ve ever had.

I’ve always been naturally cocky and funny, but I never figured it would be a successful method to use around women as I was too focused on coming across as, “A nice guy she could take home to dad.” I used to ALWAYS become a submissive wuss in frilly pink panties everytime I was around attractive girls. Maaannn, was I ever wrong, and thank you for showing me the light!

I’m currently in sales, and a few months ago had found myself falling for a customer service rep for one of the companies whos products I sell. She has every quality a man could want. She’s 23, (I just turned 20) gorgeous, confident, intelligent, and she has a cheeky little attitude that is sooooo easy for the cocky and funny man to have fun with!

From the start, I just continued to bust her balls non-stop and I LOVE teasing her for her minor insecurities (she is short, claustrophobic and has a bit of a bratty attitude, among many others). I call her a bratty little child, laugh at her and call her “cute” in a sarcastic tone when she tries to act cocky. I told her I was going to show her the city and she could buy me dinner for my effort! lol. It worked like a charm.

Shes definitely a keeper, and its time to take things to the next level! I don’t expect I will have ANY problems maintaining this one thanks to the gold that IS your e-book!

Not to mention, my newly improved attitude and high level of inner confidence have ran-off into all aspects of my life. I’ve never felt better!

$19.97 changed my life!

Thanks again,

B in BC



And the reality is that YOU changed your life… and I’m glad I could help.

Make sure you don’t forget what you’re learning and turn into a girly-man in about 6 months like most guys do.

Keep up the good work, and keep the girl.



Like everyone else I have to say your book did wonders for me. I wouldn’t dream of asking a girl for her# after just meeting her (classic wussy rejection fear). Now, what do I care if she gives it to me or not there’s another looker 10 feet away.

One thing I would like to add to the table, maybe i missed it the first time i read the book, what do you do if C&F doesn’t have enough F and you jut offended her?

My personal situation that happens often because I like to see live bands, is that I’ll be talking to a girl and (long story short) say “Man, this band really sucks” to which she makes a comment and walks away. I have since learned to apologize…I don’t feel it’s wussy if it works. Now the scenario is:

This band really Sucks.”

‘Hey, I like this band.

Oh Im sorry….Not for saying that, but that you like this band.

Every time I pull out that comment the girls turn around and continue conversation.

So thanks dave for turning my social life around. I still have a lot to learn though, so men of the world dont just send in your success stories send in the tip that you had to figure out on your own.

PT Superior, WI


I like the direction you’re going…

But, I think you need to tweak it just a little.

Saying “This band sucks” to a total stranger just isn’t funny.

If you say, “Hey, do you LIKE this band?” and she says, “Yeah” and you say, “Doesn’t surprise me, what – are you the guitar players sister?”…

That’s a little more where you want to go.

It’s funny, but it’s also kind of unclear. It involves the woman you’re talking to without her really being able to catch on to what you mean.

You answered your own question: ADD MORE FUNNY.

Cocky guys attract women… that’s reality.

But, guys who are ONLY cocky also upset and offend a lot of women… but they don’t care, because they only care about themselves.

Add more funny… it’s much better for her, and for you.


Hi, Dave.

I try to read all your newsletters — I’m married for 12 years and trying to figure out how to de-wussify my self. It’s not easy, and you don’t help even a little because you don’t give “relationship advice.” But I try to find ways to be unpredictable and cocky + funny with my wife…

And any other woman I meet. I’m a religious professional, so I’ve got some real limitations to work within, but I’m pretty sure teasing women isn’t a sin, and it lights me up.

I went through a phase where I figured you wrote the letters. But having read them for a while now, I’m convinced you’re not that kind of genius.

“Pick the one with more money.”

– I was worried someone at my office was going to ask me why I was laughing so loud.

“You suck and all men wish they were you.”

Well, as a religious professional, I have to say you suck double.

Here’s one example of what I did right. (I think.) She was in the shower, so I walked in too.

Her: “You came into my shower.”

Me: “Wouldn’t you if you were me and there was a beautiful, steamy, sexy naked woman in here?”

Her: “I suppose so.”

Me: “But you’ll have to do.”

Her: (Total shift in attitude.) “Hey, mister, you’re loosing opportunities that way.”

Me: “I’ve got opportunities coming out of my ears.”

(I’m not sure she believed that, but I couldn’t think what else to say.)

She didn’t make any moves that day, but the next day she was happily receptive.

Still if you have any advice on how to stimulate attraction in a woman who’s seen you at your wussiest I’d love to hear it. I’m not walking out of the relationship or going to introducing “distance” that would be unfitting for a couple married for a long while, so don’t go there. But I’d love to get some more ideas of how to push her buttons.

J, Denver


I don’t know, there’s just something about a guy who tells me “You suck double” that I just can’t resist… OK, so you tugged at my heart-strings a little with the “I’m a religious professional who’s been married 12 years and I want to make my wife dig me more” bit.

You’re doing pretty well.

I like the whole shower routine… right up until the very last part.

When she shifted tone and said, “Hey, mister, you’re losing opportunities that way” and you answered, “I’ve got opportunities coming out of my ears”, you went off course.

Instead, when she says, “You’re losing opportunities that way”, say, “I’m the opportunity here, and you might want to take advantage of it while it’s available”… then splash some water on her, shower her, wink at her, and GET OUT.

Have you ever played with a dog?

How do you make a dog LOVE you?

You chase it, then run away.

What does the dog do?

Of course, it chases YOU.

Then it might get tired… so you chase it a little again… and then run away.

You’ve been acting like a Wuss for 12 years.

Keep evicting the inner Wuss more and more over time, and who knows? You might actually become interesting to your wife again…

You know, you might also want to read THIS:

On Being A Man



You have no idea how much I appreciate what you are doing for me and so many other guys out there. It’s truly amazing stuff. The details about me are unimportant, but I read your book thought to myself wow that’s awesome and then continued to think “oh but I”ll never change I like who I am even if I’m incredibly unsuccessful with women.”

But I had a crush on a girl I worked with and tried your cocky comedy technique anyway in spite of myself. I only let myself appeared moderately interested if at all and eventually asked her if she wanted to take a ride on my bike. (one of the main things we had talked about before was about me buying a motorcycle, she had already asked me to take her for a ride.)

That was the best date of my life and she’s all I hoped for I made a list of all the other books you recommended in your ebook and have gone out and read them too because I really like the way i feel when i’m in control of the relationship. Best part is dave she’s three years older than I am and I still have her wrapped around my finger.

To get to my question though dave it’s coming up her birthday and because I really do love her I need to make sure i don’t screw up when it comes time to give gifts and really make her feel special. I know you don’t like relationships as much as single dating but could you offer whateveradvice you might have.

Thanks a lot Dave, you’re definitely a wealth of all things dating.

M, Chicago area


Yeah, OK… I know I’m breaking my rule of not giving relationship advice AGAIN, but this answer will be useful to all guys…

And by the way, it’s not that I “don’t like relationships as much as single dating” at all.

In fact, I believe that MOST guys would really like to find a great woman to have a fantastic long-term relationship with…

I just FOCUS on the “meeting and dating” part.

So, here’s the problem:

If you meet a girl that you really like, at some point early-on in the relationship, some type of holiday or occasion is going to turn up…

Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, her birthday… something.

And you don’t want to look like a TOTAL jackass by doing nothing… I get it.

Here’s just a little bit of advice:

You can make the occasion FANTASTIC without being a WUSSY.

You can do something that will blow her mind without coming across as a needy, clingy, girly-man who is trying to impress a woman because he doesn’t feel worthy.

An example of what most guys do:

Call her up, tell her that you really like her, ask her where her favorite restaurant is because you want to take her there for her birthday, ask her what else she’s like to do, and then keep asking after she says “I don’t care what we do, I just want to have fun” a hundred more times.

An example of what to do instead:

Call her and say “Hey, put on something cute tomorrow night, and be ready at 8… I’m going to pick you up”. If she asks what you’re doing, just say “Be ready, no questions”. Pick her up, take her to dinner, choose the food, and then bring her home and put a candle on a cupcake and sing her happy birthday. No asking her what she wants, no telling her where you’re going, and no seeking her approval.

Get the difference? If not, read it again.

There’s a way to do everything without coming off WUSSIFIED.


whats the best way to ask a girl out and is it wrong if one girl says no when i ask her out i try for another girl the same day?


The best way to ask a girl out is to say “Will you please, please go out with me?” and if one girl says no when you ask her out then it IS wrong to try for another girl the same day. You must wait at least 17 days after one “no” before you may ask another girl out.

DOH! I broke my rule of not answering jackass questions… dammit!


Dear David,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your tips. You will probably laugh because I am a woman. I think that your advice is just as good for women too. Have you considered writing a book for women? You have the advantage of a male’s perspective and you could give good insights. I do what to keep the chemistry going in my relationship, to make my boyfriend feel proud and happy and more manly. (I live in Europe and English is not my native language, so please excuse me if I made any mistakes.)

Sincerely, AB


What is this world coming to?

We’ve got women who are working to make their men feel proud and “manly”.

Maybe you could get him some testosterone replacement therapy or something?

Have him write to me… I’ll verbally slap him around a little… maybe that will get him to act like a man all on his own.

But probably not.


First of all, let me utter my limitless thank for providing me with an awesome product of great value and I am extremely trilled reading it on and on. Your material is worth like cash money even more. I cannot describe how powerful it influences repeatedly my best attention in this very hour of crisis. I am impatiently awaiting the next information of yours and reading your material is the most interesting thing I have nowadays. Have a great day there and thank you very much for your guidance.

Best regards, S


I wish to honestly and forthrightly accept your limitless thank you, and convey my own profound appreciation for your expression of gratitude.

Influencing your attention repeatedly in your very hour of crisis is my only desire.

And you’re welcome, too.



As I was re-reading your “Challenging Woman” newsletter, I had to say: “That’s soooo me!” And you make me want to share one of my fave C+F memories of a man who gets what you talk about. (Perhaps not one of the most thrilling examples of C+F you’ve ever read, but this guy was just the zen master of it, and just makes me appreciate that which is male so much more! :D )

I met “M” on a datesite, and finally decided to meet for lunch. Now, M. is not the kind of fella that one would think as a chick magnet. At 5’6″ (and that’s being generous) and a bit of a stocky physique because of his short stature, he does not strike one as handsome in the typical way most people envision. But he had a lovely face, a charming smile, and a gleam of sunny happiness that just make me take notice of him at first sight.

We sat down and got acquainted, and as I felt he was comfortable with me, I started the female version of Cocky and Funny: I call it “Feisty and Sassy”. And he clicked right in on my wavelength. We kept this at a comfortable level, interjecting personal info amongst good natured jabs. This guy was fun and funny!

So it got to the point were he had made some statement that hinted he might like me. And so I folded my arms and asked him in my snottiest challenging smug voice, “So you admit you like me then, eh?” He leaned back in his chair, studied me for a moment, turned his head as if to look out the window, flipped his hand negligently at me, and sneered boredly, “Nah. Don’t like ya. Can’t stant ya.”

And after a pregnant pause of a few seconds, him still quietly staring off to the side, he suddenly shot me a mischievous glance with a cocked brow and a naughty smirking grin. ‘OOOOH!! Brat!! You brat!! You complete brat!! Oh oh oh oh OH!! (Think like a Sam Kinison scream!)’

I didn’t know if I wanted to kiss him on the mouth or punch him in the arm! Or both!! I was exasperated and delighted at the same time. And I couldn’t help but shoot him back my pointy-toothed kitty-cat smile. ‘Oh you are SOOO asking for trouble!! And you are gonna GET IT!!’ And… uhm, let’s just say that he did. And I most enjoyed it, like I knew I would. ;)

My theory, founded or not, is that if you ain’t much fun OUT of bed, you probably aren’t that much fun IN bed. Or anywhere else in the house, for that matter. M. was just fun, period. Oh man, was he fun.

And I get mad when I hear some of your readers write: “I’m short! I’m bald! I’m old! I’m fat! I’m (whatever fault they perceive)! I don’t stand a chance, Dave!” Bullsh**. This is just insecurity making excuses. (One of my fave professors in college weighed 350lbs, balding, mid 50′s, and often dressed in shorts and threadbare T-shirts during the summer.

Not exactly a feast for the eyes, but when his utter, almost arrogant, confidence came thru, he was absolutely master of his classroom domain. And when his kingly presence filled the room, it was such a turn-on! Like you’ve said, attraction is not logical, it is a reaction. And something in me just when ‘Whoa. Now THAT’s a man!’)

M. was really short for a guy, and I didn’t bat an eye. His self-confidence and great attitude just made me want to know him more. His sunniness just preceded him, and when he opened his mouth, he had the real deal to back it up. A man who might have been using the C+F routine on me, but he wasn’t pretending to be confident: he WAS confident! And a real sweetheart underneath.

Though I was intrigued from the moment I met him, he clinched the deal with that little zinger. I knew I was a gonner from that moment on. A man who is genuinely comfortable with himself is a man who I can be comfortable with. And know that he will rise to the challenge and allow me to free the depths of my passions, and he can handle it. Because he can be himself, I can be myself. And makes me want to reveal to him the inner-most parts of me.

Let me tell ya, Dave, there are quite a few advantages to being a “challenging woman”. Just too bad there aren’t more players in this game. Too many who meet my curious gaze and back down before they even open their mouths. So sad, when I saw something in them to even want to go out with them. And they do not see that for themselves, and do not believe in themselves. And the game is lost before it ever started.

And when I think of your C+F techniques, I think of Mitch, and wish more men had the confidence to like themselves despite whatever their perceived short comings. That little man was the gentle master of C+F to me. And as far as I’m concerned, he is the biggest man in the room, no matter where he goes.

Thank you, Dave, for giving men the tools to meet the challenge, and challenge me in return. How fun life is with a gleam in your eye. ;)

Long live the Sassy and Feisty,

Ms. E LA, CA


“…if you ain’t much fun OUT of bed, you probably aren’t that much fun IN bed. Or anywhere else in the house, for that matter.”

Amen, sister.


DAVE i can’t front… your material is the bomb.. no doubt.. im young, hip hop influenced, and african american and what you convey crosses any barrier…and you know how much attitude women of our culture have, but it dont mean a thing when a man knows whats really going on…but anyway thanks, you tight, yada yada, down to business. i got your ebook a month ago, and studied it cover to cover, everyday so that the information would go into my subconscious. at first, i had trouble developing the C&F character you talked about because i had to do a complete 360 from what i used to do. letting women punk me. looking back, i had no spine but now, i get it…

TO MY SUCCESS… recently i went out to a live club that alot of gorgeous women go too. i was with 3 of my cousins who are used to me being just okay when it comes to women. now clubs are not my thing, but i said to myself lets do it. now before i went in i kept in mind 3 things you talked about. having a blase’ persona, slowing down my body movements, and the ”next” attitude.

so when i first went in, i did a whole tour of the entire club (away from my cousins) with my mind geared on nothing but eye contact with women. just so i could watch who was watching me. i had to laugh at myself because some women were so obvious, wanting my attention, but i played it cool. now usually, i go straight to the dance floor, but this time i decided to go to the lounge area and sit by myself in a big booth, still keeping those principles in mind. thats when it got crazy. i said to myself whoever comes to sit, im on them. two twins come (at least 8′s ) and i bus on them.

them: why you chillen by yourself?

me: you gotta come better than that doublemints.

them: ( astonished looks ) excuse me? (laughing, gradually turned into smiles)

me: i tell ya. girls here are so thirsty for a guy like me. i heard that line 3 times already.

them: ( uncontrolable laughter ) you are something else..

long story short, emails from both. and the rest of the nite women approached me. and thats never ever happened to me before. came away with 4 numbers and five emails, and didnt care if they called ( 3 the next day did), and hardly gave the effort. it was so natural. thanks

QUESTION there was a group of 3 girls that i busted on and later got all there emails at the same time, but didnt ask for ther numbers like you advised, because i didnt want to have one of them act up, and all of them leave. what do i do in that case? ask for all the emails and then all the numbers up front? there was only one pen so they had to take turns using it. also what are some good C&F responses for when a woman who is a 10 tests you, to bypass her multiple intial tests in first approach.


dg from ohio


Word (East-coast style)… (even though I’m from the Westside and faking every bit of what I’m about to say)…

See, tha thing is… if a fly ass hizzoe starts frontin’ and flexin’ on your game, you got to roll up on her and DROP THE KNOWLEDGE on her ass.

She be all bad and like, “I’m da bomb” (even her “good hair” is a weave, and y’all know it)…

So you got to demonstrate that youz a BIG baller… not one a these fake-ass thuggin MCz.

Feel me?

Keep yo game TIGHT.

[Hip-Hop voice turns back to my usual whiteboy sounding self]

Just look her in the eye when she tests you, and give her that cool, calm, sly smile that says “That was almost cute, little girl”.

Hot women are testing to find those little clues that tell them that you’re FAKING IT… that you’re just another loser who’s trying to act cool.

Don’t drop the ball.

Give her a sly smile, and say “Cute”… and then say “You love me”.

Oh, and about your three hunnies…

Just tell them to write their numbers down!

The fact that they were sharing a pen and paper is FANTASTIC. Really. Go with it.

You’re doing fine… fine. Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep working on my Hip Hop.


Hey Dave, how goes?

So, I’ve been getting the letters for some time now. Though the ideas made sense, the insight was difficult for me to “GET” as you would say. I knew how it made sense, but didn’t. (Like your telling someone how to drive a car comparison) Though I wanted to understand, so I got the e-book. Helpful, a very good read, but sadly I’ve never been that greet with retaining information that way. Not without reading it five billion times. (Which I’m just trying to read more in general, that might help)

So, once again in effort to understand I got the Adv. Series. Much, much better. Watching, hearing the discussion, hell you slamming those guys for their own good helps understand the mentally of getting it, attraction, and it being my reality. What I have found the most beneficial is all the Inner Game material. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about having 5 beautiful women fight over my attention, wanting to buy me dinner & showing me what they recently got at Victoria Secret. So, the dating tips are nice. It is that the inner game material is helping on the path to improve myself overall.

I’ve always been an Alpha male type, incredible strong & independent. However it was all based on conviction and not faith in myself. I say was since I’ve been for a long time now trying to change that. With that, your series has helped me gain more ways of finding my way, believe in myself, etc. For that I would like to thank you personally.

Thanks Dave.

Now don’t get all mushy on me or anything….geez

N in Denver


Me get all mushy?

Dude, I thought you were going to try to hug me there for a minute.

I saw that scene at the end of American Beauty where Kevin Spacey was in the garage, and the dad from next door was out in the rain…

Don’t even go there.

Yeah, I kind of enjoy busting on guys for their own good. It’s not only fun, it’s helpful.

I actually got a letter awhile back from a guy who came to one of my seminars and commented that he felt I was a little too harsh and condescending with the guys that attended…

I thought to myself, “Huh? Did you travel all that way and pay your good money to hear me tell you that you’re a wonderful, sweet, special human being and all you need to do is believe in yourself and everything will work for the greater good in the end?”.

We all need tough, brutally honest, Cocky & Funny friends to help us wake up and see the light.

I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Mr. Dave,

Yesterday I was seeing DVD#6 of the Advance Dating Program. And when I heard Brent’s interview I just couldn’t believe it. This guy literally blown my mind away and my perspective of see reality change at the very moment. I gotta tell you that when you ask for Brent’s standing ovation I was at my home applauding like a lunatic and thanking god for I have find your information. So my comment for your products are: They are an excellent, brilliant and exceptional source of packaged wisdom for us men.

Best Regards, VVG San Juan, PR


Glad you’re enjoying them.

That last DVD in the series is amazing, isn’t it?

The interviews that I did with those guys ROCKED… There’s nothing like being able to actually see and hear guys who really know what they’re doing with women… and get a feel for their body language, voice tone, and gestures.

I won’t tell anyone that you were applauding to yourself…


Hi David,

I recently bought your book and I’d like to say that it’s great (I knew after 15 minutes that I wouldn’t need to ask for my money back – it really IS that good). I’ve read it a few times and I reading again to try and absorb all the material I can. I’m practicing on a regular basis and I’m still the the Apprentice stage of my transformation (but loving every new interaction!).

I joined an online dating service and I’m trying to figure out how to use the C+F approach effectively without coming across as a total jerk or worse. I realize that there are probably tons of wusses on these sites as well so what’s the key to writing an email that will catch their attention? I’m sure most of the hotties (and average chicks) get a load of email from guys that say crap like “I love to hold hands and go for long walks on crisp, fall days…”. If this is an example of a wussmail, what is the best way to write a C+F email that creates some attraction and gets them chasing after me and not the other way round?

Keep up the awesome work and keep these kickass emails coming… they’re gold!

M in BC

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OK, if you’re going to do the online thing, you must keep a few things in mind:

  1. There are literally tens of millions of people who are using the internet for dating. It’s the BIG THING right now.
  2. Women who join dating sites get TONS of replies from men.
  3. If you want to be successful in the online space, you need to remember that you’re really in a big numbers game.
  4. Writing a great profile is one way to separate yourself from the crowd, and turn the entire game around.

I could talk for days about the online dating scene… but let me give you just a few key pointers here…

If you want to increase your success in a BIG way, you need to

  1. Update your profile every day,and
  2. Watch the new listings every day.

Why every day?

Because when you update your profile every day, it brings your profile back to the “top of the pile”. In other words, most of the systems will have your updated profile come up FIRST in search results because it’s “fresher”.

And because if you keep your eye open for the new listings from women every day, you can be one of the FIRST guys to respond to her ad, instead of the 347th guy.

You want to make contact, start communicating, and GET ON THE PHONE.

Don’t dilly-dally and write 50 emails back and forth.

You’re not looking for pen pals, so don’t act like it.

Next, make sure you put a TON of personality into your own profile… AND your replies to women.

Instead of writing a profile that says “I’m a nice, regular, boring guy who loves puppies and rainbows and cuddling” say “I’m that guy your mom warned you about. But hey, we both know that you never listened to her…”.

And instead of writing a reply to a woman’s profile that says “Hi, you sound like just the girl I’ve been looking for all my life, and I
think we could have a great relationship”, say “Hey, you probably couldn’t handle me… but I thought I’d give you a chance anyway”.

Get it?

Have FUN. Put ENERGY and PERSONALITY into your profile.

Watch a few episodes of Jackass, then put in a James Bond movie, and wrap up with some Denis Leary…

And then write to some women.

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I’ll talk to you again soon.

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