An Example Dialogue to Pickup Girls


“Hi Dave,

This cocky/funny stuff becomes part of you after you use it for a while. I have gotten numerous e-mails and dates under my belt thanks to you.

Example : I met this hot gril at a bar, mostly college crowd. Lot of guys were hitting on her. But as soon as I saw her alone – I approached her. Here is the dialogue:

Me: Hey, can I ask you a quick question?
Her: ya….
Me: You go to college around here?
Her: no (and then she looks away as if not interested)
Me: (I tap on her shoulder) So where you from?
Her: From…(she gives the city name 4hrs away from where I live)
Me: How do you like it here?
Her: I am visiting friends (She looks away again and talks to her friend).
Me: So what do you do in (her town)?
Her: I go to pharmacy school…
Her:(She cracks up and the ice is broken)…..small talk …..ya da ya da.
me: small talk…..ya da ya da
me: I need to go back to my friends but nice meeting you. (I turn away)
her: nice meeting you too (I really had her attention by now)
Me: (Turn back) do you have e-mail?
her: I don’t check my e-mail often.
ME: “Ha!ha!ha!” (I started laughing loud)
Her:(Little disarmed)
Me: Do you have electricity?
Her: no….(cracks up)….I really don’t check e-mail.
Me: Listen grl….imagine the worst case scenario…(do as mentioned in you DD book) …..I just want to make friends with a DRUG DEALER.
Her: Okay…here is my e-mail.

TOTAL TIME – 3 minutes and 16 seconds to get her e-mail – yes i timed it.

We have exchanged e-mails back and forth now. She even asked me to come to her place to go partying/dancing.

I replied back saying: “What?? I don’t even know you and u want me already? Sorry I am not that easy. Whatever happened to the good old days when ladies invite guys for coffee first?

She is special (she is hot and seems to have good personal qualities). Problem is she lives four hours away – how do I go about doing this long distance thing? I told her to come on down to my town. Provided she has personality that matches her looks – I think she would be worth my time and I would drive 4hrs to see her.


My Comments:

I know, isn’t it great that this stuff actually works?

By the way, nice touch asking the pharmacy school gal if she’s a drug dealer.

This is a great example of EXACTLY what to do when you meet a girl. Read it again.

And as for the driving 4 hours thing… In the 4 hours of driving EACH WAY, you could probably go out and meet several other nice young ladies that are a big closer. Maybe she loves to drive?


“David, I just wanted to give your book a plug to all the men out there who are currently involved in a long-term relationship and want to spice things up. Using the techniques described in your book I completely turned around a 10 year relationship that had gone stale.

We went from having sex 2-3 times a day in the first 6 months of the relationship to once or twice a MONTH in the last couple of years. After reading your book, I began the whole cocky/funny routine on my wife and stopped giving in to every little whim she had and…BAM! Just like that she was attracted again.

She tried to pretend that she didn’t like the cockiness, but her actions showed how she really felt about it. We’re now back to 2-3 times a week and I’m loving life. Thanks buddy for a great education.”

My Comments:

Can I just tell you how much I love getting emails like this one? Hats off to you.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo