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Meeting Women Online


Dear Dave,

I don’t know how it happened, but I have been somehow subscribed to your newsletter! Some women think your techniques are unethical, but I just see them as tools. How ethically the student uses them is up to the student. Personally, I am a natural at this stuff, and always have guys chasing me. Yes, it is boring when all the guys act the same. I have had to tell numerous men to quit buying me expensive things (one friend wants to by me a new car at the moment!) because somehow, they think that’s what it takes to get a woman. Seriously, I appreciate the sweetness of the thoughts behind the generosity, but personally, it’s a turn-off. I don’t want strings from a guy I am not in a relationship with! Funny thing, if the super wealthy car buying guy was a little less generous and a lot more cocky, I could’ve seen myself falling for him.

Anyway, I have a new (3 month) boyfriend, who is an exceptional guy. I am writing because he is a total wuss, and the only way I can keep him from being such a suck up is to bust on him constantly. He has been trying to get me to agree to move in with him (my family and I would all hate that!) and is further dangling the carrot of supporting me through school. If we were married, I could see a fairness in that, but come on now, we just barely met! For now, any advice on how I can get him to stop? He is just giving TOO much!!!! Seems like he is setting himself up to get hurt or feel unappreciated.

Any ideas?

SC From CA


Yes, I have a GREAT idea.

Dump this LOSER and call ME.

I live in California, and I promise to NEVER, EVER buy you expensive things. No cars, no jewels, nothing.

You know, it’s taken me about five YEARS to figure out how to get guys to stop acting like Kiss-Ass Wussbags… and at least a couple of those years were spent getting MYSELF to stop acting that way!

It’s not easy work.

I suggest that you buy him a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques CD or DVD program, and tell him to pay careful attention to the sections on how to not give away your power to women, not act like a Wussy, etc.

I’m not kidding.

And by the way, I appreciate the fact that you gave me some great material to bust on YOU about…

You just gotta love it when a woman says:

“He has been trying to get me to agree to move in with him (my family and I would all hate that!) and is further dangling the carrot of supporting me through school. If we were married, I could see a fairness in that, but come on now, we just barely met!”


So you could “see a fairness” in him paying for you to go to school if you were MARRIED to him?

Say what?

Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?

Are you saying that giving him your hand in marriage would be WORTH him paying for your schooling in exchange?

There’s “a fairness” in that?

Methinks that word “fairness” means something other than what you think it means.


Dear David,

Well, here’s someone who lives very far and reads your mails! I’m 29, live in Athens Greece, and until a few months ago I was a complete WUSS with women. Did all their favors, tried to keep them happy and all I got in return was rejection!

Now, here’s my story: I’ve got this female friend, that I’ve known for about 10 years, and that I’ve always considered an extremely attractive woman (me and A LOT of other guys I assure you!) I never made a move on her, cause as I know now from you, beautiful woman use their beauty as a weapon, and I always thought that she’d never look at me at another way than a friend.

Anyway, 2 months ago, I decided to use your techniques on her, to see how it works. The result was AMAZING! After using the C&F approach on a few dates (it wasn’t difficult to take her out to dinner, cause we were friends as I told you) she started calling me at night, asking me to take her out, and once she ADMITTED that my attitude made her feel funny and strange towards me. Of course I didn’t do anything immediately or asked questions, I just took the things she said as “natural” and kept playing the “game”. The unbelievable part was that finally SHE made a move on me, and what’s even more unbelievable was that I pushed her away at first, saying “hey, your crossing the “friends” line here!”. All that lead to an amazing night on our next date.

What is important here, is that now I KEEP acting in the exact same manner with her ever since, cause I KNOW that acting differently will lead to a disaster! Now it’s sooooo easy for me to have her, and to make it even harder for her, I say NO
a few times! hahahaha

My personal conclusion and advice to everyone:

show women you are not attracted to them by pointing out their WEAK parts, act like they’re just another woman you meet… anything else leads to being WUSSY!!! Be the first to hang up the phone, or say “goodbye now”, or show them you have a lot of OTHER interesting things to do than see them. At least this worked for me!

Thanks G.S. Athens – Greece


Ya know, if I had medals for guys who “get it”, I would FLY over there and put one around your neck.

Yeah, you’re the man. Nice.


For the “classy, sophisticated lady” in your last newsletter:

The woman who’s going crazy over me and talking about how there are no real men left happens to have a graduate degree, a great job that involves traveling to South America every month, teaches a class at community college twice a week, is very well-traveled, well-read, and extremely classy. The beauty is that the C&F and Challenge routine works even better on these types of women than on average or above-average women.



Yeah, take that BIATCH!


Look, one of my good friends (who has dated literally hundreds and hundreds of women) and I were joking recently about how the MORE ATTRACTIVE and INTELLIGENT women are the MOST FUN to bust on, make fun of, and tease…

… yep, when they’re REALLY SHARP, it’s THE BEST!

There’s nothing like the tension and anticipation that’s created when you’re sparring with an attractive woman.

And they love it when it’s done right!


Well Dave,

I have to say I just hate it. I bought your ebook and in 7 hours I used your ideas and found myself laughing almost uncontrollable.. I used the C&F at work and had I woman colleague that I didn’t really care for hitting on me.. It was
great.. I wasn’t even interested in her and even she noticed and responded to my C&F. I so busted her balls… Well I now have to say so much for the money back thing.. LOL. and my sure right ideas…I’m buying your CD right after I send this email off.. Guy’s it’s worth it. A real diamond in the rough.


Diamond in the ROUGH?

I’d say a diamond in a Tiffany setting, my man.

Hey, maybe you were talking about YOU, not
me… lol.

No, really… I appreciate your compliments.

It’s usually pretty astounding to guys when they start treating women in a way that both:

1) Doesn’t make sense

2) Works like crazy

… and that they NEVER would have imagined in a million years would create ATTRACTION.

Great job, and thanks for the letter.


David D,

About two years ago I really got myself twisted up into a relationship and came out of the thing a real wuss… Anyway, I went on this crusade to meet, date, and **** as many women as I could. I didn’t know about your materials at the time and pretty much learned on my own through trial and error. Over the last two years I have learned a lot and must say that the information you teach is DEAD ON. I am currently seeing somebody now steadily, so am not the player I was, but I think I could get 75-80% of the women I talk to to give me their email/phone number, etc….and everything I do is pretty much what you teach in your book!

I had the following exchange with a woman who answered my Yahoo personals ad (which I forgot was even out there)…I wasn’t really interested in talking to her because I’m seeing somebody, but just for grins I thought I’d check her out.

This is a really good example of busting on a woman who has a lot of attitude. I think this only goes to show that the women who present a lot of attitude are the MOST vulnerable to the C&F technique. She came at me with a lot of attitude and I threw it back in her face like a bomb. She caved big time. Check it out Dave….

We exchanged maybe 2 emails and I asked for her picture. Here was her response….

HER: “yes, but it’s with my friends and i don’t really give it out too easily…so i kinda wanted to check you out a minute before i sent you a pic…hey dont worry i am not hard on the eyes…just protective over my privacy and that of my friends if you know what I mean…..k?”

ME: “Well, I don’t usually get to know somebody without seeing a picture…so if I don’t like what I see, I’ll come up with some story about having to go out of town to visit a sick uncle.”

HER: “oh…it’s like that? Well let me give you some insight…..if you dont like what you see….oh well! for me…men are like
buses….there is another one coming by every 20 minutes…..the question is whether i choose to get on it or not.”

ME: “Thanks for the “insight”, but I am the bus DRIVER baby, and if you don’t have your buss pass I aint letting your ass ON the buss. And yes there may be another bus coming along, but if you just hop on any bus, there’s no guarantee it’s gonna take you where you really wanna go. I have my own car, girl..I ain’t waiting for a bus or a woman.”

She sent her picture and phone number in the next email and has been on my jock over since. C&F at work…

Keep up the good work, Dave. I believe in everything you preach.



Isn’t it the BEST when a woman tries to act stuck up and bitchy by saying “men are like buses”, and you just casually come back with “I’m the bus DRIVER baby”… lol!

If you’re reading this right now, and you don’t “get” what happened, let me lay it out…

This is some cute, hot, snooty babe who is used to men kissing up to her. She was TESTING this guy by trying to act like SHE has all the power.

His response put her in her place, and communicated in a LOUD, CLEAR way that he was NOT one of the men that is going to kiss up to her and FAIL the test.

This kind of “deeper level” of communication is almost ALWAYS taking place when men and women interact. If you know what to look for, and how to deal with it, you’ll pass the tests. If you don’t, then you won’t last long at all with most women.


Hey David,

I’ve been reading these e-mails for some time and you have it pretty well figured out. I’m one of those guys that “got it” early on in life and have been quite successful with women over the years. I was a world class athlete and so the confidence just oozed out and would drive women crazy, so my success started out as a by-product of that confidence. Your techniques and letters from others using them just confirmed my thoughts from all these years. For example, I once shared a house with 6 beautiful women during my college years, other guys were drooling over these girls and acting like sick puppies trying to get their attention, yet they were happy just to share me! (good thing I was a world class athlete huh?).

We had a big old house that was hard to heat in the winter so we all slept in the same room and put the beds together on the floor to keep warm…ahhh…. those were the days! Many of my friends (male and female both) have always asked the question “have you ever dated an average looking woman?” My response, “I’ll only date women with a good personality, because looks are the result only of good fortune and fade away in time, so I’d rather date a woman with substance, that took her some effort to achieve”. Let a beautiful woman hear that and she’ll immediately attempt to prove to you that she has that substance you’re looking for (many don’t)! When they do, just act indifferent and they’ll be trying to figure you out for months to come while you reap the rewards!

My question….I’ve been dating a woman for a few months and she’s quite taken by me (and I am with her)   She’s got it all, looks (9+), personality, she’s fantastic in bed and interested in a serious committed relationship. However out of habit I often still behave with that confidence and aloofness/indifference that has worked so well in the past. She says she hates it and I’d get farther if I wouldn’t do it so much. Do you think it’s a test? I’m headed for a two week ski holiday to Switzerland in a couple of weeks and she’s joining me. Should I give her more of what she wants on the trip and see how she responds, and then maybe tone it down just a little when we return if it seems to work well? (I’ll never give it up completely, don’t worry!)




Look, you suck.

All men hate you, and you are a bastard.

But you already knew that.

Now, to answer your question…

I don’t like to answer “relationship” questions, but since this one is borderline, and your email contained a story about you having 6 girlfriends all at once that all slept IN THE SAME BED EVERY NIGHT with you… I’ll allow it.

Hell, I just read the story over again to let the fantasy sink in deeper before I finish with my answer here…

You’re obviously a pretty sharp guy.

Let me ask you something:

When a man gets together with a woman in a long-term relationship, and one day she wakes up and realizes that the guy has turned into a WUSSBAG… what happens?

She begins to LOSE her ATTRACTION for him.

She can’t explain it.

But she doesn’t WANT to lose it.

In most cases, she still LOVES the guy.

But none of that matters…

All that matters is that she has to go, because she just doesn’t FEEL IT for him anymore.

Look, it doesn’t sound to me AT ALL like you’re being mean, abusive, or manipulative with her.

If you CHANGE for her, what does THAT communicate?

I think you should KEEP DOING WHAT’S WORKING…which, as it turns out, is being yourself.

I’ll bet you a dollar that if you stop being yourself and start trying to be “nice” that she’ll be gone within 90 days.


Hey Dave, gotta tell you, your advice absolutely rocks!!! Here I was for 23 years of my life wondering what on Earth it takes for a man to be SEXY in a woman’s eyes… And here all it took was for me to read your e-book and newsletters!!! Anyways, I’ve been reading and re-reading your book, booklets and newsletters for the past two weeks now, without acting on them… I did all the exercises though, including the mental preparation of course…

So anyways, today was the day I decided to put your theories to the test. I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Today is the day that women everywhere will realize that I am their ‘Prince in shining armour. ‘” C&F, a touch of style, a little mixed signal sending and that brings me to where I am now… 21H03, the night is still but a fetus, but I am sitting at home wondering how I am going to deal with the three dates I have made for this weekend! A waitress (sexy as hell… a solid 9.9 on my scale), a college girl (about an 8, but very sweet) and a girl of who I only know her name and contact details (a solid 10)… Damn!!! How long I’ve waited to have problems like these!!! If these are problems, can you imagine what the GOOD times will be like?!

J.S. from South Africa


Yeahhhhh Babyyyyyyy!

Ya know, it’s really crazy that we guys live in a MENTAL PRISON of our own making.

A guy that attended one of my seminars shared a story with us.

He had a MAJOR breakthrough one evening when he was trying out my ideas.

He said (I’ll paraphrase), “I can’t believe how easy it is to start conversations with women. I just walked up to women all night and said ‘Hi, I’m just walking around meeting people… what’s your name?’ and it worked!”

And yes, it is AMAZING when you start having women find you SEXY because of the way you COMMUNICATE with them.

Love it!


Hey Dave,

I just ordered your ebook a few days ago, so I’m still relatively new at gathering all of the information so I can incorporate it in my game.

However, I have taken what you have called the cocky and arrogant approach on a beautiful female a couple of days ago, just to see how it would work out. Because, in the past, when I have seen a woman so attractive as to make men stop in their tracks, I would try to engage her in pleasant conversation, maybe give a compliment and ask for her number. 98% of the time, this approach wasn’t successful. But the other night, I whispered in her ear, “I bet that outfit looked good, when it was in style“. She just sort of smirked, but I didn’t follow up. She looked like she may have been a dancer, but I was really interested in only seeing her reaction at this time.

Anyway, here’s my question:

When you use this approach with very attractive women, giving them a hard time, how do you make the transition later when you want to get her number or email, WITHOUT making it seem as if you’re pursuing her just like every other guy she’s come across?

L.T. Philadelphia, PA


LOL… be careful. You know just enough to be dangerous to YOURSELF, dude.

You don’t want to be “Cocky and Arrogant.” You want to be Cocky & Funny!

Saying “I bet that outfit looked good, when it was in style” doesn’t sound so funny to me.

She probably smirked because she was thinking “This guy is a jackass”… lol.

I’m having too much fun tonight. Someone call the Fun Police before I have to do it.

You need to add HUMOR, man.


And don’t concern yourself with trying to hide your intentions from women.

This is Wuss talk.

When I ask a woman for her number, I’m not trying to get her approval, and I’m not trying to communicate to her that she has all the power.

When I ask her for her number, I’m asking it in a way that says “I am interested in getting to know you better… but not right now. Give me your number, and I’ll do that at some point in the future”.

Trying to hide your motivation only makes you come across like a weak, manipulative person.



If I had not discovered your techniques a year ago, my life would be miserable. You have effectively changed my entire personality, and I have never had more fun interacting with women and people in general. Your theories and concepts have proven, in my experience, to be incredibly accurate. What fascinates me the most is how your ideas are basically universal to every single woman.

About 5 months ago, I found a women who I quickly realized was a keeper (beautiful, intelligent, & most importantly emotionally stable). I know that I am doing well with her because every once in awhile she says something along the lines of “I can never tell if you’re really into me”. Earlier in the relationship if she said something like this, I would use evasive action to avoid replying to the question. A couple days ago, however, she brought it up again and I said “Of course I like you, if I didn’t like you would have been out of the picture a long time ago”. She said that she needs that reassurance from me and doesn’t know why she is insecure about the relationship. What would be a response to this that would intensify her attraction for me? How can I make her feel more secure in the relationship and have a higher self-esteem in general( these qualities would make ME more attracted to her) without saying things that make me look like a wussbag?

A second question: You said that while men will cheat for physical reasons, women will cheat for emotional reasons. What would some of these emotional reasons be, and what can a guy do to ensure that this is never an issue? I do not feel that this applies to my situation, but I am very interested in your opinion on the issue and I know that many other guys are as well.

-T, Minnesota


OK, the cheating issue is too big of a question… but let’s just say that you DRAMATICALLY reduce your chances of being cheated on when you use the materials you’re learning from me….

And as for your girl here who wants validation…

You can say ANYTHING and have it mean ANYTHING.

When she said, “I can never tell if you’re really into me” and you answered, “Of course I like you, if I didn’t like you, would have been out of the picture a long time ago”… you were being direct.

Try being more Cocky & Funny in these situations.

“No, I hate you” is a good comeback.

“So you’re trying to tell me that you’re really into me?” is another good one.

You can follow these up with a “Sly Smile”, so she knows that you’re giving her a hard time.

Just remember to NEVER be predictable. Don’t do that!



I subscribed to the list a couple weeks ago and have learned much in that time. I developed c&f into my personality at a very early age to keep from being beaten up on the playground in grade school. Even with this essential skill, I have been unsuccessful with women. The problem is in not being able to maintain an indifferent attitude when faced with a beautiful woman. This was best illustrated last weekend. I ran into a girl I have not seen in over a year. At our last meeting, I was overwhelmed by her beauty and charm. I don’t have to tell you how that went.

Last weekend I ran into her at another party. Due to the pitiful failure of a year ago, I paid her little mind, enjoying myself with the other people there and throwing out a lot of undirected cocky/funny attitude. After a few minutes she was my biggest fan. Surprised as I was, I didn’t realize what had just happened and the evening ended unremarkably. The very next morning I downloaded your book. I now know what happened, what I did correctly that night, what I have been doing incorrectly for years, and what to do about it. Luckily, I didn’t “wuss out” that night and may get another chance with this one. Even if I don’t, there are plenty of others around. And for all of you guys “seriously considering buying” the book – BUY IT! I wasted two weeks debating and missed an excellent opportunity with a beautiful woman.

Thanks for the missing pieces,

DS in AZ


Yeah, you’ve got a great point here…

There are a LOT of different pieces to this puzzle.

I talk a lot about being Cocky & Funny… and about not being a Wuss, etc.

But these are just a few of the basics.

I love it when guys come to my live seminars or listen to my Advanced Dating Techniques program (which was taped at a special 3-day live program that I did).

I always hear things like “Wow, I thought this was just going to be three days of the same stuff…” or “I figured that this was just going to be a repeat of your eBook, Double Your Dating.”

They’re always surprised when they find out that there is so much to learn… and that there are so many great concepts and techniques to use with women.

Maintaining composure is a key.

Beliefs are a key.

Body language is a key.

…and there are many, many more.

Thanks for the email reminder of this fact.


Hey Dave,

How’s it going? I’ve had some pretty good success using that online personals response you gave a while ago (modified a bit to suit my own situation of course). I almost always get a response, with a beautiful woman actually thanking me for sending her a message. There is a problem when I go to reply back to them though. In my reply, I usually bust on them and then say something to the effect of

“so tell me about yourself, what you like to do for fun, fave music/movies, etc… And if you’re good, and interesting enough, I might let you ask about me”

When I do this I never get a reply, and this has happened half a dozen times! I’m totally lost here… They really seemed to be into me the first time, and then I reply, and nothing. So I know where the problem is (me), I just don’t know what it is. Help me macking guru, tell me where I have gone off the path.

Your humble disciple,



Yeah, that personal ad response newsletter was a big hit.

I still get letters about it and requests for it these days…

Good stuff.

I’d say that your problem is that you’re trying to be Cocky & Funny a little too soon, and in a way that doesn’t go with the “personality” of your initial response…

Let me explain.

Cocky & Funny is a great technique. No doubt about it.

But when you first meet or start chatting with a woman online, your MAIN objective is to MEET HER.

It’s not to make her laugh, or anything else.

So if you’re getting good responses, move DIRECTLY to saying “Great, let’s get together this week for a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation….

Don’t ask her to tell you about herself (she already did that in her personal, dork), and don’t tell her that you might let her ask about you. She doesn’t CARE about you. She only cares about how you make her FEEL.

You got her attention with an interesting reply to her ad, now KEEP it by moving to a MEETING.

Once you’re alone with her in person, THEN bust out your (still amateurish) Cocky & Funny moves.

And this concept goes for when you’re meeting women in public face-to-face as well. Just get the number/email and set up a meeting later. Don’t worry about making a great impression, or charming her.

Once you become a master of communicating with women, then try more advanced moves….


Firstly, I love your stuff! Every guy should definitely buy this book lest you like to keep losing manliness points with the ladies every time you’re out. Anyways, the C&F is really getting to me now, I actually understand the psychology of women now! Praise GOD!! Anyways, to my story. I had met this chick, like an 8 or a 9 I’d say and started talking to her at a book store. Somewhere in the conversation we start to talking about morphine and other hospitalization type drugs.

So, in a serious face I say, “Whoa, I didn’t know I was talking to a drug addict, I might just have to leave you now, our relationship is over.” She didn’t say a word, she just sat there with a stunned look on her face. I leave and go find some goofy drug self help book, and return 5 minutes later, and give her the book, saying something to the melody of, “Seeing as how I didn’t want you to turn to such harsh drugs as elephant tranquilizers, I got you this book for your problems. I know you love me already, but drugs are not the answer! The last thing I need is a woman who is all over me that can actually smell colors. I’m just saying don’t become a pharmacist or anything, the white powder on your nose all the time might amount to some suspicion. Course you could always be a police officer, the other people might just think you’re really into powdered doughnuts.”

After this, I must say I sealed the deal, and she burst out laughing, ran her hand up my face and through my hair, and it seemed that she had that “I want you now!” kinda look in her eyes. So I say, “Easy now killer, let’s just be friends.” and then I just said goodbye, and did the turn back and got her info. Anyways, I’m getting better at it anyways. I have a question as well. I know in learning C&F you have people write down their stuff, which is what I’ve been doing, but for topics which I haven’t really touched on, I’m just not really quick on the draw, and I often mess up. Should I just keep on writing my stuff down and I’ll eventually start thinking of funny things all the time? Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of times I can’t quite get the info for one reason or another. It’s like I forget a lot of times, and then I slap my head in stupidity. Anyway to help that?

Thanks, R from Michigan



And read the advice I just gave to the guy above.

Don’t worry too much about being Cocky & Funny at first.

You’ll find that much of the time you’ll do fine by just taking things one step at a time, and incorporating little bits of the concepts and techniques as you go along.

Most guys JUST DON’T GET IT, and most women will respond to you MUCH more strongly if you just keep things SLIGHTLY more interesting than the average, predictable, dumbass guys who usually approach them.

You’re doing great.

Keep writing things down, keeping notes, and improving.

And make sure you download your copy of my eBook “Double Your Dating“. You can download it now, and be reading it within a few minutes. It’s here:Free Newsletter And Download eBook

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo