How To Fix Your Inner Game Dating Problems

I have a couple of personal questions I’d like to ask you.

You may have never shared these things with anyone before… but I want you to think about them, and be as honest as possible…

Have you had a life of poor success with women… and not known why… and maybe even wondered, “why me”?

Has the lack of women in your life ever made you worry that something might be WRONG with you… but you don’t exactly know what?

Have you ever felt (or do you feel now) that if you could just get that one special girl, those feelings would disappear… and everything would be ok?

Do you secretly fear that this might NEVER happen… that you might NEVER find that “one” girl for you… and that you might spend the rest of your life lonely… and alone?   Now, on a slightly different note…

Was there ever a time when you felt that if you could just learn the right “moves”, you would have the success with women you are looking for?

Since then, have you had the experience of learning some great lines, techniques, and strategies that SHOULD work with women… but they just don’t seem to working for YOU?

Do you secretly fear that no matter WHAT you learn… things might never REALLY come together for you… and that you might NEVER really have the success with women you want?

If this hits home with you, you are not alone.

For many of us guys, these types of “Inner Game” challenges can be a mystery that’s almost impossible to solve.

The frustration and pain can keep you awake at night.

If you’ve ever felt this way… or feel this way now… I can relate.

I’ve been there myself… and I remember it well.

I remember feeling so hopeless that at times I thought it might be easier to just give up and accept things as they were.

The most frustrating thing was that I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what my problem was.

I figured if I could just get a sexy, caring, affectionate, girlfriend… I would be “the man”… my friends would be green with envy…most importantly… I would prove to myself and everyone else that I was a man women wanted.

I secretly imagined that on that day… the day I met that “perfect girl”… my pain and desperation would end FOREVER.

And… of course… I figured that if I could just learn the right “tricks”, I’d be able to meet her.

I can even remember making “pictures” in my head about learning to meet women…

I would be able to go up to a woman in a bar…whisper a few words in her ear… then take her straight back to my place for some fun…

I would be able to make a woman fall in love with me the very first time we got together… and keep her interested for as long as I desired…

I would be able to finally meet that special girl I had been looking for… and all of my problems would disappear…

I figured that these techniques HAD to exist…I’d seen guys do this kind of stuff before… so why couldn’t I just learn what those guys did and do the same thing?

I made a plan… and I read all of the books, every magazine article I could find… and I quizzed every woman I knew…

I made friends with some guys who were “naturals” with women… and memorized everything they said word-for-word.

But something was wrong.

I would approach a woman with one of the same lines I had heard one of my friends use… but it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

I would use my skills to get 3 phone numbers from women in a single night… and I wouldn’t be able to get any of them to even meet me for a cup of coffee afterwards…

Then there were times when a woman would agree to meet up with me… only to call and cancel at the last minute… or even worse… not show up at all.

Now… every once in awhile I would end up going out with a girl that I was REALLY into and things would go GREAT… sometimes we’d end up hanging out 2 or 3 times in one week…

But sooner or later… for reasons I couldn’t explain… she would become unavailable or just disappear… and I’d never see her again.

I just couldn’t pull it all together.

What killed me was that I didn’t understand why…

I had all of the “tools”… I knew more “pick up lines” then any of my friends… even the guys who were “naturals” with women!

But why did these friends of mine still have more women in their lives than I did? Why weren’t things working out for ME?

Even worse was the FEELING that I had inside.

I was trying SO hard, but it just wasn’t working for me…

Maybe I’m just an ugly dude… and there was nothing I could do about it…

Maybe I was just too short…

Or maybe the women were to blame. I knew I was a good guy… what was wrong with these women that they couldn’t see it?

Or… as much as I was afraid to admit it…maybe there was something WRONG with ME (this was my SECRET FEAR, actually).

Have you ever felt this way?

Maybe you’ve gone down this same road yourself… and had this same experience.
It hurts.

And the worst part is… it feels like there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it.

You feel like you’re riding a never-ending wave of frustration, pain, and failure… and just when you think you’re about break free-like when you meet a woman that seems interested in you-she doesn’t return a call… or flakes on a date… or tells you she’s not interested… and the wave smashes you back down to the ground where you started. Frustrated, hopeless, and alone.

The really sad thing is that most men experience these painful situations forever. They never escape.

But why?

I believe that the HONEST reason why… is because most men never address their “Inner Game”.

They never learn how to overcome their Inner Game psychological and emotional issues…

Instead, they try to learn “techniques” and “tricks”… hoping that they won’t NEED to address the HARD stuff.

To make a long story short, the BIG changes came for ME when I finally took the time to go INSIDE… and work on my Inner Game issues.

And once I did, EVERYTHING changed for me with women.

Probably the most IMPORTANT change was that I stopped NEEDING women. This one “shift” that happened for me has probably had the biggest effect of ALL.

Once I stopped NEEDING women, I started to attract them LIKE CRAZY.

There’s an old saying “The hungry don’t get ed”.

Well, the same goes with women.

If you’re NEEDY, then women RUN away from you.

If you’re a mature, “real man”… who has his life together… and has taken the time to get his “inner issues” handled, then women can FEEL it.

And they’re attracted like a MAGNET.

If you’ve gone through any of my programs, then you know that I think it’s CRITICAL for a guy to work on his “Inner Game”. In fact, it’s the one thing that guys report as the MOST important thing they’ve learned about success with women.

Until now, there has been NOTHING available for men… that is TOTALLY focused on helping them get their Inner Game together… when it comes to women and dating.

All that is about to change.

I am about to release my brand-new program titled “Deep Inner Game”. This is a special program I did with a good friend named “Dr. Paul” (you may have heard him on one of my monthly interviews… or at one of my other programs).

Deep Inner Game was designed with ONE thing in mind… to help you overcome your INNER issues FAST.

And I want you to go check it out.

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo