A Trick For Getting Her Number


Hey Dave,

Your material is awesome. I have met more women in 4 weeks with your material than in the previous 4 years of dating! I have, however, come across a problem which requires your expertise. I can easily obtain a woman’s email and during the follow up email get their number. However, I get their voice mail often when I call them up. What is your feeling about leaving a message with them? I mean if you call several times (and they have caller I.D.) and don’t leave a message they will think you are some kind of weirdo. For example I got this hot woman’s email but whenever I call her (3 times in the past week) I get her answering machine. Should I leave a cocky/funny message on the third attempt or should I email her back or just keep calling until I get in touch with her?

Thanks for your help,

D. in Alabama


I’m going to answer your question in two different ways… one is the direct answer, and one is the “bigger picture” answer…

First, the bigger picture answer:

Most problems, like this one, boil down to a rather simple formula:




Are you with me here?

If you were out getting more emails and numbers every day instead of worrying about this one, you would have called her the first time and said, “Hey, it’s me. Call me, here’s my number…”

A few days later you would have probably emailed and said, “Hey, you’d better call me, because my week is filling up fast…”

Finally, you would have forgotten about her because you got too busy seeing other women.

When you become too concerned with one woman, you do things like CALLING HER THREE TIMES IN A WEEK… without her calling you back.

What’s the message you’re sending to her?

Of course… “I tolerate and even pursue women who don’t call me back.”

That’s not what you want to communicate, man.

By not leaving messages, you also add the charming TWIST to the overall message of “I might be a stalker, because I don’t leave messages.”

So, get out there and meet more women! That’s the bottom line.

And now, the direct answer…

Call the first time and if you get voicemail say, “Hey, it’s [your name here], call me. My number is…”

If she doesn’t call you, then send her an email that says: “What, trying to play hard to get already? Call me.”

If she doesn’t call you, then YOU have to decide what to do.

WHATEVER you do, don’t call or email her again for awhile. Give it a week or two if she isn’t responding to you.

Then, when you do contact her again, make sure she gets the hint that you’re busy, that you’re dating other women, and that you’re not impressed with the fact that she’s a flake.


Dear Dave,

Love your material. I have gone ten years looking for material on dating and your knowledge is second to none. I have learned tremendously from your ebook and emails. I do have a question though. I had met a hottie the other night and using C & F she was all over me, making out with me in a bar. However when i got her back to my place and we continued “making out” she kept saying “I usually don’t do this” and “what are you thinking (about us hooking up so quickly)?” Needless to say I continued forward with my manly duties, but I was wondering 1) why was she asking these questions and 2) what is a good way to respond to such questions in the future.

Your new follower,

A in Vermont


Here, let me ask YOU something…

What would YOU do if you were a woman who:

  1. Had a self-image that didn’t include “hooking up” with a guy the first night you meet him.
  2. A STRONG sexual attraction to a guy that you just met, and you want to hook up with him the night you met him?

Of course…

You’d say things like, “I’m not this kind of girl” and “I don’t usually do this” and “What do you think about this?” etc. etc. etc….

You’ve asked me what I think of this, and how to respond to it when it happens.

First, I think it’s normal and natural for a woman to behave this way. Get used to it.

Secondly, as far as responding to this kind of thing… I have a couple of thoughts for you.

1) Don’t Expect Anything

I think that guys get their hopes up when a woman “comes home” with them… and they get more and more excited about the possibility of “hooking up”… to the point where they’re UPSET if it DOESN’T happen.

When you put this much importance on something, you set yourself up for failure… and often do things to CAUSE failure. When you WANT something, it costs more. Right?

So don’t EXPECT anything. Be OK with whatever happens. Lean back. Chill. Be cool.

2) Make Sure She Knows

The next step is to let the woman you’re with KNOW that whatever happens is cool.

Don’t PUSH.

When you start using all the different concepts and techniques that you’ve learned together… and you start to smoothly transition from one step to the next… you will start to see women responding VERY powerfully.

But, part of this powerful response will USUALLY be some sort of “resistance.”


Because women aren’t used to meeting men who KNOW all this stuff!

They’re not used to being swept away by the powerful sexual emotions that you’re triggering with your communication, body language, and touch.

I’m not kidding here.

Don’t be surprised when some women get so freaked out that they literally run out the door or start shaking with nervousness.

Women just aren’t used to men who know how to make them feel things this powerfully!

Now, if a woman says “I don’t know if this is a good idea, I don’t usually do things like this with a guy I’ve just met”… you basically have a couple of choices.

You can PUSH, in which case you’ll usually meet with resistance… or you can PULL BACK, then let things start again slowly… which will make it far more likely that things will continue to the next level.

The real key here is walking into every situation with a woman NOT EXPECTING anything…or being overly concerned with the outcome.

Don’t worry about it. And expect this kind of thing from women… it’s normal and natural.


Dave, I got your e-book a few months ago thinking it would be a big joke. But I have spent $40 on a bad date so figured I would take the gamble and I am so glad!

Before I read your material I was the total wuss boy, I was just way too nice and got no respect. Now I have confidence! It didn’t take long to use C&F, posture, etc, but what I noticed is that when I SLOWED DOWN, women started looking. Walk slow across the room, using deliberate movements, shoulders back, head high, and you will just FEEL more confident, and women pick up on that. Easy to get emails and numbers when they feel your confidence!

Thanks for the tips. I want to say that your “kiss test” has worked 100% with my last 5 dates! Playing with her hair and looking her in the eyes while relaxing on the couch has gotten me lots of kisses, then I BACK OFF for a few minutes and it drives them crazy! I just keep thinking GO SLOW! I am a good looking guy, but the problem I have had with women is the “friend” category.

Now after 4 months I have a girlfriend that can’t get enough, and I can’t thank you enough. I am never going to be the wuss again! BTW- I did get her flowers, I told her I made the arrangement myself and the flowers were exotics as I made up names and places they were each from, she just laughed so hard it broke all Valentine tension and I didn’t need a barf bag.   CA



A quick thought…

It is AMAZING how powerful the idea of “backing off” is after you’ve kissed a woman, etc.

Moving two steps forward, one step back is one of the easiest and strongest way to amplify attraction.

Good job.


Mr. DeAngleo,

I have your e-book Double Your Dating and it’s just plain excellent. You have a keen insight into the communication necessary to gain the respect and admiration of da ladies. And you`re a quick study of the human condition called “a relationship”. I look forward to studying your audio program.

Even though your stuff is great, it seems to skew towards younger, never married girls. Am I right that an older women who have been around the block with kids, would be more worldly and have more of a personal agenda? Or that these women are the “new and improved gold diggers”?   I’m in my late forties and am realistic to the age bracket I’m going to encounter and date. Sure I look great and athletic, but the funny and cocky attitude would seem to only work with young girls rather than pre-married model.

Are guys my age stuck with working just the personals and local church festivals? I mean no matter how suave, cool, cocky, and funny I am, aren’t I always fighting the age different thing? That a man in his forties, has to use the power, fame and money, rather than personality? Is the cocky, funny personality going to work with older women? We’re not all James Bond’s you know.

I look forward to your answers because you really are the expert on this topic. And whether you’d like to admit or not, you’ll be my age sometime soon, and then what will you do?   Man, that’s something to think about!

Keep up the great work,

LP Wisconsin


I’d like to give you some long, detailed, profound answer to this question, but I just have to say:


My stuff doesn’t skew towards ANY types of women.

I flirt with every woman I meet… of every age. They all love it.

And I get emails from guys of all ages who use this stuff to meet women of all ages.

Try it… you’ll like it.



All I can say is wow! Thanks a lot, the Dating Tip; What To Do When She LIKES You, couldn’t have came at a better time! It’s the first message I read over, hell I even read it 3 times!   And now canceling something tonight so I can read over your book and past letters, the information is truly amazing, I was shocked at how well this book was written. And you really helped me with remembering how great the gift of missing you works, would have f***ed that up 2nite!

Last night I went out with 3 beautiful women and because my Escalade is at a friends (he is installing a few screens for me, can’t wait!) I invited a male friend to come along that the girls have meet before to drive, When they entered the car they said how much they missed me, the gift of missing you is SO powerful I can’t explain it enough. Then at the end they all said “thanks for spending time with us”, I was thinking, aww I feel so special! Said a c/f comment and got a few hugs/kisses goodnight. And my friend didn’t even get a “thank you”. He drove around and spent over $100 paying for us to do stuff(total wuss, husband material, he’s 18 so that’s not good)! I paid nothing and received great benefits because of you, where do I send the cash donations!?

I suggest you all look over the materials you have, or purchase the e-book now if you have not already. Look, your wasting lots of time, money, and lots of great opportunity’s to get to know wonderful women by not listening to this stuff.   I can’t even put together words on how well this stuff works, Dave does a GREAT job teaching!

Question: This one girl with a 9.5-10 personality and great looks has this sparkle in her eyes that I really LOVE.   How can I mention it in a non-pussy way? Bust on her about it (making fun of it)? But I like it! hmm

-JB, Chicago IL, where sheep are only in zoo’s! ;)


Sheep in zoos? Dude, what are you doing talking about where the sheep in YOUR town are? It makes me nervous when men know exactly where the local sheep hangout is.

Now, to answer your question…

Why is it that men feel such STRONG urges to compliment women early on? I don’t know what’s with us.

I have to say, I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling, because I have to watch this myself…it’s like we come pre-wired with a “nice guy compliment” mechanism.

Well, TURN IT OFF for the first 10 dates or so, OK?

Look at those beautiful eyes, and when she says, “What? What are you looking at?” say, “Oh, just my reflection in your eyes…”.


Hey David:

I have a question that I’m not sure you’ve addressed in your book. Have you ever come across a situation where you’re working on a girl and her construction worker boyfriend shows up ready to pound you one? Any idea on how to handle that situation?

I’ve been there and lets just say that I’m damn lucky my front teeth don’t look like some of the hidden back ones! In fact, it’s instilled an added fear into me that has made it really hard to approach women for the last 13 years. Some guys are crazy and if they see another guy making his girlfriend all excited, it could be bad news.



Yeah, I have a great response for this…

Walk away.

What did you expect me to say? Beat him up?

I know that secretly a lot of guys have a fear of the husband or boyfriend showing up and becoming violent.

Does it happen?


How often?

I don’t know… but, I can tell you that I’ve never heard of it happening to a guy for just talking to a girl… and I know a LOT of guys who meet a LOT of women.

Just walk away.

Risk is a part of life, and you have to accept it if you want to enjoy unusual levels of success.



Many guys write in and tell you about their success with this specific girl, or that specific girl etc.   Those are great stories and encouraging to the rest of us. My success story is a little different.

Today I was browsing my emails and something happened that struck me.   I have been corresponding with this really attractive girl who I met through the personals.   In her first email to me (a response to my initial contact) she asked when/where we could meet. In her third, which I read this morning, she gave me her phone number and asked me to call her ‘really soon’.   I will call this evening.

I thought about this in context of my current situation: last night I had a 3rd date with a really cute Japanese girl who hardly speaks english and who I met at a bar some time ago, the night before I had a first date (tea @ Starbucks) with an attractive tall blonde (who asked me, before I brought it up, when we can meet again), and the night before that I was at a girls place making dinner for her, almost having a food-fight, laughing and joking and poking fun of her family pictures in her apartment (on our 3rd date). I could go on but won’t.

The point I’m trying to make is that my success story isn’t about any of the above successes.   You see, when I read the email this morning which had a phone number and a request to call ‘really soon’, my reaction was pretty casual. And it struck me that my reaction would have been totally different 1 year ago. I would have been so surprised and happy and excited. And I would have told myself ‘wow, this girl actually wants to meet, ok now, don’t screw this up…blah blah etc etc’

The success story I’m talking about is ME.   My reaction to the email sums it up; I’m not even surprised when I get that kind of email any more. Pleased, but not surprised.

I’m starting to REALLY understand the difference between the INNER and OUTER game. It’s not dissimilar to the difference between success with a single woman, and my own success in ME and my situation. Plug for Dave: I got the ebook about 1 year ago and I’ve been following the newsletters. I’ve been slowly shedding the inner wussy and it’s thanks to your teachings. I can only imagine what kind of success I might have if I actually ponied up for the CD series.


I mentioned above that I am dating a really cute Japanese girl.   She speaks English, but not much (certainly more than I speak Japanese!).   I got her email at a bar and we’ve been out 3 times.   I can sense that she likes me, and I think things are proceeding well.   In fact, she’s coming to my appartment tomorrow to cook Japanese dinner for me.   My question is this: how can I tease her when she doesn’t understand anything but the simplest of English. I actually told her what ‘tease’ means and then tried some examples to demonstrate.   This worked to some degree, but I’m feeling a little held back.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

S. in Vancouver


About your “inner” success…

I can remember a moment a couple of years ago when I realized that the inner insecurity that I used to carry around with me was GONE.

It’s hard to explain an emotional feeling, but it was as if there had previously been a certain insecurity that was always with me… that affected every part of my life…and then, without me realizing it was going… it was gone.

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

As far as your situation with your Japanese girl goes…

I have a friend who is great with women and who likes to date Japanese women, and he tells me that they are different because of their culture… and that they are often more reserved.

I’ve never thought of TEACHING a woman what teasing means, but it’s a great idea!

I personally think that it’s difficult to communicate in a subtle way when there is a language barrier… but that’s just my take. If you can figure this one out, write in and share the wisdom!


Dave, – I ended up on your newsletter mailing list just the same way I always ended up in boys P.E., I have one of those names that gets confused as being male.   At first, I found your letters just funny and a bit odd… until I started seeing that you are absolutely right. The qualities you explore and recommend in your stuff is exactly what I am attracted to.   Wow, what an eye opener. Wussies are a waste of time. Give me a C & F real man anytime.

By the way, I find it very attractive in you too! Kisses!

TM, Dallas,TX




If you want to pucker, so I can get an idea of what the “kisses” look like, feel free. Love it.


Hi Dave,

I’ve been enjoying your emails in the last few months. You’ve offered some valuable advice on how to deal with people. But, I am sorry to say I’m finding your advice less valuable.

You are focusing on being cocky and funny with people. But you are forgettign one thing. You have to make sure you make people feel good. Otherwise, they will be like – fu** you, I don’t to talk to you – you are a piece of sh**. I’m just trying to
help you get on the right track, man. Nothing personal.

Just read your last email. You are encouraging someone’s comment who tells a complete stranger that their dress is made of a shower curtain. Did you ever stop to think that it does not make someone feel good? I mean if someone directed a rude comment like that to me – I’d be like fu** you – you are a piece of sh** – I don’t want to talk to you. Or, I would imagine a girl would think something like – Why are you talking to me? Go eat sh**. I don’t want to talk to you.

I would say something like – ‘Wow! That’s nice shoes!’ (or Wow! That’s a nice hat!) Make a compliment when you meet a stranger – that helps. Instead of making them feel like a piece of sh**. Take your fu**ing ‘cockiness’ in the whole new direction MON! You are going in the wrong direction. I want you to stop before you lose everybody on your mail list MON!!!

You’ve gone a little overboard on that, mon. Come on, admit it. I think you will probably make some cocky and funny comment about that. But even then, please do not go overboard with cocky because there is a border line between cocky and rude. And I take it, you who study human personality, should know where that border line lies.


Well, MON…

Do me a quick favor. Go learn how to attract women, then write me an email.

You sound like a “Couch-Based Expert.” In other words, I’ll bet you couldn’t get a woman’s phone number if you were giving away CASH PRIZES… OK?

Now, to be fair, from time to time I do get an email from someone who says “It sounds to me like you’re suggesting to men that they act like jerks”, etc.

What does this tell me?

The most IMPORTANT thing it tells me is that you haven’t read my book or listened to my Advanced Series… and you just don’t get it.

This isn’t about making women feel BAD, it’s about making them feel GOOD.

You might not have noticed, but half of the Cocky & Funny equation is FUNNY. If you’re funny, then you don’t have to worry about what you say, because it’s HUMOR.

I’m not sure that “Wow! That’s nice shoes!” is the answer.

OK, MON, get up off your couch and go learn how to meet some women. And stop being a whiner.



You may not consider this a true success story since it’s not about scoring with every good- looking girl I meet. Rather it’s about the change in my feeling about myself. In the past few months I’ve gone from feeling absolutely crushed by “rejection” or seizing up to recognizing that there are so many attractive women out there, IT DOESN’T MATTER if one of them shoots you down.

I’ve also reached the point where I can approach a cute girl and get her e-mail/number. I admit sometimes it’s not her real info, but this is a work in progress. I’m on several online dating/chatting sites, working my stuff. I’m even using the arrogant humour routines on two of my former love interests and am starting to see some smoke rising as a result. I’m working the material on the servers at the restaurants I frequent. And on and on…

At first, I didn’t think it could take three years to “get it down,” but last night I had my first cup-of-tea-at- Starbucks date and now I understand even more what you talk about on the CDs. It does take time to become “totally congruent” with this. But it’s going to be so much fun getting there!

So, in conclusion, I already consider myself to be a success simply because I feel so much more empowered as a man. Thank you.

CPAG Tucson, Arizona


Actually, this is to me, the BEST kind of Success Story there is. Getting a hot woman’s number isn’t a big deal once you know how.

But, changing how you FEEL inside and how you feel about YOURSELF is huge.

Great job.

If you want to learn more about how develop yourself into that MAN that naturally attracts women, then you should check this out:

On Being A Man

It’s the GOODS.


Hi Dave,

I got your book and subscribed to the emails about a year ago.   It’s great stuff.   A lot of it is new to me – but so much is obvious (with hindsight!!). I am seeing my inner game change slowly but surely, so that I feel less and less that I need a woman and more and more that they are lucky to have me. Looking back (I am 40) I reckon I have been most successful with girls when I was most relaxed and confident – they say success breeds success!

Here are a couple of interesting experiences I have had that confirm your approach -

I had a 19 yr old foreign student as a girlfriend a while back.   The first night back at my place I offered to call a taxi for,   her put her in the spare bedroom or she could sleep with me. Obviously she chose to sleep with me! I was just trying to be a gentleman – but my theory now is that by `pulling back’ I challenged her expectations (that most guys would be desperate for her to stay) and I forced her to take responsibility for choosing what SHE wanted (whereas most girls spend their time rejecting what GUYS want).

My latest girlfriend is 29 and a total babe. But she is a bit spoilt.   She often gets sulky if she feels she isn’t getting enough attention from me. In the past I would have done whatever she asked. Now I realise that is a game you can never win.
Instead I ask her if she treats her friends like this – no – so why does she think it is ok with me? She has actually said that she really respects me for not letting her be a spoilt brat.   Also sometimes she threatens to find another boyfriend. I always tell her that I can’t stop her if that’s what she wants. Then she always says she doesn’t want anyone else. It seems so obvious now – why should a woman respect a man she can control??

I read your latest email about getting numbers. The point about not hiding your intentions is so true! Of course a woman knows what you want. If you pretend otherwise you just seem weak (& also you have made it really hard to bridge to getting the number   Doh!).

BUT – why do you say turn away & then turn back as if it is an afterthought??   Isn’t this exactly the pretence you said not to do?   Why not just say `I’ve got to go now, but I’d like to talk to you again.   Have you got email?’ Isn’t that less wussy?   Or am I missing some subtlety here. (I have tried the turning away thing, but without success. I think maybe I am not a very good actor)

Thanks for the fantastic information, Dave,




It’s fine to NOT turn away and just ask a woman for her email address directly.

You’re making me reflect on how I developed my “3 Minute Email And Number” technique…

In the beginning, I imagined that it was basically impossible to walk up to a woman who was a complete stranger and have her just give her number to me.

So, I started learning different kinds of tricks and techniques, from palmistry to handwriting analysis… and all kinds of other freaky and almost embarrassing ideas.

I basically figured that I would have to somehow “distract” a woman from the fact that I was “interested” and get her number without her really understanding that I WAS interested.

The turning away, then turning back is something that is kind of “left over” from those days of being clever.

Turning away, then turning back basically demonstrates to a woman that you’re OK with walking away without getting her number… which is a good exercise if you’re at the stage where you get nervous asking for a woman’s number/email.

Feel free to just say, “Do you have email?” and then, “Great, write it down… I want to talk to you again” etc.

As long as you are cool and calm with all of your other communication, you’ll be fine.


Saint Dave- I’ll skip all the ‘you’re so great’ stuff and get to the point. I’ve been learning and practicing you’re techniques. And, as you know, they’ve been working. But I’m not writing to tell you about my successes- rather I’ve got a story I find humorous.

Currently I’m going to college in California, but I’m moving to NYC in May. Somehow my EX-girlfriend (who lives in NYC)   heard through the grapevine that I was moving there. Out of the blue she calls me- after 3 THREE YEARS and a very unpleasant break-up. At first the conversation is strained and awkward, but I’m using the all C&F stuff unconsciously. As I do I feel her start to loosen up to me, and she offers me a place to stay ‘for one night’ when I get to New York. I hit her back with ‘Well, I’m pretty busy. But if you wear a sexy dress, cook me dinner and give me a massage, maybe I could find time in my schedule.’ We go back and forth like this for a minute or two and then I end the whole conversation abruptly. Since then she’s been calling and sending emails all the time, virtually begging me to come and stay with her ‘for as long as I like’. Now the point of this story was that I was not even TRYING. I had no intention of re-kindling the old flame, or even hooking up for a one-nighter. But the &F stuff was so ingrained to my behavior, that even my ex-girlfriend who hated my guts was falling for it. Thanks man- you’re helping humanity.


San Fran, CA


Yeah, well, surprise surprise.

Here’s something that I’m hearing more and more from guys who REALLY understand how to make women feel ATTRACTION… and who have more dates then they can handle:

“You know, it’s funny… the more I ignore and don’t pursue women, the more they call me and won’t leave me alone.”

Why is this?

Think about it.

Because when you don’t care, you DO all the right things, and you SAY all the right things.

Be careful, it sounds like you might turn your ex into your new stalker!



Your stuff helped me to consciously identify for the first time what I had done right all these years (approximately 18 years, counting “courtship”) to get and keep an incredibly beautiful wife (she’s in her low 40′s but gets carded every time she orders a drink).   But, more importantly, you’ve shone a light on those few bleak and sadly deficient skills that I’d let slip, “’cause we’re married”.   Let me tell you,”My wife is much happier, now!” (I couldn’t understand why she got so irritated when I didn’t care where we ate.   I really don’t care, but she’ll never hear it from me again.)   In fact, we spent a Saturday afternoon and evening this weekend that could make a lot of your single guy/player types jealous!

One final thought that I suppose you could count as another success:   I’m ashamed to say, (from the context of a married guy) a friend of my wife appeared to have gotten a little too attracted from her time hanging out with us. So, I turned it ALL on … in REVERSE!   You know, “I don’t want to hurt my wife, but I love you.   I know we shouldn’t do anything, but I NEED you…”   (You know, once you stop, it’s kind of weird to act like a wussy on purpose!) Anyway, it worked like a charm, you could almost see the little cartoon cloud where she had been standing!   Well, that was more than I intended, I just wanted to be counted if you start tallying up the married guys that respond to your Q&A.   E. Fla.


You know, I love it when married guys like yourself write in (which happens more and more often) and tell me how this stuff is making their relationships better.

Women never stop wanting a man to do the right things… if only more men knew this.

And your thought about how to act like a Wuss on PURPOSE to make a woman run away is great.

Isn’t THAT interesting?


dear Dave,

I have used both your email book and the cd seminar with tremendous benefit. I have more than doubled my dating! I always chuckle at the guys out there who say you “make up these emails”,. I have at least 10 friends who subscribe to the newsletter and have written you, and you have reproduced their emails verbatim. Now for my question. I have, on several occasions, met women and , as a segue to cocky and funny, told them I am chippendale dancer when I responding to the question of “what do you do for a living”. Now I don’t look like a chippendale dancer, (actually I’m a businessman) but these woman start believing my story and I run with it all night and I am cocky/funny to the max (for example, I’ll state that I hate women coming onto me since I’m a dancer, and that women only use me because I’m a dancer). Now the question I have is how should I respond when these women find out I am not a dancer? I know in your cd seminar one of the people you interviewed stated he would state outrageous occupations such as a slave trader. How far is too far? I can go the whole night with a make-believe occupation and play along with a woman. When do you break them the news that you are not who you state you are, ie dancer? Eventually you have to to be honest, right? Is there a point that you have to be honest because if you are not the woman may think you are a total liar and not trustworthy. I mean I have played this role of dancer so convincingly that they actually believe my story and the attraction level increases with C & F and they start attacking me, but I am afraid of the ramifications of what will happen when they find out that I am not a dancer. Need some advice from the Mack Master,

Al in D.C.


LOL… Dude, this is funny stuff.

So, let me get this straight… you tell women that you’re a male stripper, and then they fall for you… and you don’t know how to “let them down easy”?

If a woman actually BELIEVES crazy things like this, I like to turn it up a notch and say, “Well, actually I used to be a male stripper, but now I’m a porn star… are you OK with that?”

I don’t like it if a woman believes something that isn’t true for too long… remember, you’re just kidding.

And if a woman DOES believe something for too long, and then gets a little upset, just say, “What?! You weren’t actually dumb enough to BELIEVE that I was a male STRIPPER, are you? I don’t think this relationship is going to work. I would NEVER be with a woman who would date a STRIPPER…”

And by the way, thanks for mentioning that I faithfully print the emails that I use in my newsletters, because I do… they’re all real.

Thanks for your email.



First off, i realize you hear this a lot but your ebook istotally the mack- i’ve seen a big difference in my interaction with women which i’ll contribute much of my success to your book.

I’ve recently been giving some serious thought to ordering your advanced materials.   Here’s my question: With the other 1 billion “buy our stuff and your success with women will boom for three easy payments of $19.99″ sites, how would you compare your $195 advanced audio tape series to [other dating products] which tout basically the same types of things for about half the price? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying your stuff isn’t brilliant, and i realize that i’ve easily spent $195 in dates/on women, i just wondered what your take is.

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Well, here’s the deal…

I’m about to say some things that are going to make me sound a little too confident, so get ready…

I spent YEARS trying to figure out how to be successful with women and dating.


I read books, listened to tapes, went to seminars… and tried all KINDS of things. I mean, if you knew half of the stuff that I tried, you’d laugh your ass off at me.

Most of it didn’t work… and the stuff that did work actually worked IN SPITE of the fact that it was lame.

I mean, if you do ANYTHING it will work SOME of the time.

I’m going to tell you something that is both simple and profound at the same time.

The thing that makes my Advanced Program different from all the other stuff out there is that it’s BASED on watching and learning from guys who are “naturally” good with women.

The experience that REALLY took my success to a high level was watching, learning from, imitating, testing, and refining what I learned from these guys.

In fact, I invited several of my friends who were the MOST influential on me to participate in the live seminar that was edited into the Advanced Dating Techniques program, and when you listen to it, you’ll watch and/or hear me interviewing five of them LIVE.

I’ve worked hard to create a great set of tools and techniques, and a logical way to learn them, understand them, and start using them.

I will bet you that if you listen to or watch the entire 12+ hours of this program at LEAST 5 times… there are so many killer ideas inside, you will be thrilled.

You can watch some samples of the program and get all the details here:

Advanced Series

And if you haven’t downloaded my online eBook yet, then go do that NOW. You can download it in a few minutes and be learning some of my best techniques right from the comfort of your computer. It’s here:

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