Lesbians, Quality Women, And Attraction


Hi David,

First off, got the e-book and the CD series, and I must say it BLEW my mind away. Your e-book helped me pour on the C&F online to land a girl which I am currently dating. I can also vouch that everything else that you address in your material is working like a charm on her…she can’t get enough of me. She even started out telling me that she wasn’t the “type” of girl to get physical too soon, but C&F took care of that!

Everything is good with her, but I am also trying to date other women using the direct approach, as my ultimate goal is to become a Jedi master of women myself (thanks to your teaching). Now I am working on myself to improve my direct approach (i.e. body language, eye contact, mental state, etc.) My question is for guys like me who are getting their feet wet with the approaching of women, how do you recommend we should go about it, where to start? I mean should we start by approaching and working on mentality, and then body language, C&F, and then voice tone…. or do it all at once?

Do you have any advice on which books/tapes are the most useful for learning these? By the way, please come give a seminar here in Houston, TX, I’d love to learn more!

VN Houston, TX


Great question…

I really think that the FIRST thing you need to get handled is COMFORT approaching women. In other words, you need to get to the point where you can walk up to a woman and start talking to her without turning into an emotional basket case.

If you’re FREAKED out on the inside, it’s going to be pretty hard for you to act “normal” on the outside. And it’s going to be even harder to try new things and use techniques that you’re learning if you’re uptight.

The best thing you can do is go out and start conversations with about 50 women over the next week or two. If you’re too nervous to converse, just give a compliment and walk away.

Say “Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re beautiful. Have a great day.” and walk away.

After you can do that, then try keeping eye contact with the woman while you’re saying it.

After that, try pausing for three seconds before you say the word “beautiful”… all while keeping eye contact.

If you can do this, you’ll have women stop you and try to talk to you as you’re walking away.

When you can do this comfortably, then try asking her a few casual questions to start a conversation. Ask her if she lives in the area or if she’s visiting. Ask her what her name is. Simple stuff.

At this point you’ll be ready to use the three minute email/phone number technique, and ask for her email.

I’d say that this is the most important part. As you’re getting more comfortable talking to women, you can start to use more and more of the things you’re learning from the other materials that you have.

Congratulations on the girl you met online! Good work!


Hi David…

I actually started using the c&f technique before i ordered your online ebook just by using my own intuition from what I read in your newsletters. Needless to say, it’s been working like a charm! I’ve had 3 women in online chat the last week drop me their no.’s, with 2 of them BEGGING me to call them! Of course, I’d never give in, but the most striking things one of these chicks said was: “I can’t believe I’m feeling this way about someone that I hardly even know.” Good stuff man!

I have a question though… There’s this beautiful redhead in one of my college classes. She seems particularly ‘stuck-up,’ doesn’t really associate with anyone, and generally seems to be very aloof. The university I go to is generally very ‘clique’ oriented, where everyone knows everyone else. My question is, how do i break the bubble with this chick without her giving me a raised eyebrow, and what can I do to follow-up on getting her interested in me?

Sincerely yours,



Well, I’m going to give you an answer that you probably don’t want to hear…

If you’re doing so well meeting women online, and you have two women begging you to call them, then why are you focusing on a woman who seems “particularly stuck up”?

Keep doing what’s working, genius!

But if you’re HELL BENT on the redhead, then try this:

Go sit next to her in class, and completely ignore her for most of the class. Pretend that the seat next to you is actually empty. Don’t look at her, talk to her, etc.

If she says anything to you during the class, or asks you a question, answer it in a disinterested voice and don’t look at her.

Then, as the class is coming closer to ending, turn to her and look her in the eye and say “So it it true what they say about redheads?” in a cool, calm way… maybe one eyebrow raised.

She’ll say “What do they say?

Answer “Well if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you” and give her a sly smile, as if you know something that she doesn’t.

Then say “What’s your name?“… and after getting her name say “I have to run after class… do you have email? Maybe we can study sometime.”

Then hand her your pen as if you FULLY EXPECT her to write it down.

Try that.

And remember, if you have women online saying things to you like “I can’t believe I’m feeling this way about somebody I hardly know”, then you might want to focus more there!


I am still in college, and I have a slight problem. I have been using your techniques (both the book and the CD series) and have absolutely no trouble getting email or digits (or laid for that matter). But I do have a hard time meeting quality women. I have quadruple-quadrupled my dating, and have yet to meet anything I would consider a keeper. I’ll go on a few dates and all seems well, then, these issues start flaring up (i.e. abusive ex-boyfriends, they become obsessively clingy/needy, drug problems, etc….)

Is there some way to weed out women with these issues ahead of time? I don’t want to come off as an a**hole or snobbish, but I am getting more and more selective as my time and energy are too valuable to waste on girls that don’t have their act together.

Are there some tell-tell signs up front that I am failing to see? Oh master jedi, please help me on the selection/weeding-out process. Until I get some help, I’ll have to continue to nail every chick in sight. (I won’t be too upset if you don’t answer, I just hope my di** doesn’t fall off!!)

(If you haven’t INVESTED in the book and audio series – you are cheating yourself. In the word’s of the Stif-meister, “Any time you pass up sex you are cheating on yourself” – by not INVESTING, you are passing up the keys to gratuitous sex. Get this stuff so you can get the real stuff!!)

— A


Well, thanks for the plug, and congrats on the success with women.

You have a problem that is a GOOD problem to have.

And you’re exactly right… the more success with women you have, the more selective you become.

Instead of settling for any woman that wants to settle down, you realize that YOU are the one who can choose your own future.

It’s a powerful reality to live in.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality that most men on this planet will never experience.

Let me give you a few hints…

If you want to meet an attractive, healthy woman to settle down with and have a great relationship, then you’re probably NOT going to meet her at a bar, club, strip club, etc.

Go check out some self-improvement classes.

Or go to the gym.

Or take a yoga class.

Start asking the questions that WOMEN usually ask at first…

“Are your parents still married?”

“How was your childhood?”

“What’s your relationship like with each of your family members?”

“Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?”

I know it sounds a little backwards, but you should probably start asking these questions at the VERY BEGINNING, when you first meet a girl.

This will save you a lot of time in the long run.

And remember, there are no perfectly healthy people running around on this rock called Earth…

Best of fortune to you.


Masta D,

I give credit when credit is due, I want to thank you for solving a whole lot of the puzzle for me, and for spending several hours on these newsletters.

After a year of learning and practicing your stuff I am finding just how powerful it actually is. Your last newsletter of conversation topics was a big help, and the ‘just friends’ thing is a real killer. Dave, i have a quick question- This beautiful women asks me “Will I ever have a chance with you?” I’m proud of that and all, but in order to amplify the attraction would I simply say “no”…or how would you answer it differently?

Thanks man I’ll get your audio series soon,

D from CA


“Masta D”, huh?

I kind of like the sounds of it. Maybe I should quit this whole biz, and go into producing rap. I’ll think about it.

As for your situation, I have ideas.

What you have is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what usually happens. Most GUYS are thinking “I don’t have a chance with this girl” etc.

When a woman asks a question like this, it means that she’s feeling VERY insecure, because she knows that she’s dealing with a man who has OPTIONS.

She “gets it” that you can go out and meet women any time you want, and she’s exposing this insecurity to you by asking questions like this.

If I were you, I’d answer:

Well, let me think about it” or “A chance to do what?” or “What are you willing to offer in exchange?“… in a COCKY & FUNNY tone of voice.

When a woman asks you a serious question like this in a needy tone of voice, you need to kind of diffuse the situation, but keep the energy going.

When you answer with a confusing, funny, arrogant answer, it takes the negative tension out of the air (because you used humor), and it adds some positive tension (because you hinted that she does).

This is a great opportunity to use your Cocky & Funny material, so do it!



I know you’ve heard this before, but you really are a genius. I am a 35yo physician with good looks and muscular built, but had the worst luck with women. After medical school, I thought I would have no problem with women because I was a doctor. WRONG!! I was a WUSS!!

After reading your ebook, I only wished I knew this stuff 15yrs ago. This information is priceless, I would have paid thousands of dollars for this. The cost is truly a steal. Many, many, many thanks. Question: Do you think it’s wise to use these techniques on women at work?

P.F. Chattanooga, TN


Thanks for the compliments. I get a lot of email from guys who are athletes, bodybuilders, naturally handsome, etc. that say the same things… if you don’t have the right attitude, understanding, and skills, then the looks alone are almost useless.

And on the other hand, if you have the attitude, understanding, and skills, then looks aren’t even that important…

I’m glad you’re having the success you’ve always wanted. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

As for your question, I personally think that women you work with are great to PRACTICE on, but horrible to DATE.

Everything is great until you BREAK UP. Then it might turn into your worst nightmare.

My rule “Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.

Another thought: If you’ve read this and you’re wondering the secrets that this guy has described, then go and download my online eBook right now:

Double Your Dating ebook



I got a quick Q. You mentioned quite a bit that its good to be honest with a new woman you met that you want/are dating other women at the same time. At what point in getting to know a woman should you say this? ie. before or after the first kissing/sex etc. And secondly, how should you go about saying this honestly to a woman? This woman I’m seeing now made it clear that she wanted exclusivity from the start (pretty much after the first few kissing sessions) and saying that she’s not that “type of woman you can find on the street”. Any ideas? Thanks.

T Prague

P.S. I hooked up with this woman thanks to the cocky/funny routine you teach. My last relationship I had been in was over… *cringe*… 4 years ago and it left me in WUSS mode. Ironically, I remember getting myself that girlfriend using C/F as well, but didn’t realize it until I thought about it very recently. Thanks again man.


This is a great question.

The first thing you need to do is decide what YOU want for YOURSELF.

If you want to date other women, then do it.

If you want to be exclusive, then do it.

But make sure you’re making the decision based on what YOU want for your life.

Second, if you want to date more than one woman at a time, and the woman you’re dating says “I want to be exclusive” with you, then you need to accept that she might leave if you date other women. Deal with it.

Too many guys in your situation would cringe and say “Oh, but I can’t lose this girl. I’ll do whatever she wants…” etc.

This is a bad move, of course. When you decide to put aside what you want for your life because you’re trying to please someone else, trouble usually isn’t far down the road.

If I were you, and I wanted to date other women, I’d say…

“I think that it’s a big mistake for two people to get into a relationship so fast. Most relationships that end badly end because the people got involved too quickly, and because they didn’t know each other at all. I like spending time with you, but I’m not even interested in talking about having an exclusive relationship with you until I’ve known you longer.”

Be strong. It’s worth it.



To make a long story short, I just got out of a 1 year relationship about a week ago and almost completely forgot how it was done and lost almost all my game. I’m a pretty good looking guy and never really had trouble getting dates. Anyways I’ve been getting your newsletters for quite a while, but being in a long term relationship I never got a chance to test them out until recently… but Damn! you hit it right on the money!

In no time at all I was back in the game getting 2 #’s and an email address in 1 day from trying your techniques, and these are girls that even I couldn’t get before, becuz I admit I was a wussbag to girls I was really interested in. But not anymore! I made up a pretty good c/f routine when i noticed this really hott girl’s hair all done up, check it out…

Me: Hey are you going to a Rave?

Girl: No…. why?

Me: Because you got this crazy Rave chick do goin on (pointing at her hair)

Girl: Oh what you don’t like my hair? Me: Well, I guess it’d be pretty cool if you were going to a Party or something but i wouldn’t go out in public like that…(with a serious face)

So then she laughed and asked me what my name was and I stole the 4′ without the shoes thing also and got her email and to this point we’re still getting to know each other but things are looking way up! Dave, thank you!!!! (almost forgot to say… she’s a 9)

Thanks again KJ in GA



You realize that there are going to be men all over the world this week walking up to attractive women with “big hair” and asking if they’re going to raves… right?

This is a WONDERFUL example of how to be Cocky and Funny.

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoy being single more this time!


Hi David,

I’ve had great success since reading the ebook and newsletters. This summer, I was practicing c and f on a lesbian just for fun, no expectations… a couple days later she jumped me! Powerful stuff.

My question. I work in the library at a University. I’m a cashier where people pay their library fines. I talk to dozens of women a day, since they have to pay their fines to register for classes. Captive audience! What a great opportunity for getting emails and phone numbers, huh?

Unfortunately, I’ve got 3 bosses in cubicles near by within earshot of the counter. I’m cocky/funny with all the cute girls I meet, but I hesitate to ask for email addresses, afraid that it would piss off my bosses. Any ideas on how to ask for email addresses non-verbally, or in way that wouldn’t be obvious to overhearers? I’m stumped.

Thanks, S

Edmonds, WA


Oh, can I tell you how much I LOVE IT when guys write me to tell me that they’ve converted LESBIANS back to the “light” side? You are the man.

Oh, how I would love to have your job!

Do you remember the guy who wrote in a few months back with the “survey” idea?

Try this…

After you’ve been flirting with a girl, say “Here, take this real quick…

Then, take a piece of paper (or have one ready), and at the top write “SURVEY” in big letters.

Under that write:

1. First Name

2. Email Address

3. Phone Number

…try that. I’ll bet it will kick ass.

Oh, and I hate you.


First of all, props to you Dave and the great ebook. “Double Your Dating” is definitely the best title for your book, because I did just that. But there’s a problem… I need to know how to hook up with a lady friend of mine. We’ve been friends for about 2 years, and we’re close friends.

That’s the first mistake, yes, I know once the “friendship line” is crossed its hard to go back. We flirt a lot, and play fight and all that “cute” sh*t. She’s about an 8.0 and lately i’ve been getting these “urges” (i want to sleep with her)… So basically, I need to know how to get her to jump back to the other side of the “friendship line” again.

I’ve been doing the C/F routine for a while, she gets a kick out of it, and it always brings a laugh and a long lasting smile to her face. I’m constantly unpredictable, always changing. Once she thinks she has me figured out, I switch it up again. Also, when she acts like she’s really mad at me, I ignore her and let her have her little temper tantrum. I just simply walk away from her, and she hates it!

She’s always saying “I HATE IT WHEN YOU NEVER GIVE IN!” and thats how I know i’m doing a good job lol. So, to sum things up, the stuff from your book worked on her. She told me she thinks about me a lot more, and she even thought about kissing me. But she said it’d be “too weird” for us to be together since we’re such “good friends”.

Dave, is there something I can say to her to change her mind? Or should i use some techniques that aren’t in the book? Please help me Dave… Please oh please oh please.

P.S. Please please please

W from Jersey


OK, first of all, NEVER say “please oh please oh please” again to me, lest I consider you to be the WUSS OF ALL WUSSBAGS.

And never write “P.S. Please please please”. I’m shaking my head right now.

You’re on the right track with the girl, by the way.

Next time she says something like “I’ve thought about kissing you” say “You’re probably not that good of a kisser anyway” and change the subject.

Then tease her about it later.

This sets up a challenge in her mind, and it will work wonders, if done correctly.

Finally, say “Come here” and tell her to close her eyes.

Lean in really close, like you’re going to kiss her, and she can feel your lips just touching hers… then lean back and say “never mind”, I still bet that you don’t know how to kiss.

Get it?

After you do this three or four time, lead into smelling her neck as I describe in the bonus booklet called “Sex Secrets” that came with Double Your Dating. That should do it for you.


Sometimes I try to pick up women off the street (no, not hookers) whether I’m riding my sickle or driving my car. I found out long ago not to ask them if they want a ride. If I’m on the bike, I say only, “Get on!”. If I’m in a car, I say “Get in!” More often than not, they don’t say a word and just get on or get in.

And I’m not incredibly tall and goodlooking, nor riding a Harley, or driving some hip car. I’ve had women in business dress (usually with fuller skirts), wearing heels and carrying brief cases practically leap onto the back of the bike.

Once a bunch of us were shooting the breeze about some of the nastier women we’ve had and one of the youngest in the group said, “How do you find women like these?” To the rest of the group’s approval, I said, “You don’t find them. You make them.”

KM Fort Worth, Texas


Ah, the words of a Sage, I’m guessing.

This is so far out and interesting… I need some guys out there to try this and get back to me about how it works.

I need details… how do you start the conversation? How do you ask? What else?

I’ve gotten women to give me their number from the car, and give ME a ride, but never the other way around.

Love it!



Not much to say, but yes, you ARE the man. I’ve been getting your newsletter, but it wasn’t until I actually bought your book that I felt committed to try this stuff. Bingo! Made some changes in my life, in my wardrobe and went from zero to hero. Okay, not overnight success, but I can make most girls interested in me.

Nowadays I sometimes even get bored to go out with a girl (current girlfriend or ex-girlfriends). It’s only the new ones that get my attention until they get old, I lose interest and show it to them, they get frustrated that can’t keep me interested and try harder. Oh well. I guess I’m not LTR material, but who hell cares? I’m getting laid!

Thank you, man!

G.A., Greece


Wow, a man of depth. I like it.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to be able to date the women you’d like to date, regardless of whether or not any of them interest you as “long term relationship” material.

I’m glad that you mention how important it is to actually read my eBook “Double Your Dating”, and use it together with the newsletters. It’s really the foundation of all my thinking, and it’s the place to start.

If you’re reading this right now, and it’s time for you to take your success to the next level, then I’d recommend that you do just that… go download a copy of my online eBook right now. You’ll learn dozens of great concepts and specific techniques for meeting and dating women. It’s at:

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And I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo