What a Woman Asked David


“I am a nineteen year old woman who searched the internet with my now-broken up boyfriend and found your newsletter and jokingly signed up for it under my screen name. Well, I have been reading it and I must say…your advice to these men is very accurate…how did YOU ever get to know all this stuff?

You say that you get a lot of women writing in that it’s not fair that you tell men these things. I personally am glad that you do, I’ve searched the world over for a man who will act like that…but WOMEN want advice TOO!

The game would be a little more fair if women had the same cheat sheet that you’re giving the men. So, that being said…I have the “innocent” sort of look, and as a result many of the men I run into tend to treat me like a child. How do I get them to see me as a woman and not as their little sister?”

My Comments:

Did I ever mention that I respect 19 year old innocent-looking women highly?

To answer your question, I got to know all this stuff because I woke up one day and I was SICK AND TIRED of not knowing the first thing about how to approach women, get their number, make them feel attracted to me, etc. And I hated it.

So I spent a long time reading, learning, and getting to know guys who knew how to attract women. I looked for the common elements, and I refined those (and developed several of my own in the process).

By the way, if you want to learn the female version of how to be attractive, read the book “The Rules.” I even recommend that guys read it. Fun stuff.

So back to your problem of being an innocent-looking 19 year old woman who wants more respect…

Stay tuned to these emails, and use what you learn.

Oh, and call me for some private consulting. Your situation sounds challenging, but I think I may be able to help.

Your Friend,

David D.