Afraid to Go Over


“Lots of respect Dave,

I have an issue, no matter where I am and I see a girl that I like, I am some how afraid to go over and talk to her. If you could let me know what to do to get rid of this fear as soon as possible.


My Comments:

It takes a lot of nerve to admit that you’re afraid in these situations. You’re not alone.

Here’s the deal:

Every one of us is different.

I know you want a quick solution, but a quick solution depends more on you than it does on anything else.

I recommend that you start by chatting with women on AOL and other instant messaging services. This is great free practice, and it allows you to think, because IMs are slow.

Next, work your way up to conversations with waitresses, checkers, bar tenders, hostesses, and other women who are being paid to be nice to you.

Then, try doing something that involves a lot of people with a common interest… like yoga, pottery, or sports. These situations have a lot of built in opportunities to talk to women you don’t know.

Finally, start talking to women that you see everywhere.

Of course, it’s very important to know what to say, and how to talk to them. For a full explanation of the mindset and attitude, refer to my book “Double Your Dating.”

It’s up to you how fast you progress. Remember, they don’t bite…
(well, most of them don’t).



I’ve read the first chapter of your book and already I’ve gotten results and a clearer vision of why I date and who I want to date. I’m leaving the “Nice Guy/Loser” behind and really getting what I want and giving women what they want too, a cocky /funny man that they can’t rule with their whims.



My Comments:

It’s really amazing to me that a lot of us guys use a strategy called “Be a nice guy” when we’re with a woman that we are attracted to…

But that this very strategy prevents us from EVER experiencing real success and mastery in this area!

What’s with that?

Like you said, you’re now GIVING WOMEN WHAT THEY WANT: A cocky, funny man that they can’t control. Enjoy the rest of the book.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo