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Hey Dave !!

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that your dating material is AMAZING! Your ebook and your free dating tips are fantastic, and your advanced dating techniques program is worth more than gold. I went from being the nerdy wuss bag on campus that everyone made fun of to the guy dating the hottest chicks. I feel the power man, Thanks!

Last week, I went up to one of the hottest chicks on campus who was in the library, a 10 on every guy’s scale, and took her to coffee in less than 5 minutes of conversation (never imagined this was possible before).

During coffee, I treated her like my bratty little sister, didn’t act interested while at the same time teased her about her looks and everything, let’s just say that she started getting all touchy and asking personal question by the end of the encounter. Now, I see all the guys becoming jealous from me, and I’m getting increasing amount of attention from all sorts of girls. Hahaha. I read your book several times over and I’m applying all your techniques, needless to say they all work like a charm.

Finally, I just want your perspective on this situation. Last night, I approached a hot girl, about an 8, on campus who’s very popular. Let’s just say I was overconfident and lost my frame of reference and things didn’t go to well, in fact I looked like a loser and I was talking a about a bunch of bs. Now my concern is she’ll probably tell all her friends, and since I see them everyday, it’s gonna be weird. What can I guy do in this situation to save his rep? Are there any rules that need to be followed in a campus environment ? The good thing however was I didn’t feel rejection, I knew it was my approach and nothing personal. Thanks for everything.

You Da Man!!

B who needs more practice – T.O


You’ve brought up some great points, and an excellent question, too…

First of all, great job with the first girl.

You didn’t let her looks turn you into a wuss, you busted her balls, and you demonstrated that you were in control of the situation… and of yourself.

You took what I teach and APPLIED it, and your results show that.


With the second girl, you did something POWERFUL that 95% of guys don’t do.

When you had a little setback, rather than taking it personally, you chalked it up to using the wrong “approach.”

Most guys in this situation would have said to themselves, “See, I knew I was a loser. I just got lucky with the first girl. I knew this stuff wouldn’t work. Nothing will help me…”

But you didn’t.


Yes, you got overconfident and lost focus.

No biggie.

You know where you made your mistake, and I’m sure with the next woman you’ll do things differently.

Now, as far as the second girl telling her friends about how you approached her and making it “weird” for you at school, all I have to say is…

It’s all in your head.

Play it off like it was no big deal to YOU, and it won’t be a big deal to THEM.

You can’t control what they talk about, and really, it’s none of your business.

The most important thing is to get the lesson, and that’s what you already did.

Forget about worrying what she says to her friends, or what they think of you.

Remember the idea of “Internal Focus Of Control” I share in my Advanced Dating Program?

Focus on what YOU can control, not on THEM, and you’ll continue to attract a ton of women… and high quality ones, too.

It took me YEARS to figure out and unlock the “program” women have that tells them who to be attracted to, and who to be REPELLED by.

For a long time, I was great at hitting a woman’s “don’t-date-this-needy-loser-in-a-million-years”

Not good.

So I read every book on the topic that I could get my hands on… and I went to seminars.

Some things worked… some of the time.

But my results were inconsistent at best.

But then – I had a BREAKTHROUGH.

It happened when I started hanging out with guys who were MASTERS at meeting women and building attraction.

What these guys were doing didn’t make sense…but they were always surrounded by beautiful women.

So I knew that whatever they were doing – no matter how illogical it seemed to be – WORKED.

I convinced them to share with me how they approached the whole idea of “women and dating.”

They gave me “coaching” on how I was communicating with women (at the beginning, they gave me a LOT of coaching. I needed to re-tool everything I was doing.)

But then things started to click for me.

Situations I would normally blow… like approaching an attractive woman for the first time… became situations where I got a number and a date.

The kinds of girls who I’d NEVER get a second date with…became girls I’d see over and over again… and some became long-term girlfriends.

Over the next several years I continued to refine my approach, journal my learnings, and take my skills to a level where some of my old coaches began looking to ME for advice.

That’s when I knew it was time to share what I had learned with the world.

The amount of money you spend on a date has NOTHING to do with the level of attraction a woman feels for you.

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re a gazillionaire and you’re with a woman who is strictly looking for a sugar daddy, and you whisk her off on your private jet to Paris and lavish her with expensive jewelry… sure, she’s going to go out with you again.

But that’s an extreme case.

What’s more common is this:

You meet a woman you like, and you feel pressure to buy her flowers, take her to a nice restaurant, buy drinks…and you end up spending more money than you should have.

Worse yet, at the end of the date, you have that sinking feeling in your stomach that she’s just not into you….

Then you realize:

The money you spent made NO DIFFERENCE.

A much better strategy is to get an education on what it takes to make a woman feel a gut-level attraction to you… NO EXPENSIVE DATES REQUIRED.

If you’d like to take your education with women and dating to the next level, and have the kind of success that you’ve always wanted, then go check out some great free samples of the eBook located here:

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Talk soon,

David DeAngelo