How To Impress Her On A Date

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Hey Dave,

I am a good looking guy but never really got the chicks i wanted, only got ones that wanted me. That is history now thanks to your material..

In the lecture hall a chick asks me pointing “is that free?” (meaning the seat next to me coz the hall was full)… i made it out she was pointing at my lap and i said.. “No you can’t sit on my lap, how about this seat?!”. she cracks up laughing and sits down.

I tease her hard at the interval, and after lecture she asks me if i am single. To which i reply “Yeah, i suppose i have space for one more!!”- she giggles and calls me naughty.

She texts me all the time now and we plan to do a proper hook up next week….life is great!

I noticed you can use C&F in doses, just 5 good hits and you’re in. Rest of the time just sit back and enjoy having a “normal” conversation.

Anybody else noticed this?

J.D. London, England.


You’ve made a great point here…

If you start off the interaction with a woman in the right way, you’ll form a “first impression” that will cause her to see ANYTHING you do from then on in the context of the “Cocky & Funny” attitude that you’ve demonstrated.

I personally think it’s a good idea if you keep up the Cocky & Funny, easing off as you starthaving more and more conversation. But, don’t stop entirely, because at some point you’ll begin to lose the magnetic challenge that worked for you in
the first place.

This is another reminder that once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, she’s likely to think of you in that way for a LONG time.

And if you start out by acting like a WUSSY, then she’s going to assume that you will ALWAYS act like one, and run.


Hey Dave,

A casual “playmate” of mine just turned me on to you and your sage advice and I must admit that it’s terribly accurate. Nothing is sexier than confidence and if a man can tie it all up with a funny bow, all the better!!!

Speaking of being tied up, I’m a very submissive woman behind closed doors but outside of the bedroom I tend to employ the c&f approach myself (it’s reflex – I come by it naturally). My question is how do I put these two aspects of my personality together to achieve optimum success out there in the dating world?

L. from Vancouver


Um, well the first thing you do is SEND ME PICTURES AND GIVE ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

I recommend PERSONAL COACHING from me…nothing else will do. It really is a must.

Your challenge is going to be finding a man who is a match to you. It’s not going to be easy…

(I love my job, by the way.)



Alright, just bought your book a few weeks ago and have devoured it twice over! Great stuff in there! The ladies LOVE this stuff! Now, like they say, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!

I have more ladies than I can handle, being a very busy college student. Needless to say, I find time!

Now, my question here is on jealousy:

If Girl A sees me out with Girl B, given Girl A likes me enough, will this jealousy INCREASE Girl A’s attraction to me? Or, for that matter, Girl A knowing anything about me being involved with any other girl? I ask this b/c I’m a little more attracted to Girl A than the others but still want to “get to know” the others!! What do you say, Dave?

Thanks, dk


Jealousy is an interesting emotion.

Some believe that it’s the most POWERFUL emotion.

Generally speaking, if a woman knows that you’re seeing other women, it will make you more attractive.

But you must be careful.

Jealousy can make people crazy… and it can lead otherwise normal people to do all kinds of insane things. If you make the wrong person jealous, they can turn into a stalker…

That said, my perspective is that you need to live your life and not worry about what others think of you.

This trait will lead to women finding you more attractive in and of itself.

If you’re always worrying about whether a woman will be upset because she sees you out with another woman, then you’ll be acting like a wussy all night because you’re scared.

On the other hand, if you could care less what others think of you, then it will project into all other areas of your behavior, and will lead to other good things.


Hey big D-

I’ve been getting your newsletter for a while now, and man has it helped- you’re a genius! Every Friday night I go out to parties, but there’s usually the same people there, so they’d notice if I drastically changed how I act, so I’ve been working in your techniques bit by bit, and most everyone just thinks I’m finally coming out of my shell.

Last Friday night I was there and there was this new girl from another school- she’d never seen me before, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I went over to her and went all out. She was wearing one of those shirts that’s just a strap in the back- basically a half-shirt. I walked right up to her and said, “Ya know, when someone wears that kind of thing, it can only mean one thing.

She pulled one of those half-smile “I’m hot and I know it- just give me your stupid line and go away” looks. So I said, “It means you can’t afford an entire shirt, and you were just hoping no one would notice since it’s dark in here.”

Needless to say, she was caught off guard. She started to get a mad look on her face, so I gave her crap about not being able to take a joke, and mentioned that it’s a good thing she could at least afford an entire pair of pants. Finally she laughed, and said, “What, you don’t like my shirt?” and kind of pouted.

So I said, “It’s not bad, but it’d look even better on the floor of my bedroom.” Ya know, those really cheezy pick up lines can actually work if you deliver them sarcastically so the girl knows you’re making fun of people that use them for real. Another kind of backward logic that works, so ya just use it, I guess. Anyway, about a minute later I got her to give me her e-mail address and number, and I walked away.

A couple days later I sent her an e-mail saying it was nice to meet her and if she wanted to see me I’d be there the next week. She replied the same day saying she’d be there – and that’s tonight. I’m off to go there now, so I’ll be sure to fill you in on how things go on our “second time.”

Thanks again, David! T in CO


Love it! Great work, and good job sticking it out through those first couple of minutes of conversation.


Hey whats going on Dave?

I don’t have a question, cause i have the C/F down patt. So the other night i decided to take it a little further. I was with this girl and then after a while, i knew that she wanted to start to get busy, so I TEASED HER!!!! I don’t wanna get into much boring detail, but I made her want it more, it was like i owned her. It was great. And the best part here, I’ve only received now 2 e-mails from you. The 2nd one was the one with questions and stories… and i got it the day after. What can i say, I’m a natural.

Thanks Dave, keep the e-mails coming… soon to get the book.

A Saskatoon, SK


Ah, a man who gets it.

It’s hard for most guys to lean back and not give a woman what she wants in the moment.

But, if you can just hold back, tease, and let the anticipation build up… and learn how to amplify a woman’s feelings by doing this, you’ll get so much further, so much faster.

On the other hand, if you try to keep pushing forward always, you’ll run into resistance at every turn… and wind up frustrated because she’s telling you to stop.

Nice moves.


Hows it goin, Dave? Just wanted to start off by saying I’ve read your book and the c&f techniques have worked wonders. But, lately I’ve been having a bit of a problem. See I’ve had this one girl who has been my good friend for a few years now,
and shes always set me up with her friends etc. ppl always joke about how we should get married and everything and we just laugh… but lately im realizing that i really do like her. I’m at a total loss on how i should confront her (the 3-5 minute c&f routine doesn’t really apply here!), and need some tips/ideas from turning a ‘just friend’ into a girlfriend.

Thanks in advance,

–CJ from Austin


Well, you’re an interesting guy.

Most guys who have a golden goose (her) that is laying (no pun intended) golden eggs (her friends) wouldn’t be so quick to try to hook up.

Think about what you’re risking here…

If things don’t work out with her, you’re going to most likely be out of luck as far as the getting hooked up with the girlfriends… and you’ll probably lose her as a friend as well. These things aren’t certainties, but they’re a pretty good bet.

If you want to see if she’s interested in you, try using the Kiss Test on her (it’s on the second page of my main web site, and in my book). It works wonders.


Hello Dave,

I totally agree that success with women only comes when you actually grab your balls, go out and do something about it – you actually need to IMPROVE in all of the ways possible. Just recently i’ve been concentrating on training my voice.

What advice would you give on how to best train your voice so it is “attractive” to women – and generally conveys self-confidence and control? By the way you sound great on your seminar CDs.

B London


OK, let’s summarize what you’ve said here:

1) You grab your balls when you go out to meet women.

2) You like the way my voice sounds.

I’m not sure about you, dude.

lol… the best things you can do to train your voice are:

1) Speak slowly and clearly.

2) Put more bass in your voice… talk in a lower register.

3) Use pauses for effect.

Just as important as the VOICE is your “Body Language” and gestures. In fact your voice tone and your Body Language make up almost ALL of the stuff that makes a woman feel ATTRACTION for you. More great tips on this stuff are here:

Body Language


You are the man. i think people should put a monument for u. the C&F routine had worked wonders for me. im actually now getting digits and e-mail. But this C&F routine got me thinkin. your great methods are now probably in the hands of a million guys or even more, so if two guys playing the C&F on the same girl, who will she choose? like i mean, do we have then add another part to our character?

And another question, wont these babes get tired of us guys of approaching them with the same C&F routine??? i think they will need something different in their lives so wont they go for the jerks or some other people???? u gotta answer these questions for the sake of humanity!!!!

U.W Israel


Well, for the sake of humanity, here’s the deal:

Most guys just want to meet a nice girl and settle down into a relationship. My materials help guys do that FASTER than they would have before, and date more women in the process, so they eventually meet a BETTER girl in which to have a relationship than they would have before.

And you don’t have to worry… there are plenty of women out there.


Dear Dave,

I want to thank you for all of the help. I admit, I used to be a Wussy. I know this now. But I recently started working at a store and found a lady there to be very attractive. I had never asked a lady out before, because of my shyness, and being use to them just confronting me or having their friends do it. I was ready for a change in this and decided to use your techniques. I used your techniques and simply asked the lady out with a C&F approach.

Needless to say, after work tonight we were eating out and SHE actually requested we go to a more ‘Private’ location nearby. I kept the C&F routine rolling all night. Having to be at work the next morning we decided to head for home. Keeping up the C&F routine I ended up with her number and she suggested that we go out the next night (tomorrow night). I learned a lot about her and these bring me to some questions.

She wanted to talk about our lives the whole night. I kept up the ‘Is this a job interview?’ stance and kept off of the normal subjects. But she kept coming back to these subjects. How do you get off of these subjects/questions if they keep insisting? Also, she and I are religious people, and I am not after the normal ‘one thing.’ I’m after a relationship. Keeping in mind that we are both religious, but sex is not out of the question completely, how do I still make her feel attracted to me?

I also want to say thank you for bringing light to the subject of women and God Bless you for all of the help. You are simply THE MAN!

Many thanks,

Grateful Virginia


I think you’re on the right track.

If you’re looking for a relationship with this woman, and you’re not going to have sex with her before that point or before marriage, then you’re OK talking about “normal” topics.

The Cocky & Funny material will only make you more attractive to her, so make sure you ask HER the kinds of questions you want the answers to, and make sure that SHE is the right girl for you.

Thanks for the email.


Hi Dave.

I’ve read your book and i totally agree with your C&F attitude (it has worked for me). Anyway, here are some facts about me:I’m 21 yo, live in Greece, really handsome,never done a PICK UP(get her number). Although i look older and…experienced, I’m quite inexperienced with women. I’d appreciate if you answered a specific question.

Here is the situation i have been many times:I’m sitting with a friend of mine in a cafeteria. 3 or 4 meters away there is a table with 2-3 girls chatting or playing a board game.I “catch” one of them staring at me with that silly expression that says”I LIKE YOU”.What should i do? I should immediately stand up and approach their table with confidence. Then what?I’d like you to tell me the EXACT words i should use.

I look forward to hear from you.

Aris P.

P.S. Please forget about the email. The target here is clear: Her mobile phone number


Well, this is going to sound simple… and it is.

The first thing you need to understand is that if a woman likes you, then she’s VERY likely to give you her phone number, email address, or whatever. I even know a guy who gets women’s addresses and a map to their house when he first meets them. Really.

You need to just start talking to women.

Walk over to the table, say, “Hi” to one of the girls, and then ask her a few questions about herself. Finally, say “It was nice talking to you… I’m going to get back to my friends.” As you turn to walk away, turn back and say, “Hey! Do you have a mobile phone?” If she says “yes”, then give her a pen, and say “Write down your number, I’d like to talk to you again.”

It really is that simple.

You need to do that about 100 times in the next month.

You’ll learn so much that you won’t believe it. Do it!



I bought your book about a month ago and I have used some of your techniques to success. There is this girl I like at my bank and who I thought liked me. The problem is I let the beauty get the best of me. I bought your book after I met her in hopes to getting her.

Well I used some charm by dropping a card through the drive through and writing if she wanted to go out Sunday night. Let me tell ya she melted and told me that no one has ever did that for her before. She told me to give her my number and that she would call me for Sunday night.

Well Sunday rolled around and she didn’t call but the next time I saw her she turned red and greeted me with a smile and the apologetic excuse that I was away this weekend and I feel so bad I didn’t call you and then she bowed her head and said she was sorry but didn’t say she would call. I asked two of my friends one c+f guy who has great success with girls and he said you should have told her “playing hard to get” and laugh at her excuse to get her thinking.

While my other friend who seems like a wuss at times but also gets laid quite often said to be up front and say what happened and lets try again. What do you think I should do? Should I say anything? Its been a month but I see her about 3X a week at the bank. Plus she is always telling the other tellers I look hot by the way I dress–Armani guy and that I am well off because I drive a real nice SUV. My gut feeling is to move on. Thanks.

J in Ct.


Well, at this stage in the game, I’d recommend that you ALWAYS get her number and email.

You be the one to email and call her first.

This way you can follow up, and she knows that you know how to get a hold of her.

The card and the asking her out on a “date” was probably a little too much, in my opinion.

When you do things like this, you come across as overly interested.

Better to say “Hey, give me your email”, then to email and suggest a cup of tea. Then, if tea goes well, suggest something else… and so on.

Let things progress naturally, and don’t come on so strong in the beginning.

Here’s what I’d do if I were you:

Next time you see her, say “OK, you’re playing hard to get, but it’s not working on me (in a funny way). Give me your email and number, and I’ll call you in a few days.

Then get her info, and wait a few days to call her.

When you do reach her, tell her that she owes you a cup of tea for being flaky. And make her pay for it.

And make sure you don’t act like a needy Wuss, OK?


Hey Dave,

Your material rocks, after Henry Ford, you are the man who has changed America. I have one huge question. As you often say, women test a lot and do it by many different ways. I recently have come to a certain girl who we call, a woman player. At some point, were everything I was doing was going well, she just said “I love you”. I know that saying this on the first date for a guy is a no- no, but what if she says it. I know that this time it was a test, but what if this happens and the girl is serious?

thank-you s-d



Well, if you are interesting enough, you’re going to have women saying things like “I love you” all the time.

And, just like Hans Solo said to Princess Leia, you need to say…

“I know.”

Don’t turn into Wussy Boy and say something dumb like… “really?”.

And by the way, if a woman is SERIOUS when she says “I love you” on the first date, then you need to be really, really careful… lol.


Hi Dave

Bought the book a couple of days ago, printed it off yesterday (guess that defeats the point of e-books, but it makes it easier to read sitting on the toilet!) and read it. Went out on a date yesterday evening, and suddenly I’m like a mind reader…

Had a date Friday, before reading the book. She said she doesn’t even want to talk to me again. Date last night (Sunday), was a bit cold and wasn’t opening up. Had a few beers, then told her I could tell her things about herself that no-one’s ever told her before. Did a few minutes of that, she melted and asked me was reading a woman’s mind my party trick! Bear in mind I only picked this up from reading the book, and threw in a bit of common sense and guess work into it to make it sound good :-)

She went home to hers, I went back to mine. Asked her to text me on my mobile when she got back home. She done that. She’s already emailed me this morning too. Suddenly after all these years it’s starting to make sense…

Enough of my rambling, thank you for a damn fine book. It’s very early days, but already things are changing.

Thanks again, keep up the good work!



It’s funny, because I get a lot of emails from guys who say things like “I downloaded your book today, and I sat and read it all the way through… then I went out and got a girl’s number”, etc.

Of course, the best is when I get the success stories like yours from guys who are taking the materials, and using them to get responses from women that they’ve never gotten before.

Great job…

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo