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Keys To Creating Chemistry On First Dates



In one of the newsletters I received a couple weeks ago you gave the advice to someone to learn ‘what topics fascinate women.’ I found this newsletter specifically interesting because I’ve found myself in this same situation were when im on a date things get quiet and I cant find anything to say. I know you have already recommended a good book on comedy, “comedy writing secrets,” but what is a good book explaining how to tell stories? And, what are some topics that fascinate women? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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New Conversation Skills To Attract Women


I’m reading through some of the bazillion emails I get every week, and I come across one of the best emails that I’ve read in a LONG time.

Are you ready for the interesting part?

It’s from a MARRIED GUY.

Yep, you read that right. He’s married.

He reads the newsletters and uses the things he learns to improve his marriage. Go figure.

This guy was able to explain in a few paragraphs a concept and technique that I personally use, but have been unable to actually explain and verbalize well.

I wish I would have written what you’re about to read, but I didn’t (But I’m still a cool guy because I wrote what came before and after it).

Check this out…

***Conversation Technique***


I’m still having great success with a rekindled marriage using you’re Tips on my wife. Thanks a million. Listen, I keep reading over and over in the MailBags guys wanting to know how to start, then keep a conversation going with women. I work for a major oil company and have been through many of there training courses on dealing with people. One particularly interesting course was on “Information Seeking”.

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Dating Younger Women, How To Be Cocky & Funny


Davie DeAngelo,

I have had your book and newsletters for almost 2 years. Yesterday I sent away for your advanced series. Your material is quality and obviously the way to go (I’m ridiculously cheap and I wouldnt have spent the extra money on the advanced series if i knew it wouldnt work)

My most recent story goes like this: I was working and met some female (9.0 on my scale) exactly the type of face i like. She had a hard-to-get personality. I teased her and had some good conversation for a few minutes. She had to go but returned a while later asking ‘what time it was’ or some stupid question like that that you can ask anyone and still look casual. (typical of girls i have busted on to come back and ask some stupid question) I continued to bust on her and maintain my uninterested/laid back mood.

I told her to write her number down, she did and she told me ‘she liked me’ or some pick up like that, i said “yeah i like me too”

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3 Major Mistakes To Avoid On A Date


Hello, I am reading your book now and it’s great, the cocky guy thing is working 100%. I actually got 5 #’s in 4 days! WOW :) Thanks! My Q is, I met a girl online, she gave me her #, I called her we met, got dinner, drinks, then made out! Cool stuff! She says she is having the greatest time, blah blah blah. When I kissed her, and made out a little, she then says, slow down its the first date. I felt bad for going on so fast. So I said sorry. When we went home (2 different directions) everything was cool, (looked like it at least) I said, “ok, thanks, great time blah blah” then i said “You want me to call u or u gonna call me?”

She goes “I’ll call u, u call me its all good” SO it ended good, (i think) NOW, Should I CALL HER the next day or not?

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4 Tips For Keeping A Woman's Attention



I’m considering investing in your program, but I have a question for you before I do. Essentially, I’m no longer looking to hook up with women left and right. In fact, I think I’ve met “the one,” but I’m having trouble making her realize this. I’ve been pursuing her for about five months (during part of which time she was away at school, but we kept in regular contact, at first through e-mail and, later, over the phone), and I get the sense that she’s very guarded about relationships. She’s *very* goal oriented (which is one of the
many things I love about her, BTW), and therefore very busy, and – I suspect – she’s been burned in the past, relationship wise.

At any rate, on a couple of occasions, it felt to me as if things were moving forward, and then she backpedaled; perhaps she “got spooked,” and took a big step back to protect herself. Most recently, we were out for the first time since she finished school, and – insofar as I was able to determine, I was getting the green light all night: at a movie, I slipped my arm around her and she leaned in, resting her head on my shoulder; later, we were at a club for a band, and when we were ready to leave, she reached across the table and held my hand for a while; on the way back to the car, it was pretty chilly, and when she complained about the chill, I stepped over and hugged her.

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