The Key To Making Her Laugh With You Not At You

Have you ever noticed that “funny guys” tend to fall into two categories:

  1. Dorky Funny – The type of guy that a woman laughs AT (not WITH)
  2. Confident Funny – The type of guy that not only makes women laugh, but makes women laugh in a way that ATTRACTS them


So what’s the DIFFERENCE between these two types of guys?

Why is it that women find some guys “dorky” even though they’re LAUGHING?

What causes that “key difference”… where a woman is laughing WITH you and not AT you?

More importantly, how can you actually USE humor to create ATTRACTION?

As you already know from reading these newsletters, I’ve developed a technique that I call “Cocky & Funny”… and it is like MAGIC when it comes to creating a powerful attraction with women.

I have gotten so many questions about how to use this technique, that I actually took the time to create an entire VIDEO DVD program on the topic.

I call the program “Cocky Comedy” – and it’s the most powerful education available on how to use humor to create attraction.

Did you know that MOST laughter is NOT in response to something that’s funny?

It’s true.

Think about most of the things that people laugh at… things like the weather… or like a common experience… or a million other things… NONE of which are FUNNY.

Laughter is not about humor. Not USUALLY, at least.

Laughter is about TENSION and RELEASING tension.

And I’d like to teach you how to create and release tension… in a way that is both CHARMING and FUNNY to women… and how to do this in a way that makes conversations easy and natural… and that ultimately creates a POWERFUL attraction.

Inside this program, I’ll also teach you different Cocky & Funny “lines” for every type of situation with women – so you’ll be prepared for ANYTHING.

Take a minute and read this letter, learn a few techniques, and watch the video clips of the program:

Cocky Comedy

I really believe that this program can help you create powerful attraction with women.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo