Keys To Creating Chemistry On First Dates



In one of the newsletters I received a couple weeks ago you gave the advice to someone to learn ‘what topics fascinate women.’ I found this newsletter specifically interesting because I’ve found myself in this same situation were when im on a date things get quiet and I cant find anything to say. I know you have already recommended a good book on comedy, “comedy writing secrets,” but what is a good book explaining how to tell stories? And, what are some topics that fascinate women? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

M.G. Gainesville, FL.


This is a great question.

There are really two very different (and important) aspects to the “conversations with women” topic:

1. The HOW.

2. The WHAT.


Most guys want to know “what to talk about” with women.

It only makes sense that you should talk about things that women are interested in… right?

Well… partially.

It is actually FAR MORE IMPORTANT to talk about whatever topic you’re talking about in the RIGHT WAY.

In other words, if you don’t understand HOW to carry on a conversation that creates ATTRACTION, then it really won’t matter WHAT you talk about… because the woman you’re talking to won’t FEEL anything towards you.

The HOW of conversation includes (but, is not limited to):

- Your body language

- Eye contact

- The Cocky & Funny style of communicating

- Flirting

- Sending mixed messages

- Directing the conversation

- Dealing with common questions and topics

…and many other things.

My point is that if you’re running into a lot of “uncomfortable silences”, nervousness, and other usual challenges, then you probably need to get the HOW handled before the WHAT.


With that said, there are several topics that are GREAT to discuss with women.

But instead of just giving them to you, I want you to do yourself a favor and THINK for a minute.

What topics do women PAY to hear about?

Hint: Cosmo magazine, romance novels, soap operas, nighttime dramas, the fashion channel…etc.

If you think about it, the answer to this question is rather obvious.

For whatever reason, WOMEN tend to LOVE:

- Drama

- Conflict

- Romance

- Famous people and their lives

So… it’s really quite easy to enjoy a conversation with a woman about these topics.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Play amateur psychologist to the stars.

Talk about how someone famous is doing something really stupid, then psycho-analyze them.

Actors, rock stars and famous sports figures just LOVE to do crazy things… cheat on their spouses… and then say “I didn’t do it”.

These situations are BEGGING to be picked apart with a fine-toothed, critical, funny, sarcastic mind.

2. Find an interesting looking group of people and guess what’s going on.

Look around you, and find a couple sitting at a table that looks like they’re on their first date.

Then, start making fun of how the guy is acting, how he’s dressed, his posture, or whatever. Talk about how the woman is thinking that he’s a dork and how he’s not getting any, no matter how many compliments he gives her.

Analyzing what’s going on with a close group of others is big fun, and women love it.

3. Make fun of someone famous.

Talk about how a super model is too skinny, or how Ben Affleck can only date women named Jennifer.

All you have to do is read a few gossip magazines to get all kinds of great stuff to make fun of.

It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s a great way to talk like you’re all that.

4. Talk about other people’s love lives.

Talk about the problems that others are going through when it comes to love and romance, then volunteer completely ridiculous theories about what’s going on.

Mention a friend you had who broke up with his girlfriend because she gained weight, then after you’ve told the story, make up a random theory about how women who gain weight are actually lesbians.

But, make sure it’s funny, whatever you invent.

…I think you “feel me”.

The point here is that women are NATURALLY fascinated and drawn to certain topics… so USE THEM.

The REAL benefit of talking to women about topics that really interest them is that you can USE ALL THE OTHER IDEAS THAT YOU’RE LEARNING while you’re talking!

You can AMPLIFY THE ATTRACTION as the conversation goes on… as long as you know what else to do as you talk.

Oh, by the way…

Topics to avoid: Rape, kidnapping, stalking, death, chess, computers, comic books, Star Wars and your secret love: wrestling.

NEVER talk about topics that might really freak a woman out, or topics that make you look like the biggest loser alive, especially in the beginning.

You’ll create BAD VIBES that will make any attraction that you’ve created INSTANTLY disappear.

Others to really avoid include talking negatively about yourself, talking about how desperate you are or how long it’s been since you’ve been on a date, asking if she likes you or if you’re her “type”… and any other WUSS-BAG topic that makes you look insecure and needy.

Remember, the key to success with women is creating a powerful emotional ATTRACTION between you and her.

If you don’t know how to do this, then NOTHING you do is going to help you very much.

If you DO know how and why women feel ATTRACTION for men, then almost ANYTHING you do or talk about can amplify it.

And if you’d like to get the basics of how ATTRACTION works, plus a good set of tools to use for meeting and dating women, then go download my eBook Double Your Dating. You can download it and be reading it in just a few minutes from right now. Download it here:

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I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo