Your Irrational Fear Of Approaching Women

I got an interesting email from a guy who watched my “Approaching Women” DVD program, and I thought I’d take a minute to comment on some of the things he said…

Here’s a part of his email. Read this:

“Hey Dave,

This program you made has been the single most valuable program for me. This whole thing with approaching women has basically been subtly controlling my life for the last 7 years. It’s the one thing that makes no sense to a rational mind.   You did a great job explaining why us guys feel like we’re risking DEATH when we think of approaching.   AWSOME!   The other part that how we can even be really successful at approaching women but then not do it for a while and try doing it again and still feel like we haven’t even done it successfully LOL.

On to the important stuff…

Watching you interact with the Wingirls was soooo amazing.   I don’t know how much of it was on purpose but I learned so much by watching the dynamics you and the girl you were sitting closest to had.   It was obvious that she was really attracted to you and I got to see how you handled it.   I also saw you do a little covert thing that really showed what she saw her self image as. It wasn’t all that confident if you know what I mean. AMAZING…

…Keep up the amazing work!   Everything of yours I watch changes my life on so many levels.



In your email, you started by saying that the issue of approaching women has been “subtly controlling my life for the last 7 years.”

That’s heavy.

But the funny thing is, I know EXACTLY what you mean…

You also said that “It’s the one thing that makes no sense to a rational mind.”

I feel that, too. Welcome to being human…and having a brain that is MOSTLY irrational.

Next, you mentioned the section in the program where I talk about how guys feel like they’re literally RISKING DEATH if they dare to approach a woman they don’t know…

Intense stuff.

The fact is that most guys DO feel an intense, irrational, uncontrollable FEAR when we even THINK about approaching a woman.

I personally think that the PAIN of the fear combined with the PAIN of not being able to control it… combined with the PAIN of it not making ANY sense at all… can really effect a guy’s self image and self esteem.

And it only compounds and intensifies over time. Years and years of this can eventually lead to serious emotional problems, as you might well know.

The reason I spent so much time going over the FEAR aspect of approaching women… and taking time to not only explain how and why it’s happening, but also how to get PAST that stuff… is because if you don’t get it and then get past it… it can literally CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

Now, what I REALLY liked in your email was your comment about watching me interact LIVE with women on stage.

As you can see, I actually “walk my talk,” and the attitudes and concepts I talk about in my programs are REAL. They’re how I live my life… and how I communicate.

There were some great moments in that conversation. When you say that you saw me do some “covert” stuff, I don’t actually know what you’re talking about… but I’m flattered that you think I’m that cool and sophisticated!

Anyway, thanks for the comments and the compliments… I appreciate them.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

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