How To Create Chemistry With Women


Hey Dave,

I just got your mailbag on younger women perfect timing! I have your book and the advances series and let me make it perfectly clear to people who need answers, GET THE PROGRAM, BOOK, CD, DVD what ever get it. Without this information you will have significant shrinkage and eventually forget that your little appendage is for more than peeing.

Stop staying home and giving yourself what you want, it is so simple and many questions you have will be answered for you, even better you will learn how to answer them on your own, JUST DO IT!!! There is a show on about some average guys and a beautiful woman, watch it there is only one guy who “gets it” and the rest are “nice” guys. See who gets her attention.

I have always been slightly successful with getting dates, usually women my own age or a few years younger. I am 37 bald, have a child who lives with me, and I have poor posture due to arthritis. (using Daves teachings none of this stuff is a barrier) I figure why not use Daves stuff and try younger women so I did.


So I go for coffee everyday,(I always look in a hurry and NEVER sit down to gawk at her) there is a nice young girl (an 8 she is 20) who works at the counter, here is the story I know it is long but you guys need to know that I tried doing exactly what Dave says and I use different things for women all the time with success but this time I tried to follow his exact teaching on a younger woman.

Tease her Look her in the eye at all times, even when she looks away, she blushes. get e-mail a few times ask for her number so we could meet for coffee. she does not produce her number I go for coffee with a friend (my excuse to stay and sit down) where she works, we sit down, she sits with us I ask her if she e-mailed her number to me, she said give me your number first, I say no you can’t have it I bet you are a stalker, and besides I asked for yours not if i could give you mine, I tell her to go back to work my friend and I have important things to talk about.

My friend thought I was rude and said so, he told her she was beautiful and she could stay if she wanted, I told her again to go back to work and to get her number ready for when I left.

My friend said I would not get her number, I said so what? He said I was crazy and I blew it with her. I knew better. we talked, finished coffee we started walking out, My friend went to say goodbye, she called me over and handed me her number. Friend is being wuss, he actually said to her that he would be nicer to her than me.

I just laughed and said this better be your number if not I would haul off and give you a dirty look. Friend said I was embarrassing to him. Went to bar that night with friend, cocky and funny all night I got 5 e-mails and 1 wedding proposal. Friend is shocked how I could get numbers and not buy drinks or even be nice (not mean, just direct and cocky and funny).

Friends number list 0.

Call waitress in the morning to meet for coffee. I told her what time I would be there. I said if you want to come be there on time and I asked if she was flaky she said no I am not flaky, because then I would tell someone else to meet me instead. She showed up. I asked her questions, so did she. I would give her answers, like, she wanted to know my age, I wouldn’t tell her she persisted, many times, I was getting annoyed so I told her not 36 and not 38 figure it out. I never gave a direct answer.

I did the hand reading thing, I did the palm massage thing, I did the oww you hurt me if she touched me then she was trying to rub my leg I moved her hand away, this was all within the first 10 mins. I reached under behind her knee (guys you must learn where this spot is, it drives them wild) and gave her a quick rub there. She said I just made her well, not dry. 20 mins she wanted to drag me under the table, I told her I was leaving.

I walked her outside and she asks which way I was going, I said south, she wanted a ride home, I changed my mind and told her I was going to go North now. I grabbed her gently by the back of her hair and kissed her and said goodbye. I opened my door and she jumped in and said I was to drive her home. I went and got gas then I drove her home. I kissed her again then told her to get out.

She asked me to come in for some good stuff. I said NO I am busy. She said no one says no to me, I said well I do, now get out of my truck. She was shocked, I bet no one ever did say no to her. (I wanted to go get me some I can tell you).

I phoned her about 3 hours later, she sounded busy, wink wink, I asked what she was doing she said I got her so excited she had to take care of it herself and she was thinking about me. She wanted me to talk dirty on the phone while she “did it” I said no, then I said I would be home at 8pm she could come over for a nice massage but that was all, if she wasn’t there by 8:10 I was going out. She was at my door at 8 sharp.

Well not to kiss and tell, she wanted to be in control, I put her off wouldn’t let her touch me, told her she was a spoiled brat and I wouldn’t put up with it and if we were going to go any further it would be on my terms and when I said so. She was going wild! She said no one had ever taken control like that.

I did take her to the bedroom after some fun resistance on my part, told her what I wanted and she finally asked if I was going to do it with her, I said when you beg, she said she never begs for it I said well you better get dressed and leave then, 20 mins of massage and light touching she begged, 3 hours later we were laying there and I told her she had to go, she said no. I told her I would dress her, which I did and told her I had to get some sleep, she told me to call her, I said no you call me at 4pm.

She did and now she wants to spend the week together, I said no I am busy. She called back and asked if we could meet up one day she wanted to bring a friend. I said Tuesday. Man I am good (PS my friend is still alone in the shower. Get the stuff and don’t be like my friend).

Thanks Dave

OH BTW young woman beautiful 22, red head I always make eye contact with her, she will not back down and now she initiates the contact if I don’t. I know she is going to be lots of fun ;)


ONT. Canada


Wow, and I thought that I was the king of run-on sentences and bending the language called English to suit my own needs…

But you get the Gold Medal, my friend.

And you also get the prize for “getting” my stuff better than most guys.

As I read your email, I realized that there are a few “key points” that you understand:

1) Most guys can’t get over their need for instant gratification.

The reality is that men and women have some key differences when it comes to how they experience ATTRACTION.

Men have an “On/Off” switch, and women have a “Volume Knob“.

Men want gratification NOW, and can’t grasp the concept that women have a more complex internal “Attraction Mechanism” that needs to be turned up gradually… and in specific ways.

You have internalized and “gotten” the idea that teasing, leaning back, and not taking advantage of offers from women lead to them wanting you MORE… not less.

2) Most guys don’t know how to spark ATTRACTION or recognize sexual tension or “chemistry”… thus the friend’s comments of “she’s not into you” and him telling the girl that “he’d be nicer”, thinking she’d somehow like him for that.

The reality is that for most men, the concept of ATTRACTION is a complete mystery.

They don’t understand chemistry or sexual tension, and they wouldn’t recognize it in a million years.

Further, whenever most guys feel ANY kind of “tension” in a situation with a woman, they do whatever they can to RELEASE the tension…

…not understanding that women ENJOY sexual tension… and that this tension is at the heart of what women call “Chemistry”.

You clearly understand how to SPARK that initial tension and chemistry, and you also clearly understand that teasing, creating anticipation and turning this tension UP makes women feel more attracted to you.

Your friend, on the other hand, does NOT get it at all. Your friend should go read THIS to learn how to create chemistry and tension with women:

Sexual Communication

I always love it when I’m playing with a girl and teasing her, and some guy says, “Oh, he doesn’t mean it“. I always say, “Yeah I mean it” in a serious, sarcastic tone.

Most men just don’t get that women are not attracted to ASS KISSING behavior.


3) Most guys don’t understand that just because a woman feels some attraction for them doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex right then.

Whenever most guys get a signal or indication from a woman that she even MIGHT be attracted, they take it to mean “she wants to have sex with me”.

Then what do most guys do?



If a woman demonstrates that she’s digging you, that’s your cue to LEAN BACK.

Chill out.

Be cool, dude.


One of the best ways to make that feeling of ATTRACTION she’s feeling go away instantly is to try to take advantage of it too soon.

Which leads me to my next observation…

4) Most guys don’t know how to AMPLIFY the ATTRACTION, and INCREASE sexual tension.

Like I mentioned earlier, most men become uncomfortable when there’s tension, and they do things to RELEASE it instead of AMPLIFY it.

Why is this?

Because they don’t know that there are specific ways to build this sexual tension to the point where a woman will literally jump on you… and they don’t know how the process works in the first place.

There is an important concept that you need to understand when it comes to making women feel a powerful ATTRACTION and AROUSAL

That concept is called ANTICIPATION.

Most men don’t like anticipation.

We want what we want NOW. Not later… NOW.


Women like to think about things happening and imagine what they’d be like… and even sort of “tease themselves” with ideas of what might happen.

Women really enjoy the PROCESS of being teased, when it’s done in the right way.

You have demonstrated that you GET IT when it comes to teasing and building anticipation.

And it’s nice to hear that even 37-year-old guys with bad posture and kids living at home can meet girls! lol…

If you’re reading this right now and wondering how YOU can learn to get these kinds of results with women, then LISTEN UP!

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I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo